Bringing motivation to the employees is not an easy job to perform. Motivation is something that comes in two forms. Either they are intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic is the ones in which you appreciate your employees. Small usage of kind words and even a single pat upon completion of the work would make a difference. Also, where employees are happy with the intrinsic rewards, the extrinsic one would be cherry on the top. These are in the form of money. For example; raise in the salary and bonuses.

However, the main thing which we have to deal with is to keep that motivation phase constant. Sometime, the employees might lose the motivation that keeps them going. Certain factors are involved in that and one of them is constant email interruptions.

So, here are the 3 applications that can manage your emails while you stay focused on your work.

Rescue Time

This is the application that can help the employees to see where they are spending their time. When you download it, it will tell you about the applications and web pages you visit the most.

It will take into your conscience that you are spending too much time on the emails and you take longer than expected time to finish a certain project. This will remind you and give you a brief on your daily time spending.


There is no lie in that most of the employee’s time is being spent in checking the emails. All these things distract you from your real work.

For that, there is an application called Boomerang. It will pause your inbox from getting the emails. Which keeps you focused and motivated towards your work without any distraction. Moreover, it can also send the automated replies to the people that you’re currently focussing on the other task. Also, you can schedule your emails too so that they can reach the recipient at a specific time.


Well, all the dealings are majorly carried out on the emails. So, it will be difficult to pause the emails. In that case, you can use the Sanebox which will notify you of the important emails only. Sanebox goes into the archive and learns the patterns of your emails. Sending and receiving. which emails are important and which are not.

Later, it will transfer the unimportant emails to the “sane later” folder. And you will be receiving the notifications for the urgent emails only. It will keep you from the distraction of irrelevant emails.

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