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Uplifting Employee Engagement For Coeus Solutions

Connected Employee Recognition With Company’s Core Values In Real-time

Coeus Solutions

“Our company needed a solution that can uplift team spirits and ensure complete employee engagement and retention with the company.” 


Coeus Solutions had the best team working for them but they lacked a system of reward and recognition due to which there was very little employee engagement. The challenges they faced included: 

  • Not being able to get the employees focused on the customer satisfaction  
  • No team culture based on the values and beliefs of the company 
  • No insights available about employee performance that can help grow profit 
  • Team members couldn’t give any feedback to their other team members 
  • No reward system was available within the workplace for team


The problem Coeus Solutions was facing is the very fact that we have designed BRAVO. Our experts met the HR of the company and designed a customized plan that will boost the team performance. To help a culture full of reward and recognition, we helped them get the best of BRAVO features by bringing every single employee on it and encouraging them to participate, what happened? The solution was a complete success and the company started seeing the benefits of it! What BRAVO did for them:

  • Employees can see their insights on the dashboard and enhance effectiveness. 
  • Everyone gets what they deserve with a customized reward system.
  • HR can see a complete report and analysis of the team to know what’s needed to be done for giving a push to members.
  • Every employee started to receive feedback that motivated others to do more and get the recognition they want 
  • Team culture started to get on the right track and employee retention grew more than the company expected in the first quarter. 


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