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Increasing Employee Retention For R-ACT Solutions

R-ACT Solutions Has Now 40% More Employee Retention With BRAVO

R-ACT Solutions

“We were in need of an employee rewarding system that will ensure our employees want to stay in the company and maximize their work performance” 


R-ACT Solutions didn’t have a system for employee recognition
and therefore employees would keep on leaving the company
due to poor recognition. They needed a tool that would win
the trust of employees and reward them for their efforts as
well. The challenges they had included:

  • Increasing employee retention so they would want to stay 
  • Improving team culture based on the values of the company 
  • Grow profits by utilizing the employee performance insights
  • Get feedback from team members to know which member is winning 
  • Having a customized reward system based on the employee activity


BRAVO had a meeting with the management of R-ACT Solutions to know the core values and beliefs of the company. The entire focus was on rewarding and recognizing employees through reports and analysis. Our team helped R-ACT Solutions create a culture of recognizing and rewarding employees to reach the extra mile. BRAVO included. The result was a success:

  • With the help of clear insights from BRAVO, we revealed what increases the profits and what can be done to improve customer experience.
  • BRAVO has an activity dashboard, so now everyone can see the score of others and what they need to beat the competition. 
  • Every team member started giving a rating to each other based on their performance which created a competitive but collaborative environment. 
  • With one click, it was now possible to reward certain members for their performance in a transparent way that motivates others. 
  • BRAVO offered an on-spot recognition feature that motivates the employee and uplifts their spirit to work harder. 
  • The company’s employee retention got higher with BRAVO’s reporting and analysis.


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