11 Creative employee recognition ideas to improve workforce

The employee recognition ideas help in making the workforce produce better results.

It is the innovative ideas of recognition that are effective and help meet the goal of employee appreciation. Because, after a certain period, the older ideas lose their charm.

A survey reports that employees recognition ideas are used by as many as 88% of organizations. However, to the newer generation of employees, these traditional ideas are seen as dull. Thus, they are less effective in their use.

A report reveals that only a quarter of the employees consider themselves as valued at their respective organizations. Furthermore, only one out of the three employees said that there was an acknowledgment for the efforts put in the last time.

The importance of employee recognition is manifest. But, updating its ideas, time after time, is also a necessity. It is because most of them become outdated and thus less effective, replacing them with newer ones becomes compulsory.

This article brings you the eleven creative employees recognition ideas to improve your workforce productivity and, thus, results. So, you may adopt the one that aligns with your organization’s culture and goals.

Giving A Break-Day

Employee Recognition Ideas

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Want your employees to know that you genuinely acknowledge their hard work? Then there is no better way than giving them a day off!

One of the creative employee recognition ideas is to give employees a break-day after a marathon-work on a project.

While it is good for their health, it also helps them be productive for the next project.

Reserving Parking Space

Employee Recognition Ideas

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The likes of CEOs and managers usually have a parking space reserved for them. However, employees, other than them, find a parking space by spending considerable time and energy.

It’s a real struggle.

One of the creative employee recognition ideas is to reserve a parking space for your worthy employees. 

It is those employees who go the extra mile in their work. Therefore, giving them a reserved parking space for a day or two motivates them to stay on the course.

Surprising With A Treat

Employee Recognition Ideas

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Now, everybody likes treats. But, what if you’re given one when you don’t or least expect it? Of course, it’s like a cherry on the top!

More and more companies are starting to incorporate the culture of giving surprise treats to their hardworking employees.

While the treatment itself makes the hard work worth it, the pleasant surprise that the employees receive doubles the happiness.

Introducing Rotating Trophies

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In many sporting events, the winner is given a trophy, who then keeps it unless someone else earns it. And this employee recognition idea works at the same idea.

Your most productive employee keeps a trophy until some other employee does not earn it by better work.

It is ingenious, as it helps bring the most out of the employees, with the company being the real winner.

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Providing Professional Opportunities

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Providing opportunities to your employees for their professional development is one of the principles of developing a loyal workforce.

It gives a realization that the company is equally interested in the growth of its employees. As a result, the employees see the success of the company as their own.

Hosting Lunches

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Hosting lunch for your worthwhile employees is one of the new employee recognition ideas.

Hosted lunches are different from the surprise treat. 

In the former, the atmosphere is professional and helps to know the employees personally for better workplace collaboration. However, the latter is informal and does not provide an insight into the employee as a person.

Creating A Recognition Wall

Employee Recognition Ideas

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It is one of the creative employee recognition ideas to create a wall of recognition, and companies are increasingly adopting it.

It includes reserving a wall space with the name ‘Employee of the Month’ in the office. This wall displays the picture of the employees who the company thinks have been the most productive throughout the month.

Using Social Media

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One of the creative employee recognition ideas is to appreciate your employees on social media.

It is a good platform for boasting about having a dedicated workforce. Besides, it makes your company as a brand stronger since you are showcasing your ideal workplace culture.

The employees have a moment of pride after getting recognition on social media, making their hard work worthwhile.

There is one consideration in this recognition: some employees may not appreciate and enjoy the public attention as others. Therefore, being aware of employee likeness before making praise on social media is necessary.

Celebrating Achievements

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It is one of the innovative employee recognition ideas to celebrate the achievements of employees.

Companies today celebrate the efforts put in by the employees just as they celebrate their special occasion. Because not only it makes employees happy but refreshes the overall workplace mood as well.

Using A Peer-To-Peer Recognition Platform

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An appreciation from peers has a 35% more positive impact than an acknowledgment from the managers only. Therefore, frequent peer recognition is necessary.

Using a tool for peer-to-peer recognition makes it easier to perform one.

Pertinently, Bravo lets you perform more and more peer recognition at the tips of your fingers using its platform.

Giving Recognition T-Shirts

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You can appreciate your dedicated employees by giving them recognition t-shirts.

Your employees should be wearing them on the same day in the office. Because it helps others know that they have been recognized for their good work.

Besides cheering the dedicated employee, it helps to spread positivity across the workplace as well.


After all this discussion, one thing is clear: employee recognition ideas help to achieve the purpose of employee recognition.

Recognizing the employees motivates them to bring forth their true potential. However, for this to achieve, one needs to hit all the right spots.

Some may consider the new employee recognition ideas only as pampering. But the results that it yields are definitely worth all the efforts by an employer company.

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