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Employee engagement has been a hot topic for a while now. More and more organizations are shifting their focus towards this industry and want to encourage their employees. However, they still have a long journey to cover on the path of optimum employee engagement and motivation.
More so, on this journey, they are being impeded with a few beliefs that are not so true. We have gathered five of the common clichés that organizations need to stop believing instantly.

1. Ping Pong tables are enough

Sure, ping pong tables are fun and employees love spending time there. However, calling that a source of eternal employee engagement isn’t right. You see, one can never rely on a single source/activity for their employees’ engagement. 

If we look at this example, one big flaw here is that not all employees play or know how to play ping pong. So, as much important it is to have a ping pong table or a foosball table at your office; having other sources of interactivity is also very crucial. 

2. Quantity is everything

If at one side, understanding that “a single source of engagement isn’t enough” is important. On the other side, it is also important to know that you can’t just bombard your employees with engagement opportunities. After all, they are there to work.

It’s also a common cliché that companies need to quantify their engagement opportunities. However, like in every other business aspect, having quality over quantity is the real deal. So, it doesn’t matter if you host 2 activities per week or per month, as long as those activities boost the productivity of your employees.

3. HR Department alone can handle it

Well, if this isn’t a cliché!

Employee engagement is something that is supposed to be an organization-wide effort. Your HR department can only perform in this matter as long as other departments are willing to do some efforts on the matter. 

For the major part, employee engagement surely is a task for the HR department. However, they can only pull it off successfully when; the superiors from all over the organization are willing to participate along with their teams.

Employees Engagement

4. Detailed surveys are awesome (NOT)

Surveys are a very great source of feedback from your employees to gauge the success of your engagement activities. However, they seem great only until they start to look like a never-ending series of questions. And in the worst-cases, they become quite regular.

Therefore, your teams should be smart enough to design quick and short surveys. However, if that doesn’t seem possible, change the frequency of the surveys to annual or semi-annual. In this way, your employees would be willing to fill them up and that too with interest and honesty.

5. If it worked once, it will work every time

Companies should realize the effectiveness of engagement activities before making them a permanent thing. You cannot just repeat your employee engagement activities for decades. This is an era of swift technological advancements. And with each passing year, people’s way of communicating with each over is evolving. Therefore, engagement activities that worked 2 years ago may not be as effective today.

Employee Engagement is a matter of human asset development for your organization, and development is not possible without change. Moreover, one has to stay flexible and open to new things if he/she wants to cultivate a creative environment in their organization.

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