10 Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Staff Will Love

Employee appreciation ideas can be great for any organization.

Employee appreciation ideas have been shown to encourage employee engagement, decrease turnover, and boost productivity.

Moreover, employee appreciation ideas can help in the retention of employees.

According to a study by CareerBuilder, 50% of the employees would love to stay in their workplace if there was an appreciation for their services.

Here is the list of 10 employee appreciation ideas your staff will love:

1-Provide Meaningful Gifts


It’s always wonderful to organize a company-sponsored happy hour. However, it is too simple for employees to believe that this is a fake attempt to combat workplace negativity and disengagement.

That is why it is critical to provide employees with “voice and choice”-some teams would benefit from weekly team lunches, others would benefit from alternative benefits such as gas reimbursement or a wellness program.

In addition, collect feedback and conduct a survey of your staff before pulling out the corporate card!

2- Changing The Workplace


A change of environment is always welcome, and it may be all that is required to make someone feel as if their preferences are being considered.

 Change in an organization has a plethora of good consequences – including maintaining a competitive edge and keeping relevant in your company sector. Change fosters creativity, builds skills, develops personnel, creates new company prospects, and boosts employee morale.


3- Make Sure To Give Your Employees Real Choice And Real Voice


Appreciation is more than a game or a system of rewards. Your company should make it a permanent thing. Giving your staff meaningful choices and a real voice is one way to do this.

Do your employees ever get to choose the projects they work on or are they usually given tasks? Do you pay attention to their thoughts or worries and act on them, or do you pay attention but then forget or disregard what you’ve heard and gone about your business as usual?

Genuine gratitude is the bedrock of success. On a staff member’s birthday, you can offer them a gift card, but if they’ve come to you repeatedly with problems and you’ve never attempted to address them, that gift card is rather useless.

4- Make Sure To Select Collective Rewards For Your Employees


Food, time off, a bonus, or promotion are good but standard incentives. Consider how you may make your prize unique enough to stand out as a part of your culture.

 Some startups and organizations have portraits drawn of employees who have worked for a particular number of years, allowing employees to express themselves creatively.

Returning to the old technique of honoring CEOs of businesses can be brought down to your current personnel in various ways so that they receive a taste of something they might not otherwise have.

5- Let Them Boss For a Day


Reward employees by giving them the opportunity to be the “boss” for the day. Obviously, you won’t hand over the company cash to them, but you can let them attend meetings, sit in a private front office, park in a preferred area, or make use of any other privileges your firm’s managers may have.

What’s the benefit?

It provides your employees a taste of what it’s like to be the boss. That might change their minds about some of the things they’d been grumbling about, and it might inspire others to work hard for advancement.

6- Keep An Eye On Team Wins


Consider how a thermometer or other visual device is used by NGOs to indicate the gradual growth in donations as they approach closer to a goal. You may accomplish the same thing whether you utilize a visual method or hold frequent meetings to keep everyone informed.

What are the objectives of the various teams? A little friendly competition is excellent, and while your team works toward a common objective, you may not only congratulate them on their efforts but also encourage them by offering a prize to the squad that gets there first.

7- Put Your Team Members To Work With NGOs


Although it may seem counterintuitive, putting your employees to work for a non-profit organization is something that many individuals appreciate.

According to studies, “volunteer activities are more likely to increase employee morale than company-sponsored happy hours,” according to 70% of working Americans.

Volunteering as a team helps employees to give back to their communities while also building purpose—two elements that contribute to employee retention.

8- Celebrate Personal Achievements of Your Employees


Your employees have personal lives outside of work. Applaud their individual achievements to show that you care about your team as people, not just as coworkers.

Moreover, you can bring this up at your weekly status meeting—for example, Josh is running a marathon this weekend! Sarah has become engaged! Marcus has just gotten his C2 certification in French! It’s good for morale and a simple ice breaker to take a little moment to cheer one other on.

9- Dedicate Up-to-you Hours


Everyone has projects they will be working on, but they always seem to be pushed aside in favor of higher-priority initiatives.

Show your staff that you trust them by designating some time each week as “up-to-you” hours, during which teams can work on whatever they wish.

Whether it’s refining and outmoded process or constructing something entirely new, the projects they have been meaning to work on are likely to boost your company’s bottom line.

10- Celebrate Birthdays of Your Employees


Celebrate your employees’ birthdays if they don’t mind (some may choose to remain anonymous on that day).

Arrange a lunch or order a cake so that everyone in the office may participate. Allow the employee to take a day off whenever they choose in the future. Allow them to take a day off from selling.

Additionally, give them birthday gifts.


Employee appreciation ideas can really help your business grow.

There are many employee appreciation ideas you can choose from, like changing the workplace, providing meaningful gifts, letting them be boss for a day, and celebrating their birthdays.

Employee appreciation ideas boost the productivity of your employees, which ultimately adds to your cause.

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