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eKomi Created A Healthy Team Culture That Resulted In More Sales


“We were not able to provide full customer support due to unhealthy team culture which resulted in the loss of sales and potential customers”


eKomi provides companies with better and authentic customer reviews that help grow their business. The problem they faced was unhealthy team culture which resulted in lousy customer service leading to the loss of potential clients. The management of eKomi wanted to know the team analysis but didn’t have a proper solution for it. Challenges they were facing included: 

  • Helpful insights to grow their business and know what increases their profit 
  • Recognizing and rewarding employees based on their performances  
  • Ensuring the employees stay loyal and attached to the company 
  • Making reward system transparent so that everyone had equal opportunity 
  • Integrating with other platforms to boost employee performance


BRAVO team met with eKomi management and designed an approach that would ensure a way to uplift team spirit. With the right solution in hand, the eKomi team managed to boost the search traffic and conversion rate of many companies and helped them with verified, authentic product and customer ratings and reviews. The team also started to perform effectively and collaboratively. Our solution included: 

  • A highly interactive interface that allowed team members to engage easily and appreciate each other on their tasks. 
  • Each employee gets a specific allowance at the beginning of every month to share small rewards with their team members. 
  • Employees can earn added points as bonuses upon inviting their team members to the platform.
  • This resulted in a drastic increase in customer satisfaction and employee performance on regular basis.
  • HR can now see real-time employee performance and analyze every employee with their specific needs to maximize company profit.


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