Top 8 non-monetary incentive to reward the employee

The non-monetary incentive programs, in the past, were never under consideration by the companies to reward the employees. The reason being, only the monetary incentives were thought to be effective in making the employees happy.

Employees today no longer find the monetary rewards as charming. The reason is the majority of the people employed in the companies globally belong to the newer generation.

Opposed to their preceding generation, the new generation of employees expect more than the monetary benefits from their employers. Unsurprisingly, a study’s result concludes the same.

When you reward your employees, monetary or non-monetary, it motivates them. Nonetheless, since the non-monetary incentive includes no or little expense, it becomes a win-win for a company.

This article brings the top eight non-monetary incentive(s) to reward the employees. You may include the one in your workplace culture that meets your needs and suits your company culture. However, that is totally up to you.

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Work Flexibility

Work Flexibility  non-monetary incentive

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By giving your employees work flexibility, you allow them to work from wherever they desire and at whatever time they like. So, as a non-monetary incentive, you can give your employees the flexibility to work from anywhere.

With this, not only do the employees become more productive but also can balance their personal lives. Reason being the freedom to work at the time and place that suits them.

It also makes them have desirable behaviors, such as engagement, productivity, dedication, and similar.

Giving a day off

Giving a day off non-monetary incentive

If you want your employees to know that you appreciate their efforts, then there’s no better way of giving them a day off. 

You can give your employees a break for a day after they complete a hectic project. Also, it has two-fold benefits: one for the employee, of course, and another for the company.

As much as it is good for the mental health of the employees, it also keeps them productive and motivated. Because this off-time revives their energy to work on a next project.

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Supporting Career Development

One way to reward your employees using the non-monetary incentive is to support their career development.

It helps to make the workforce loyal, making them work with more commitment and dedication. Because the employees realize that the company desires their growth as much as it desires its own.

A company, by providing opportunities for its employees’ career development, invests in its development. Reason being that employees, this way, consider the company’s success as their own.

A company can do so by taking interest in the career goals of its employees. It can also introduce development and training programs.

Personal Appreciation

A personal appreciation is a non-monetary incentive and goes a long way.

It involves no extra effort from the employer’s side. However, it can mean much to the employee receiving it.

It can include handwritten thank you notes and appreciation emails. It also includes appreciating employees in a meeting or giving them a shoutout in front of the workforce. 

Today, the most common form of personal appreciation is through using social media platforms. Therefore, employees are acknowledging their worthy employees more and more using their social networking accounts.

Reserved Parking Space 

Reserving parking space for your employees is one of the most desirable non-monetary incentive(s). The reason: it is so hard to find one.

You were working late at night to meet the deadline of a project. Therefore, you didn’t have enough hours of sleep. Moreso, you were not able to grab a cup of latte in the morning to energize.

You are not able to find a parking space at 7 in the morning. And have to make a considerable effort to find one: life only becomes tougher. So, it can mean the world to your hardworking employees to get a space reserved in the parking for them.

Celebrating the good work

Celebrating the good work  non-monetary incentive

A non-monetary incentive that you could use to reward your employees is celebrating the achievements of your employees.

Many companies are increasingly including this in their workplace culture.

It is the same as celebrating birthdays, except that the celebration is in appreciation of an employee’s dedication and productivity. And not for getting added to the population of the world.

Besides making the employee happy, it lessens the work stress and brightens the mood. So, it also is a fun activity to make the workspace more positive.

Surprised treat

If you give a surprise treat to your employees, it will make them further their efforts. 

This non-monetary incentive delights the employees much. Because, while the feast in itself is enjoyable, its surprise enhances the pleasure. So, companies are using it to reward their employees.

Hosting a private lunch/dinner

A one-on-one lunch/dinner is a newer non-monetary incentive. But companies are growingly adopting it due to the warmth that it brings with it.

It helps to develop fondness. Besides, it also helps to understand the employees personally: how they are as a person.

It gives an insight about personality: whether it matches with the company values and culture or not. It also determines the capability of an employee to work with the company through thick and thin.


One thing should be evident from every non-monetary incentive that this article explains. And it is that these are tools of employee motivation, in the guise of employee rewards.

A company, by incentivizing the employees, invests in its success.

A non-monetary incentive usually bears no expense and pays off in the form of more workforce engagement and productivity.

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