How frequently you appreciate your employees? Well, how much you do is not good enough. We all crave for the appreciation either its related to work or any other deal. If someone appreciates us for the efforts we are putting and the dedication towards achieving the goals, our efforts get double.

However, being an employer we are more focused towards the number and less concerned about the employers. But, here is the thing that we all need to know that our employees are the assets. They are the ones who are helping us achieve the goals that we have made. And we need to take care of them.

Employees recognition directly leads to job satisfaction, an enjoyable working environment, and raises the morale of employees. When you acknowledge them, their motivation level goes up. Their dedication towards the work increases. Enhances loyalty and also productivity.

Here are some of the major reasons why your employees show greater productivity when they are appreciated by the higher authorities and peers.

Employees feel happy when they are appreciated

Single person’s happiness is impacting so many others. If he is in a good mood then he would definitely share his good vibes with others. Similarly, when we go home we take lots of thoughts and work of the office with us. If the day has gone good then it will create a healthy environment at home as well. Because home is the place where a person goes and relax and then come to work the next day.

Moreover, the studies have also shown that happy employees show 12% greater productivity as compare to the employee who is unhappy.

Loyalty comes out of employees

When the rewards and recognition are given to the employees according to the efforts they are putting, they stick around. They won’t switch the organizations. Their loyalty comes first.

You know better when a company hires an employee it invests in it. The company bears all the cost to train that person. Employees learn all the procedures and work during the span. If he is treated rightly, then he won’t go anywhere. But, if not then he’s a learned person he might get a good opportunity somewhere else. So, the ball is in your court either you hit a six or gets bold.

Increased Productivity and Motivation

The greatest outcomes are increased productivity and the motivation for doing continuous work. Its all about making your employees happy. Not every time the monetary value counts. Sometimes there are the words of appreciation employees want in front of everyone. And this would definitely get double when the tangible rewards are inculcated.

Several apps are helping in determining what is the amount of reward that can be given to the employees on the basis of their performance. And BRAVO is one of them.

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