10 Excellent Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Employees Will Love

The statistics are out about Employee Appreciation Ideas, so pay attention.

Employees who depart generally cite a lack of appreciation as their primary cause.

It is sad, indeed. However, don’t fear because something similar like this is readily fixable. You only have to recognize and appreciate all the great work the staff does.

We at BRAVO! by no means run out of employee appreciation ideas. We have provided a list of 10 employee appreciation ideas to make them feel like an essential and integral part of your company.

1. Allow Remote Work

Allow Remote Work Employee Appreciation Ideas

Change in scenery is always a good thing to experience and can give someone the feeling that their wishes are honored.

What you’re doing here is showing that you care more about your employees getting the most out of their time than you do about the quantity of their productivity.

So, workcation is an excellent employee appreciation ideas to keep your staff motivated.

2. Publicize Peer-to-Peer Appreciation

Publicize Peer-to-Peer Employee Appreciation Ideas

Appreciation doesn’t have to come from the topmost position. The odds of a positive impact on the employee experience from receiving appreciation from peers is 35% higher than that of receiving appreciation from a manager.

If employees receive appreciation at the level of their work, their engagement and retention will grow, and they will be happier.

Participate in a peer-to-peer appreciation program (which you should), and if one of your employees recognizes a colleague, draw their name out of a hat.

The more recognition people send, the greater their probability of being selected. Name two people out of the hat at the end of the week and have them dine in the business cafeteria.

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3. Celebrate Birthdays

Celebrate Birthdays

A birthday celebration is as simple as allowing your staff to use the day off and letting them have as much fun as they desire.

There’s still a chance to rejoice if this is not a current policy for your organization. You will not regret missing out on an excellent opportunity to recognize employees’ significant role in your team’s success.

You can personalize your birthday celebration by getting your coworkers together to decorate their desks with themes related to their interests—such as their favorite TV show, sports team, or nation. You may even go with your favorite dessert.

Make sure you get the card! Make sure that every one of your team members is thankful for the person you’re appreciating by having them each write why. Making someone feel recognized and valued with small personal gestures goes a long way.

With a cake and a lovely gift to your remote employees’ homes, also create a video to wish them well and send it along with the present.

4. Recommend Someone on LinkedIn

Recommend Someone on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn recommendation is private, significant, and a demonstration of hard work. We rarely see a gesture like this, but it speaks volumes about how much you care about a team member, as well as your faith in their future success, even if it’s not at your company.

In addition, it’s free.

The best way to get the public’s attention is to get LinkedIn recommendations.

5. Update Basic Office Requirements

Put your eyes on the ground: Is there anything keeping your team members from accomplishing their goals?

Paying attention to someone’s discomfort with their computer chair and outdated software can help to create an atmosphere of appreciation, professionalism, and awareness that one is an essential part of the company, too.

6. Appreciate Outside of the Work Achievements

Appreciate Outside of the Work Achievements

Have you managed to find a member of your team who is accomplishing something extraordinary outside of their job?

It means doing anything you can to help your community and helping others, whether that means volunteering, joining in a local sports league, or simply doing things that make your community a better place.

What do your employees do while they are not at work? If you have an employee who has done something outside of the workplace, how about rewarding them for it?

You are also letting your staff know that you advocate work-life balance and that you acknowledge achievement. It is essential for the overall well-being of your team and an excellent employee appreciation ideas.

7. Taxation Relaxation

Taxation Relaxation Employee Appreciation Ideas

Taxes. No one looks forward to dealing with them, but we have no choice. We’re all aware of how difficult taxes can be.

To prevent the monetary bonus or promotion incentive from influencing your staff’s decisions, talk to your accounts team beforehand.

Instead of cutting their regular payments, a better employee appreciation idea is to see how you may reward your team without depleting their resources.

8. Contribute to Employee Causes

It might be significant to donate to a charity in the name of an employee who is enthusiastic about a subject. Raising money is an even better opportunity to show your support if they are actively doing it.

9. Write a three-line Haiku

Write a three-line Haiku

They are short and to the point.

An act of kindness from a colleague.

Works well with a sense of humor.

10. Wall-of-Fame for Employees

Wall-of-Fame for Employees

Photos help portray an image that is hard to explain in words. But perhaps more importantly, they’re fun to look at!

A wall of fame is an excellent employee appreciation idea to appreciate and display your team’s achievements. Furthermore, it also shows off your team’s identity to everyone who views it.

Take candid images of your employees doing their jobs, showing them working hard. Let others know that you appreciate employees who have been highlighted in photographs by posting thank you notes around their photos.

In addition to using the wall to display images of the team’s achievements and any substantial projects they’ve finished together, you can also highlight team wins by featuring photos of the team and any important tasks they’ve accomplished together.


Reducing employee turnover is a top priority for employers. More so, you can include an appreciation of employees every working day, week, or month.

Begin to see a change in staff morale and satisfaction by implementing one or more of these employee appreciation ideas.

Moreover, you can get the help of our employee rewards and recognition platform i.e., BRAVO! You can book a demo with our product experts by clicking on this link. Good Luck!

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