What Is Social Recognition & Why Should Organizations Give it Importance

Social recognition has become an important element in employee management as it has grown in popularity in recent years. Its social aspect helps create relationships and foster collaboration between employees, ultimately leading to increased productivity and morale in the workplace. It is a great way to show employees their hard work is appreciated and motivate them to do even better. Let’s explore this important concept.

What is social recognition?

Recognition platforms provide a similar experience to popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Just like these platforms, users can share messages, images, and GIFs to express their appreciation for one another.

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However, instead of sharing content from around the web, employees can express appreciation for their peers’ and managers’ accomplishments, hard work, and milestones. 

It allows coworkers to recognize and celebrate the small successes that managers often overlook. With it, everyone in the workplace can appreciate the efforts of their colleagues and contribute to a positive work environment.

Why is social recognition important?

Social recognition is an invaluable asset for any organization, allowing leaders, managers, and colleagues to acknowledge and appreciate exemplary achievements publicly. According to a study, 69% of employees have said they would increase their effort if they felt appreciated.

It can create an environment where everyone can thrive by fostering a supportive work atmosphere where people of all levels feel comfortable interacting, communicating, and sharing their successes.

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It is especially beneficial when employees can appreciate the good work of their peers in front of all employees. Receiving recognition not only from one’s manager but also from their peers brings a unique sense of joy and satisfaction. 

It provides a great way for businesses to demonstrate appreciation for their employees without providing any financial incentive. By utilizing this form of recognition, companies can express their gratitude to individuals in meaningful and impactful ways beyond monetary value.

How do social recognition programs help organizations?

Recognition programs are essential to any organization that wants to maintain its staff, raise morale, and cultivate positive company culture. As the workplace continues to evolve, with globalization, mobility, multi-generational team, and social media playing their part, recognition programs must be adapted.

Peer-to-peer recognition is a vital component of an effective recognition program. Colleagues should be encouraged to recognize and appreciate the efforts and successes of one another, while managers should be active in acknowledging the achievements of their employees.

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Positive recognition of a job well done can be a more potent motivator than predetermined rewards such as service anniversaries and birthdays. An ideal program should incorporate both. Recognition takes it further by creating a sense of community and making employees feel valued.

What is social recognition software?

Digital recognition involves a common platform that allows employees to view recognition from their colleagues and why they were recognized. Recognition software provides an instant and spontaneous way for employees to share and celebrate their workplace accomplishments. It also allows for reactions from other employees, such as congratulatory messages in the comment section. 

A software solution enables companies to publicly recognize and reward employees for their accomplishments or good performance. A good app can send and receive messages of appreciation and monetary rewards. Depending on the app’s complexity, it may include additional features such as a social wall and the ability to have multiple types of recognition programs with different audiences.

The software allows companies to streamline, automate, and manage recognition-based activities. Recognizing and appreciating each other’s efforts, qualities, and strengths creates a positive environment and enhance culture. A good app helps to make recognition a daily practice, leading to positive and lasting effects on the company.

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How is social recognition software different from traditional practices?

Software differs from traditional practices because it is a technological tool that helps organizations recognize employees for their contributions and achievements. This software provides a platform for organizations to give recognition and reward employees in real-time easily. It also allows organizations to track employee performance, engagement, and recognition and set goals and objectives.

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The following are significant reasons that make it different from traditional practices:

  1. Recognition has become increasingly popular in the business world as it enables everyone to participate in the recognition process, regardless of their seniority or physical location. It is a non-hierarchical way of recognizing the efforts and achievements of employees. It is more informal than traditional recognition and is typically communicated using digital platforms such as messaging and social media. Recognition is a great way to create a more positive, connected, and engaged workplace.
  2. Social recognition is an increasingly popular way of recognizing employees in the workplace. It is a less expensive alternative to traditional recognition methods such as pay or benefits. This type of recognition is based on a shared sense of belonging and is designed to make employees feel appreciated. It can be public acknowledgments, awards, or even a simple pat on the back. Social recognition is a powerful tool for creating a positive work environment and motivating employees to do their best. It encourages collaboration and can help build stronger relationships between colleagues and management. It offers a great way to show employees their efforts are valued and appreciated.
  3. Recognition is a great way to motivate employees in real-time. It is an instant communication method that is both motivating and humanizing, compared to traditional recognition, which is often delayed and demotivating. Recognition can reward employees for their hard work and accomplishments, helping create a positive work environment. It also allows employees to receive real-time feedback from their peers and colleagues, allowing them to improve and grow in their roles. A great tool helps employees feel appreciated, valued, and motivated.
  4. Social recognition is important to creating a positive and inclusive workplace. It helps to strengthen relationships between employees and can be a major source of motivation. Unlike traditional recognition, which often focuses on performance bonuses and service rewards, recognition focuses more on experiences. It can positively affect employee morale and engagement, as they feel valued and appreciated. When recognition becomes a habit within a company, it can transform the workplace, creating a culture of collaboration, respect, and inclusivity.
  5. It is a great way to show appreciation in an enjoyable way. By leveraging social platforms, recognition can be given entertainingly using gifs, emoticons, and other amusing elements. It brings a natural and lighthearted element to formal recognition, which can often be tedious and monotonous.
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Social recognition gives employees a sense of accomplishment and appreciation, thus fostering a positive and engaging work environment. These programs enable organizations to acknowledge their employees’ successes in real-time and to build meaningful relationships between employees and leaders. 

Such programs help to create a culture of appreciation and motivate employees to reach their highest potential. Employee recognition platforms such as BRAVO provide an easy and economical way to recognize employees socially. These platforms offer a fun way to boost employees’ motivation, engagement, and productivity.

Book a demo to learn more about social recognition and how BRAVO can help to manage your organization’s social recognition effectively. 

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