Motivating your employees may seem like a tricky task to do. However, it only requires a little vigilance from your side. Employee motivation is actually more about what not to do than what to do. You just need to make sure that your employees don’t have any reason to be upset about their jobs.

Let us make our point clearer by stating these 5 things that you must not do while you’re trying to instill employee motivation.

1. Giving no recognition for their accomplishments

Only if the managers would have known the importance of those pats on the back they don’t give to their employees. Every person in your company needs to hear some appreciation, especially your dark horses. These employees are often driven by intrinsic motivation and therefore need acknowledgment for their work.

It is a manager’s responsibility to find out what makes his/her subordinates feel happy and acknowledged and then reward them accordingly.

2. Hiring and promoting the wrong person

It is very crucial to decide what kind of people do you want in your team. Diversity is important. However, you need to make sure that you don’t introduce your employees with a member who isn’t good enough to match their pace. Doing this will not only hinder their productivity but will also put a question on your managerial abilities.

Worse situations are when you don’t push the right and deserving people towards promotion. Instead, you elevate less capable people based on your cloudy judgments. This thing automatically discourages those employees who’ve been putting their extra efforts all along without any recognition. And compels them to leave your organization.

3. Giving everyone the same treatment

So by this, we certainly don’t mean that you shouldn’t be giving everyone the equality of human rights. Instead, we mean that not everyone is entitled to receive the same perks in the company as their peers. Because when you do that, you’re simply telling your top performers that they’re no better than the regular or low performers.

You may be giving out equal bonuses and rewards with good intentions. However, what you may not realize is that you’re instantly killing their motivation to do better the next time.

4. Jumping to conclusions without verifying facts

It wouldn’t be wrong to call this one a piece of universal advice and it applies to all of us. However, for managers, it is very important to realize the true depth of a situation before overwhelming his/her team with extreme behaviors. It goes for both kinds of behaviors; celebration & humiliation.

If you ever think that an employee made a mistake, try to learn about the reason that caused it. If it was because of an inevitable external factor, then there’s no reason to be angry. But, if it was due to carelessness – a little penalty can be justified.

5. Being emotionally unavailable

Do you know? More than 50% of the time, people leave their jobs because of a bad relationship with their supervisors. As a boss, it’s your responsibility that you don’t confine yourself inside a locked cabin 9 hours a day. It is neither good for you nor for your employees.

When you sit down with your employees and try to learn about the problems they’re facing – almost half of the problems are solved at that very moment. A notion is spread that you care for their problems and a strong bond is created between you and your teams.


In the end, it’s all about giving your employees a reason to stay and perform. If you don’t seem to be bothered by their performance at any level; then gradually the top performers will either start to leave your company or will take a step down and take their job for granted. On the other hand, the bad performers will gradually eat up your company from the inside like a vermin.

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