If you want to see your company growing then introduce the trend of praising each other in company’s culture. Employees are the assets and keeping them happy will give you the desired returns. Praising employees for their good work is necessary for keep them going and achieving the milestones.

Well, we know how much employees recognition is important and to what length we have to stretch our arms to keep it going. In this blog, we have gathered the 8 buzzwords for employee recognition that is being most commonly used.

Employees Appreciation

When you the words like ” Working with you on this project has made a huge difference” or ” I am highly glad about the work that you have done”. This prevails a sense of appreciation among your employees.

Employees Encouragement

“Don’t worry, just do this and I have your back” are the words that your employees need to hear.

Employees Acknowledgment

Use the phrases like ” You are the most important asset of the team. I believe in you”. It is the other way in which you can make your employees feel best about them.

Employees Indebtedness

Sometimes you are in debt to your employees. Like, we are dealing with a very difficult project and I just can’t think of doing it without you.


Thanking your employees for all the efforts they are putting in is the key driver of your workforce. For example; you can say ” Thank you for supporting me in an argument when no one else does”

Tribute to Employees

Hey hey, your employees are working for you for a very long time. Now is the time when you pay tribute to them on retirement. You can say ” What you have bought to this organisation in the last several years has been invaluable.

Praise the Employees

Praise your employees for doing their day to day task and completing their checklist. “You did a tremendous job this whole week, here is the ticket to the Ballad go and enjoy”

Honour the Employees

Respect and honour the suggestions of your employees. This is the other way you make them feel like a part of your organization. You can say, ” What do you think about this problem”. Take their suggestions and notes on that.

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