How Can Businesses Benefit From BRAVO

Businesses benefit from Bravo, a multifunctional employee rewards and recognition platform, because of its utility and usefulness.

The features that make it suitable for a business are Bravo! Focus, Bravo! Peer Feedback, and Bravo! Voice.

This article discusses the particulars of these features and how they bring benefit to the businesses in detail. Read the insights to its business-convenient functionality below:

Bravo! Voice

Bravo! Voice

A great feature ‘Bravo! Voice helps to connect an organization with its employees better. It is an excellent utility for learning the views and perceptions of the employees towards their company.

This feature empowers the employees in sharing their concerns in regards to the company policies. It also enables the employees to share their thoughts and opinions regarding organizational affairs. Therefore, it has the name ‘Bravo! Voice’.

One of the best parts of this feature is that you can use personalized feedback/surveys for receiving the employee’s opinion.

You can create and use the surveys at a more personal level. And so, it makes you get a closer outlook of the employees. For example, you can create a survey with more personalized details about an employee. Thus, such is the efficacy of this feature for businesses.

In addition to this, to encourage employees to share their feedback, Bravo also incentives them. And so, more and more employees come forward to share their existing prospects of the company.

Businesses benefit from Bravo using the ‘Bravo! Voice’ feature in the ways that we explain in the following detail:

Employees feel empowered

When the employees can have their say concerning various company affairs, it makes them feel empowered. And this, as a result, makes them feel valued and worthy. It also gives them a feeling of belonging, which makes them more loyal to the company.

It goes without saying the importance and necessity of dedicated and loyal employees in bringing success to the organization. Not only the success but such employees are the ones that a company can count on in times of difficulty.

Fosters a listening culture

For any organization, a listening culture is a must. It ensures transparency across the workspace. And this results in a sense of equality among employees.

For many businesses, a listening culture implies where the employees actively listen to what the executives have to say. However, it is not what a listening culture involves.

A genuine listening culture involves mutual listening between a company and its employees. Hence, it requires a company to listen to its employees as much as it wants to be heard.

This feature is great to foster and incorporate a listening culture regardless of the work hierarchy.

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Bravo! Focus

Bravo! Focus

This feature makes businesses benefit from Bravo by increasing workforce productivity. It improves their performance by making them focus better on their tasks.

Furthermore, it lets your employees share their work with everyone, which could drive motivation in them to complete it.

The ‘Bravo! Focus’ help your employees to have the highest level of focus on their work in the following ways:

Instills motivation

With your employees sharing their work publicly, they work past their limits to achieve it. And with that, they can accomplish the task.

Gives greater job satisfaction

When the employees can achieve their publicly announced task, they earn acknowledgment at a broader level. And this, as a result, makes them have greater job satisfaction.

With the employees satisfied with their jobs, they also serve in a company for a relatively long period. Subsequently, the retention rate of the company also improves.

Bravo! Peer Feedback

Bravo! Peer Feedback

The ‘Bravo! Peer Feedback’ is the ultimate feature that makes businesses benefit from Bravo.

Peer feedback is where employees provide feedback about the other employees. However, importantly, it can be provided irrespective of the workplace hierarchy of the one providing the feedback and receiving it.

The feature ‘Bravo! Peer Feedback’ helps to incorporate the peer to peer feedback into an organization’s culture. And incorporating it comes with the following benefits for a business:

A workplace with peer (equal) relations

We know that peer feedback involves assessing the performance of others, including the likes of the CEO. Therefore, it creates equity in workplace relations.

The employees are empowered to provide their views for those ranked at a higher hierarchy. As a result, everyone, including the executives, is equally and fairly assessed.

Peer relations help a company to thrive. It is because when those working in the middle or lower positions can assess those ranked at the top, it elevates their performances.

A sense of empowerment makes your employees ranked in middle or lower positions to perform better. On the other hand, the higher-ranked employees’ performance elevates due to the equal assessment as the ones working under them.

Transparency culture

Bravo’s peer feedback feature ensures transparency across an organization. Since everyone is empowered to share the performance analysis of others, it helps to make the working culture more transparent.

This feature also helps to yield better results from your teams. It is because the members of the teams are also enabled to give a performance assessment of their team leads. And with everyone’s contribution brought to the light, the overall team performance becomes better.

Makes the workforce feel valued and worthy

One of the usefulness of this feature is that it leaves the employees with a sense of worthiness since they can evaluate their leads and managers equally.

Your employees feel valued because the company allows them to evaluate their team leads/ managers. And it gives them a realization that for the company, all its employees are equal.

When your employees learn that a business values them, it helps to buy their loyalty. And a skilled employee is far better than a loyal one.


Businesses benefit from Bravo by connecting, knowing, and empowering their employees. And it is made possible with the help of its features such as Focus, Peer feedback, and Voice.

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