Here's A List Of Top 5 Companies With Great Employee Rewards

Employee rewards are given by the companies to their employees in acknowledgment and appreciation of their efforts and achievements.

Today, companies are rewarding their employees so as to keep them motivated in working hard to achieve their goals. Such rewards are not a part of the salaries, and they can either be monetary or non-monetary.

We discuss in this article the top companies that have great employee rewards. Read these companies below:

What companies appreciate their employees?

Almost every company, regardless of the organizational sphere, appreciates its employees. But the top companies require appreciating their employees more since their success has a significant contribution from their employees.

Many top companies, including Asana, Nike, Apple, Starbucks, appreciate their employees for remaining successful. Nonetheless, these companies may have different rewards for their employees, but the essence of giving rewards remains the same: to make the most of the employee potential.

What is the best reward for employee recognition?

Different companies have different approaches to rewarding their employees. Also, one employee may find a reward more meaningful than the other. With that in mind, a single reward cannot be declared and may not be considered the best.

Nevertheless, the best reward for employee recognition is the one that is given immediately after a worthwhile performance or work.

Top 3 companies that come to mind when you think of the employee recognition program service platform(s)?

Various companies offer help in rewarding and recognizing employees. But the top 3 companies for employee recognition and rewards are Bravo, Bonusly, and Nectar.

While Bravo is the youngest of the two, its competency to perform real-time recognition, along with its multifaceted features, makes it a stand-out platform than its long-established competitors.

What company has the best employee benefits?

1. Asana

Asana Employee Rewards

Asana has become a top company from a Silicon Valley startup in a few years. And its approach to employee rewards is also one of the best.

While it offers its employees standard health benefits, including vision and dental insurance, it also offers its hardworking employees an in-house group-based yoga session as a reward for their contributions.

These yoga sessions are conducted twice a week. Furthermore, employees are allowed to carry one person with them.

In addition to the yoga sessions, Asana serves its employees organic-based lunch and dinner every day. However, the meals could be adjusted as per an employee’s diet preference.

Last but not least, Asana empowers its employees to have their own workspaces by providing them with funds worth $10,000.

2. Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee

With more than 550 locations in 21 American states along with nine international locations, Caribou Coffee is one of the top companies with great employee rewards.

The love of the American nation for Basketball is well-known. It is why the CEO of this company, Mike Tattersfield, rewards the worthwhile employees with the Chuck Taylor shoes. What’s more, the employees are given the opportunity to have these shoes designed as they like.

3. FullContact

FullContact Employee Rewards

Full-contact is a company with cloud-based contact management solutions for businesses and individual developers. And the reason that gives it a place on our list is because of its never-seen-before employee rewards of “paid, paid vacation.”

The ‘paid, paid vacation’ employee reward allows the company’s worthy employees to actually be paid to go on company-sponsored vacations. Essentially, such employees are paid $7,500 to go on vacations. Great! Isn’t it?

If you are wondering about the rationale behind paying your employees to go on a company-paid vacay, then have yourself read this blog, where the co-founder of this company explains the reason for it.

As for the rules of this reward, well, there are no such rules except that the employees will have to go on the vacay. It means that the employees can’t just keep the cash and avoid vacating.

Additionally, the employees will be required to disconnect from every connection that makes them think about their jobs. Therefore to complete this reward of paid, paid locations, the employees will have to complete the ‘work’ of enjoying and relaxing.

4. Clif bar

Clif bar

Clif bar is yet another top company that produces energy bars and chews. And its employee rewards are just as great as its products are.

Its workplace is no less than a dreamy place: atrium gardens (four), kayaks, repurposed bikes, surfboards, paddles, rock wall of a 40-foot, fitness center with a yoga room, two massage rooms, dance studio, facility of certified nutritionists/ trainers.

As for its employee rewards, they include paid gym time of two and half hours per week. Also, the employees are given a stipend of $350 for covering the entry costs of various events and competitions.

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5. Burton


Burton is a snowboarding giant. It has former Winter Olympian Shaun White as its spokesperson, which speaks volumes of its name in the sport of snowboarding.

In regards to the rewards that it gives to its employees, the deserving employees, along with their immediate family members, get a 50 percent discount on all products of Burton. Moreover, the employees are provided free season passes and are also given free lessons.

In addition to its employee rewards, the office remains closed for the employees when it snows two feet or more. Also, one of its employee rewards allows the employees to leave early on Fridays in the summers, so they can prepare for their weekend plans better.

Last few words

Each company that this article discusses has its own employee rewards.

Basically, every company has its own unique rewards for its hardworking employees. However, there is one thing common between all organizations: to make the dedication and performance of their employees worth it by providing them with meaningful rewards.

Suppose you want to reward your employees but are not familiar with the practicality and dos and don’ts of employee rewards. In that case, you can book a free demo here on the website of Bravo, a rewards and recognition platform.

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