10 Best Apps for Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is of colossal importance for any business that wants to survive in the market. Without a proper resource management strategy, your teams may not progress for good.

However, a question might arise here: why should you even bother about motivating your employees to be productive? Isn’t it all up to them to perform whatever tasks are assigned to them to the best of their abilities, anyway? Indeed, you want your employees to do their work efficiently, without constant guidance, but employee productivity isn’t just about that. It is more about realizing that an employee’s most valuable offering to the company is their time. However, most managers fail to understand that employee productivity is less about an employee’s talents & skills and more about his/her distractions.

Nevertheless, here are some of the top apps that could help your employees stay productive and concentrated throughout their week.

1. Rescue Time

Rescue Time is an application that tracks how you waste your time while being online or while using certain apps or websites. You might find out that you are wasting too much time on Facebook, that you are spending much more time on project reporting than you thought, or that you spend most of your time in meetings. Recognizing where you spend your unproductive hours gives you an idea that there is a need to minimize the amount of time you spend on those activities. Rescue time provides you this opportunity to always keep a check on yourself.

Schedule-supported Platform rescue systems: macOS, Windows, Linux, Android

2. Stay Focused

Realizing where you waste all your valuable time, certain time-consuming activities will illuminate. E.g., you may get to know that every morning, the few minutes you thought you were scrolling through your Twitter feed was more than an hour.

By inserting the Stay Focused Chrome extension, you will restrict the time spent on those websites. This extension allows you to add the URLs for the pages you want to invest less time in and set the time limit in the extension configuration. After crossing the prescribed time limit, Stay Focused will block your access to that website for that day – at least during your working/focus hours.

Stay Focused supporting platforms: Google Chrome

3. Boomerang

You’re not alone if you waste much of your valuable time on Emailing. A recent study in the field of rescue time has found that most workers cannot spend longer than six minutes without going through emails or IM (Instant Messaging).

Boomerang is a unique solution that manages to track your inbound emails using a function called Inbox Pause for managing your persistent frustrations. 

This Pause inbox feature helps a user by:

  • Blocking all incoming mails so that you can concentrate without distractions. 
  • Switching on an auto answering machine to inform users that you are busy elsewhere and cannot respond to the emails right now.

Boomerang supporting platforms: Gmail, Outlook, Outlook 365

4. SaneBox

If you are not willing to suspend your mailbox entirely, you should at least ensure that only relevant inbound “SaneBox” mail notifications are received. SaneBox begins with your mail history to recognize trends in your mailing experiences. It makes the app understand which emails and senders are relevant and which are not. Then based on that information, the tool suspends all unimportant emails from your mailbox.

SaneBox supporting platforms: SaneBox runs on all computers with every mail client. However, POP accounts are not supported.

5. Text Expander

What is more frustrating than an ongoing flow of incoming mail alerts and messages when you know you have to answer all of them? Sometimes, it even gets bothersome and time taking to think of an appropriate reply for them.

TextExpander is an answer to all such problems. It lets you create templated content for the things you find yourself typing over and over again — answers to frequently asked questions, instructions, and more. It does all that only by generating a snippet and choosing a keyboard shortcut to embed the snippet. And if you want to use this reply in the future, a key will pop up in your shortcuts, and that text will appear immediately in whatever application you are using.

Text Expander supporting platforms: Google Chrome

6. Engross

Sometimes, it is not so much that particular things are distracting you from being productive. It is more about your tendency to get distracted in general. We all have chronotypes — a kind of internal clock — which rules when we concentrate most on the day. Naturally, some people like to focus in the morning. Others experience peak concentration times at night.

You will increase your success by arranging the most valuable work during the day while you are most likely to concentrate. Engross helps by reporting to you about the times you are most focused and concentrated.

Engross is a Pomodoro timer that splits the day into short 25-minutes focal time sequences. When you’re distracted at a specific moment, press the app’s button, and it will record the distraction. Detailed retrospective records and indicate the number of distractions that you reported at various times of a day. You can then use this information to track your hours with the highest concentration levels for future work.

Engross supporting platforms: Android

7. Focus@Will

There are other choices if you can not plan activities that demand concentration in a day when you are less busy. For example, Focus@Will plays a unique type of music to improve your focus, exclusively selected to match your personality.

Just take a quick personality test, and Focus@Wills advises you to concentrate on an in-app music channel. You can test among a variety of music channels to see which one fits well for you. 

Just try various networks, test distractions with Engross, and see which channel has kept you focused and unwieldy.

Focus@Will supporting platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Sonos.

8. Wrike

A large number of apps you need to do your work might also affect your productivity. You can lose up to five hours a week to carry out simple activities such as signing into applications, flipping between them, and cross-cutting acts.

Wrike allows you to do several things that would include multiple applications integrated into a single location. You can use this as an instrument for project management, intake portal, collaboration management software for files, time and expenditure trackers, and more. Moreover, Wrike combines with hundreds of other applications, so you do not have to use many programs to handle the same results.

Wrike supporting platforms: macOS, Windows, iOS, Android

9. Zapier

A pro tip is that you should keep track of those things you enjoy and do over and over. You will then realize that it may be one of the main reasons you are not more active and waste your time on boring activities without giving much thought – and that you lack inspiration.

Zapier allows you to simplify routine activities by linking the various applications that you use. And the best part: you don’t have to write code for it.

Here are just a few examples of how we can use Zapier :

  • You can use Zapier to post updates on all your social media accounts including, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, in a single click instead of wasting your time by posting updates on them one by one.
  • You no longer need to copy and paste official information in a spreadsheet from an application. Zapier links data in over 1,000 applications, including tools like Google Sheets, Excel, and Air Table. This feature allows you to instantly import all the essential data on a single platform in no time.
  • You will save time on tasks and projects which genuinely inspire and encourage you once you have automated your most uninspiring tasks.

Zapier supporting platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux

10. Inpulse 

During work hours, subjective opinions and suppressed feelings play a big part in unproductivity. Inpulse lets you hear the unheard voices of your employees and reveal their emotional reaction to corporate policy. You can identify the drivers of employee emotions via specific app surveys and appropriate engagement indexes. You can also monitor their results on a dashboard in real-time. Inpulse has tailor-made features that allow you to create unrestrained questions for staff participation. The platform would also support you through the report generation process, which is beneficial for new enterprises.

Inpulse supporting platforms: macOS, Windows, Linux


Having these apps on board will keep your employees focused and motivated, which will enhance their performance, thus ultimately adding a significant boost to your employee productivity.

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