Employee recognition in the workplace plays a critical part in keeping exceptional team members.

Moreover, organizations with a “recognition-rich culture” have a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate than companies without one, claims Josh Bersin, founder, and principal at Bersin by Deloitte.

Furthermore, an appreciation-rich culture allows people to feel respected, which stimulates stronger connections, better teamwork, happier workers, and more pleased consumers.

Well, you might be wondering how employee recognition in the workplace can be practiced

Do not worry, for, this article will take you through five valuable ways of employee recognition in the workplace.

Let us begin!


  1. Set up Effective Peer Recognition
  2. Use Gift Cards
  3. Promote Social Media Recognition
  4. Use Team-building Activities for Employee recognition
  5. Allow Your Employees to be Heard
  6. Bottom Line

5 Important Ways of Employee Recognition in the Workplace

1. Set Up Effective Peer Recognition

It is made easier for coworkers to recognize one another publically by utilizing peer recognition systems.

Meanwhile promoting teamwork, peer recognition boosts stories from the front lines that may have otherwise remained unknown to management.

In a peer recognition program, a method is developed to make employees publicly recognize another employee for outstanding work.

Here are a few examples that you can also practice for employee recognition in the workplace.

  • The trophy travels with your employees, who hand it around to the new employee anytime they see someone do something outstanding. A powerful illustration of this is the red cap that the OfficeVibe uses for its staff recognition program.
  • If you have a corporate intranet, you can make a page to commemorate the contributions of your employees. For instance, a “Wall of Fame” in the break room or conference room. Instantly, make your wall of fame look more colorful and entertaining by using decorative certificates and fun-shaped sticky notes. For the intranet page, provide entertaining animated gifs or emojis.
  • In a company-wide meeting or through the company newsletter, upper management might publicly acknowledge or recognize those individuals whose peers have identified them.
  • For recognition and incentives, use platforms such as BRAVO, which allows every employee to honor their peers in the company with gifts that amount to meaningful bonuses.

2. Use Gift-Cards

Employees that have gift cards on hand have a feeling of recognition, which motivates them to work harder.

Moreover, you can use gift cards to reward performance above and beyond the call of duty.

No matter what form of employee recognition in the workplace you implement, make sure that it is public, frequent, and in line with the company’s beliefs and goals.

3. Promote Social Media Recognition

Employee recognition that is transmitted via social media can be an effective approach to acknowledge employees in the digital world.

You can designate a specific employee of the week on your LinkedIn or Facebook company profile to get credit for their achievements.

Moreover, having an executive to submit a LinkedIn recommendation for a job well done, is an effective employee recognition in the workplace.

In addition to that, emojis or animated GIFs can be used to make it more visually appealing.

Rewards like these help employees nurture their brands while also motivating them.

When clients see your name appearing in shout-outs, they feel validated and boosted in their confidence on social media. As a result, they will realize how dedicated and talented your team is.

4. Use Team-Building Activities for Employee Recognition

A team-building activity or team outing may be the perfect approach to celebrate if a department or team has pushed themselves above and beyond to complete a project or serve a customer.

Another good example is recognizing your hard-working employees by giving them engaging activities like yoga classes, sports competitions, or cheese tasting sessions.

Indeed, the corporation understands how hard the team worked to attain its goal.

In turn, it makes them organize these corporate team-building activities or an outing to get pizza to promote employee recognition in the workplace.

5. Allow Your Employees to be Heard

By allowing employees to share the ideas and concepts they’ve developed, you’ll be showing employees how much you cherish and appreciate them.

More so, it might be well worth the effort to implement criteria and a vetting procedure. You can discover ideas that save money, produce more sales, or improve customer happiness by using this type of program.

In brief, employees should be empowered to submit ideas, and their suggestions should be followed by implementing their solutions.

Moreover, they should be allowed to make decisions in the process. By using that approach, you demonstrate your trust and appreciation for their job.

As a result, it will help in the effective practice of employee recognition in the workplace.

Bottom Line

The key to employee motivation and engagement in the workplace is employee recognition. To motivate your staff, demonstrate that you appreciate their hard work and the value of their contributions to the organization. The bottom line is that your employees are your most valuable asset, so do what you can to keep them happy!

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