Best & Affordable Employee Gifts to Use in 2023

Affordable employee gifts are always a great idea to boost your workforce’s morale. It is because rewarding your employees while helping show appreciation may also give employees a sense of worth.

In one survey on workplace satisfaction, 45% of participants even claimed they thought team appreciation gifts showed how much they were valued.

This blog post comprises some of the best yet affordable employee gifts ideas that you can use in 2023.

$50 gift ideas for employees

1. A happy hour box

What does it contain: A package of goods for an online happy hour that offers just as much pleasure as a visit to your neighborhood bar.

Why this is one of the adored affordable employee gifts: Your employees will enjoy how quick and easy it is to open this package and uncover all the tasty food and interesting icebreakers they require for a quick party.

Its prices start at $25 and also include free shipping. Moreover, it is also customizable.

2. Cell Phone Stand

What does it contain: This cell phone stand is the ideal thing to put on your desk so that you can join a video call, watch your favorite show on your phone, or maybe use the Bluetooth speaker to play some music.

Why this is one of the best small appreciation gifts for employees: It is portable, simple to use, and pretty much everywhere.

Its price starts from $24. It is, nevertheless, not customizable.

3. Playing Cards 1.0

What does it contain: A traditional playing card deck with a distinctive design.

Why this is one of the best affordable employee gifts: Numerous games, including blackjack, solitaire, crazy 8s, go fish, and many more can be played with just one deck of cards.

Its price ranges from $5.39 to $12.75. It is, however, not customizable.

4. Minions Coffee Mug

What does it contain: A non-customizable Despicable Me’s comical yellow Minions in the shape of a coffee mug!

Why this is one of the best affordable employee gifts: The ceramic molded mugs are not only lovely but also heavy and heat-absorbent, helping to keep your preferred beverage warm.

You can find it at a price of $11.56!

5. Cinema Box

What does it contain: A traditional light box with all the letters and symbols required to produce a wide range of messages

Employees enjoy this inexpensive gift because they can design a new message every day. It also gives any workstation a little more brightness.

Its cost is between $8.61 and $15.08.

6. Dammit Doll

What does it contain: For a little bit of additional stress relief on a particularly hectic day, a handmade stuffed doll is tough enough to take a strong squeeze or bang on your desk.

Why this is one of the best affordable employee gifts: Employees can relax and de-stress with this amusing gag gift whenever they need to!

At a price of $16.99, it is offered in a huge variety of colors and patterns.

7. Marble & Bamboo Coasters

What does it contain: Elegant coasters with a chic and contemporary style are included in the four-coaster set.

Why workers appreciate this cheap gift: With this striking kit, you’ll be the toast of the town and a wonderful conversation starter.

Its price ranges from $9.14 to $12.44.

8. Video Game Silicone Airpods Case Cover

What does it contain: A vibrant case for your Airpods that is constructed of premium silicone and is meant to fit comfortably.

Why workers appreciate this cheap gift: This tech gear is not only very practical but also makes a special present for any gamer.

Its price starts from $9.99.

8. Allbirds Lace Kit

What does it contain: For fans of Allbird who want to select from 4 various color schemes, there is a lacing kit.

Why staff members adore this inexpensive gift: They’ll enjoy sporting their favorite lace pattern on their sneakers.

Its price starts from $12.50.

9. Carhartt Deluxe Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag

What it contains: A premium lunch bag with an insulated upper section, dual compartment design, and shoulder strap constructed of durable materials.

Why this is one of the best affordable employee gifts: Any employee’s lunch experience will be much improved, especially if they commute, go to work, or travel frequently.

This wonderful gift costs $19.99.

10. Cycle Power Bank

What does it contain: For the busiest hybrid workers, there is the Lifesaver 4-in-1 Flip power bank. It gives a full charge for the majority of smartphones with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh. It also has dual lightning and Android ports (one on each side).

Why employees like it: Because it is so useful, workers adore this affordable present. It also has a Type C adapter and a regular USB connector, so users may use virtually any cable they might be carrying with them. Particularly, if your employees are working remotely, it will be a performance lifesaver.

It comes at a reasonable price of $22.86

Small appreciation gifts for employees

1. Fidget Spinner

What does it contain: What person doesn’t adore a great fidget spinner?

Why workers adore this gift: They can share with the kids to keep them busy for hours or quietly fiddle through video meetings!

It costs you between $1.49 and $5.44.

2. Core Sliders

What does it contain: For a limitless number of exercises, these dual-sided sliding discs can be utilized both on carpeting and hard floor surfaces.

Why this is one of the best affordable employee gifts: Because of their versatility, these core sliders can help your employees strengthen their core by using a range of workouts to focus on each section of it, from the lower to the upper abs.

Its price stands at $9.99.

3. Sock Club Subscription

What does it contain: You have to try them on in order to believe that “Say it with a Sock manufacturer’s socks are the most comfortable to wear.” Every month you may order fun, branded socks from ‘Say it with a Sock,’ and they’ll ship them to you in a package.

Why workers adore this gift: This conversation-starting present is sure to draw attention. There is no better pair of socks than a pair of crazy socks that are completely out of the ordinary to add some flair to your professional attire.

You can get this gift at the cost of $10.00 per month.

4. High-Density Speckled Foam Roller

What does it contain: Any employee can benefit from using this small foam roller, which fits conveniently beneath their desk, to relieve back, muscle cramps, and muscle stress.

Why this is one of the best affordable employee gifts: They can use this foam roller at any moment during their workout, whether it’s at the beginning, during the warm-up, or during their exercise.

This gift only costs you $9.99.

Meaningful gifts for employees

1. Kindle eGift card

What does it contain: A gift card that may be sent by email and used to purchase anything from Amazon Kindle?

Why employees like this virtual present: They will be inspired to purchase all the books they intend to read.

As for the price, you will need to set a budget for it. Also, it is customizable. So, you can select from several card designs.

2. DoorDash Email Gift Card

What does it contain: A gift card that allows for food and treats delivery to every door.

Why workers like this virtual present: They will adore the luxurious experience of premium delivery.

Its price depends on your quantity

3. Uber Email Gift Card

What does it contain: A gift card that can be emailed and used for Uber Eats or transportation.

Why employees like it: Everyone is given a taste of the star treatment with a free trip or two. It is also a fantastic company gift idea!

Lastly, how much it costs depends on your chosen quantity.

4. Educated: A Memoir on Kindle

What does it contain: A highly regarded and best-selling biography describing one woman’s journey from the wilderness to the most elite universities in the world.

Why this is one of the meaningful gifts for employees: There are lots of conversation starters in this captivating memoir for the upcoming office party!

This absolute gem of a book will cost you: $14.99

5. Downloadable & Printable Motivational Quote Poster

What does it contain: A simple poster that can be personalized with any inspirational saying and sent to recipients for quick download, printing, and framing.

Why staff members adore this virtual gift: It serves as a constant inspiration source.

This wonderful gift stands at the cost of $4.

6. Unlocked from The Escape Game

What does it contain: It’s a virtual escape room called TEG Unlocked. To access their task and use their virtual panel and online clues to solve the crime, players can check in from any device.

Why this is one of the best affordable employee gifts: This online adventure game, which resembles an escape room, has all the excitement and puzzle-solving that you would expect in any escaping game but in a completely online setting that lets players move at their own pace. Moreover, either an individual or a team can play this!

The cost of this game costs you $10 per participant.

Unique gifts for employees

1. Food Delivery Gift Card

What does it contain: An online gift card that is simple to order and send to staff members, allowing them to order takeout from a nearby restaurant at the company’s cost! And so, the right restaurant to order from for lunch or supper is easy to find for your employees, thanks to this gift.

Why workers appreciate this last-minute gift: It can be used whenever your employee wants. Also, checking out a food business in your neighborhood is always fun!

The prices for these gift cards range between $10 to $50.

2. The Holiday Bundle

What does it contain: The Holiday Bundle is a group of 4 games that will improve interpersonal relations. It is ideal for any company event or family get-together that calls for an icebreaker game. It can be used in break rooms, video-based meetings, and also with friends or family at home.

Why this is one of the best affordable employee gifts: Playing these interactive games will make everyone laugh and discover how much they share in common with their friends. It will also make your employees reveal some surprising truths about their true selves. The four varied activities in this package will have everybody on their toes while also fostering relationships via shared experiences, whether online or in person.

The price for this gift starts from $13.50.

3. Travel Mates Kit

What does it contain: You don’t have to wait forever to give your staff a well-deserved tech gift; you can order and ship this small travel kit right away. It is best for employees who are constantly moving about. This tech kit comes with a PowerUSB, a luggage tag, a Bluetooth tracker, and a durable EVA travel case.

Why this is one of the best affordable employee gifts: You can give these travel kits to your entire team without needing to buy dozens of them for your company because there is a low minimum that can be ordered for these devices. Additionally, the products in this gift package are useful, so colleagues will want to utilize them whenever possible.

This customizable gift starts at the price of $40.

4. Canvas Grocery Tote

What does it contain: A  sustainable shopping bag that, over the course of your lifetime, can be used in place of literally hundreds of one-time-use bags. Additionally, it can be personalized with the name of your business or a unique image so that employees can become your company’s brand ambassadors while buying at the supermarket.

Why this is one of the unique gifts for employees: It is the kind of present that encourages a healthy way of life, is useful to everyone on your staff, and can be combined with other employee presents to create a bigger group gift bag or even a festive care box.

As for its price, it starts from $2.93.

5. Iselin Mug

What does it contain: It is a 12 oz. stoneware mug with a glossy interior and a matte white exterior. So, your tables are protected from heat stains thanks to the cork base.

Why this is one of the best affordable employee gifts: They may enjoy the ideal warm beverage for longer by spending less time in front of the microwave.

These mugs can cost you between $6.54 and $30.96.

6. Skullcandy Evo Earbuds

What does it contain: These wireless headphones are ideal for running through the city, relaxing on the beach, and working out.

Why this is one of the best affordable employee gifts: Your staff will be grateful for the experience of being able to listen to their favorite music while they can do anything, which is why tech gifts are always appreciated!

Lastly, this one falls under the category of $100 gift ideas for employees. And you can purchase it for $96.92.

Use BRAVO for best and affordable employee gifts

BRAVO is an extremely low-cost yet extremely helpful employee rewards and recognition platform. It comes with an extensive list of rewards that you can use to perform employee recognition.

Importantly, to win rewards, employees are required to win a specified number of points, which enables you to avoid incurring an expense for nothing. Meaning that rewarding employees using BRAVO is performance-oriented, which makes gifting employees rather fruitful!

Nevertheless, you may also use an intangible form of appreciation by acknowledging your employees on its own platform.

You can book an entirely free demo here to learn about the use of BRAVO in detail. 

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