How Do Bravo Rewards Appreciate Your Workforce

Bravo Rewards from Bravo, a multi-featured recognition and rewards platform, is the ultimate choice for a company to appreciate its workforce. It is so because Bravo comes with various functionalities that make appreciating the employees easier, quick, and efficient.

Besides the functionality, the work model of Bravo is also ideal for performing employee recognition.

Its working model involves sharing the performance results of the exemplary employees publicly. And based on this recognition, rewards are given to the employees, making them motivated enough to consistently work with the same dedication.

We in this article discuss in rather detail how Bravo rewards are advantageous for a company to appreciate its workforce.

Its model and features, concerning employee recognition, can be read below:

Work-model of Bravo Rewards to appreciate your workforce


1. Results are shared to perform recognition

Results are shared to perform recognition

Using Bravo, you share your hardworking employees’ exceptional work/performance/output across the organization.

The rationale behind sharing the efforts of your employees is to keep them on the course of working hard for the company. In addition to this, such public appreciation can keep the motivation alive in your employees.

You can share the results of your employees on one of the apps that are integrated with Bravo. Or you can share it on the platform of Bravo itself.

2. Recognition is used to reward the employees

Bravo rewards

You can give Bravo rewards to your worthy employees based on the recognition that you make.

Simply, you recognize those employees who exceed the company expectations with their continuous efforts and dedication. And Bravo helps to have these recognized employees receive rewards for their contributions.

Speaking of rewarding the employees, Bravo comes with a vast list of rewards.

Moreover, Bravo also empowers you to reward your overseas employees with its international rewards utility. Furthermore, over 25 countries across the world can use its international reward repository.

From Argentina and Bulgaria to India and Spain, it offers international rewards for more than 20 countries in their local currencies.

3. Rewards drive motivation in the employees

Rewards drive motivation in the employees

The positive reinforcement theory says that rewards help to make humans repeat the desired behavior.

Thanks to this theory, many companies are now starting to understand the importance of rewarding employees to achieve long-term goals and organizational success.

Rewarding your employees with Bravo also brings them the motivation for their following projects. It also induces the desire to achieve continuous recognition and earn rewards frequently, making them work hard continuously.

4. Motivation will bring the desired results

Motivation will bring the desired results

With the Bravo rewards, you can appreciate your workforce publicly on any of your integrated platforms or Bravo itself. And with the rewards given to the recognized employees, it naturally gives them the motivation to keep up their excellent work.

Naturally, the motivation, which is a result of the reward and recognition, elevates the performance level of the workforce.

The previously-putted efforts and hard work of your employees become worthwhile with a significant and rewardful acknowledgment. And this motivates them to work with the same enthusiasm in the future.

When the employees taste the fruits of their endeavors, they desire the same appreciation in the time to come. Consequently, they start putting in the same amount of effort that earned them motivation prior. Subsequently, the company thrives on such efforts of worthy employees.

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Features of Bravo Rewards to appreciate your workforce

a. Monthly Allowances

Determining the cost

Bravo rewards appreciate your workforce by providing them monthly allowances.

The start of the new month can mean different things for different employees. However, it holds a significant value for most employees in terms of their finances/budget/expenses.

At the beginning of every month, Bravo enables you to provide your hardworking employees with a specific amount of allowance. This monthly allowance is the acknowledgment of their contributions to the company.

Thus, Bravo rewards not only help to appreciate the workforce but also help to earn their loyalty by making the recognition rather empathetic.

b. Referral Bonuses

What are the best practices for acknowledging your employees

With Bravo rewards, you appreciate your employees for their good work and for making the company have a new worthy employee.

With the Employee Referral Bonus, every time your employees refer a suitable candidate for any open job positions, they earn appropriate rewards.

It comes with dual benefits.

First, with the referral bonus program in place, a company can have a list of candidates to select for the respective position. So, it helps a company find the one with the skills closer to the requirement.

Secondly, it helps to keep your employees inclusive in organizational affairs, which gives them a sense of belonging with the company.

All in all, the Referral Bonus as one of the Bravo rewards is highly instrumental.

c. Special day rewards

Special day rewards

The utility of the Bravo rewards is beyond appreciating the hardworking employees and those who make a good employee referral.

Bravo helps you celebrate your employees’ events that are special to them, both professional and private. And it does so by rewarding the employees on their special days. Examples of such could be birthdays, work anniversaries, marriage anniversaries, the birth of a child, etc.

In addition to this, it also rewards the employees on days such as Christmas, New Year, etc.

Importantly, this is an automated feature, which means that Bravo rewards give away rewards automatically. And so, you are not required to prompt, perform, or even worry about rewarding the employees on special events or days.


The Bravo rewards and the model of Bravo itself are highly suitable for any organization to perform employee recognition and appreciation.

Its model helps you perform public recognition. However, it is public only to the members of the Bravo platform or the integrated apps.

It helps the employees to have the required enthusiasm for their every task, enabling the organization to make the most of its workforce.

For learning more about the utility of Bravo and its rewards, you can book a demo at

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