Employee Motivation Strategy

Developing an employee motivation strategy can be a pretty hefty task if you don’t know where to start. Every manager struggles to keep his/her employees motivated from time to time. All businesses need consistency and motivation in their teams to pass a fiscal year productively. Some companies even hire expensive motivation experts and therapists to increase their employees’ creativity and confidence. 

Anyways, different things stimulate different people. Except, few similar situations have the same implications on everyone. Let’s say it is an early Monday morning, and your staff sluggishly trickles into the office. They have slumpy shoulders, there are bags under their eyes, and one thing is blatantly clear; no one is motivated for work today.

Do you believe your employees also feel stressed or dull on Mondays? Well, don’t worry, as you are not alone in this. This phenomenon is commonly known as Monday Blues, and pretty much everyone experiences it.

However, there are a few steps that managers can take; to minimize the effect of Monday blues and many other factors that can hinder the motivation of your employees at work. Here are the three most essential steps that successful managers take for developing steady employee motivation strategies in their organizations:

Step 1: Encourage Free Communication

Having a strict or straightforward boss may be fine, but having leaders who never listen to the thoughts/ideas of their employees is unhealthy for the company environment. Because of this, good and loyal employees will switch to other companies, no matter what you may offer them. 

So, there should be a free flow of conversations between team members and their leaders. It will not only help raise the motivation of your employees but will also add to their productivity.

Step 2: Show Devotion To Your Teams

Being devoted to your teams is paramount to leadership and your employee motivation strategy. When your employees are putting their time and efforts into your organization, they expect attention and admiration from your end. A short moment of honest praise can provide a solid boost to their motivation and productivity. Therefore, leaders need to own their teams with positive commitment.

Employee Motivation Strategy

Step 3: Follow them

Not all the time do your employees have motivational issues. Instead, sometimes your employees may get stuck with something or may need some encouragement in their work-related tasks. To overcome a situation like that, you need to keep track of their work and be available to support them toe to toe. However, you can never solve all their problems, but you can surely guide them in finding suitable solutions.

Bonus Step: Reward Better

Rewarding people has been the best technique for motivation for a long while. It would be safe to say that it is still the number 1 method to get your desired results from people.

In successful companies, there are peculiar employee reward policies to appreciate good workers. These rewards can be in various forms. From cash bonuses to gift items to luxury holiday packages, farsighted organizations do not hold back when it comes to pleasing their dark horses.


To conclude our discussion, developing an employee motivation strategy can vary from company to company. However, it’s all about understanding the emotions of people. As a manager, you first of all need to know how your team members think and act. Then based on that learning, you should prepare your plan of action.

The factors mentioned above can be thought of as universal, as these are basic human needs (communication, acknowledgment, and support). Therefore, following those steps can put your teams on a path to successful motivation.

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