Alright, so you spent a good amount of money on boosting workplace engagement for your employees.

Oh and there’s some budget left for the year? We’d say you must not let it slip away, instead, invest it on these 7 things if you need better engagement results;

1. Invest in employee engagement tools

In a savvy employee engagement plan, it is really important that you invest in a top-rated employee engagement tool. Using specialized engagement tools can do instant wonders for your employee engagement, and it should be the first step on your to-do list.

2. Track employee engagement with analytics

Once you have incorporated an engagement tool in your organizational activities, gathering analytics would be a simple task. After that, you can get a clear idea about the productivity of each engagement activity and the reaction of your employees against it. You can also keep track of your key performers and then reward them accordingly.

3. Test new versions for low performing engagement activities

While the engagement tool indicates you about the low productivity of any activity, it brings for you a chance to introduce new versions in their replacement. Therefore, you can always experiment with your engagement activities, which ultimately can lead you to find the perfect fit.

4. Host quarterly/monthly celebrations

Well, there’s no harm in throwing small parties in order to celebrate the achievements of your employees. You can set some short-term engagement goals and give your people a chance to celebrate once they achieve them. Moreover, this party itself will be an investment for ” a healthy company culture”.

5. Invest in customer feedback

It will not be wrong to call it one of the smartest investments. To be true, this one should be on your core employee engagement budget. Investing in your customer feedback will give you an instant – more vivid realization of your teams’ performance. It can tell you, which departments of your organization were successful in helping them and which department needs your attention.

In this way, you can easily know, which department needs to be rewarded and which department needs some more motivation.

6. Conduct an employee satisfaction survey

Conducting an employee satisfaction survey is another great way of finding the underlying truths about your engagement plan’s success. Sometimes, asking your employees straightaway is a very effective way to find out the problems they’re facing at work.

7. Invest in employee training and development

In the end, what better way there is to motivate and engage your employees than to giving them the required knowledge they need for the job. Therefore, if there’s any leftover budget from your employee engagement plan, you should definitely add some to their training and development.

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