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Talking about employee rewards doesn’t have to be a boring topic! We have collected below 10 fun facts about employee rewards and how to implement those ideas to make your workplace more fun:

1. Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%

So what are you waiting for? Make your working space more fun and encourage your employees to let their inner child out!

2. 67% of full-time employees with access to free food at work are “extremely” or “very” happy at their current job

Free snacks or lunch at work are a good opportunity to show your employees that you can about their wellbeing.

3. Close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%

So next time you see your employees giggling around the water cooler, don’t scold them but let them build friendships at work.

4. A “wall of fame” can boost up your employee engagement

Having a “wall of fame” in your office can be a fun idea. Don’t only focus on standard accomplishments but also include fun ones, such as “the most coffee drunk in one day” or “the grumpiest person on Monday”.

5. Theme days increase fun at work

Organizing theme days can bring a lot of joy at work, for example, Hawaiian T-Shirt Thursday or Favourite Superhero Friday!

Fun Facts About Employee Rewards

6. Doing fun activities outside work brings co-workers together

Organize fun activities outside of work in order to increase teamwork and work satisfaction. Those can include a sports tournament, a scavenger hunt or an escape room to name a few.

7. Including fun rewards will boost your employee engagement

Sometimes managers only offer serious and practical rewards because they think this is what their staff wants. However, you will be surprised how much harder somebody will work for something silly and fun they never thought they need in their life. Offer them a mini trampoline or a Pac Man machine and watch them compete to grab those rewards before they are gone!

8. Encouraging wellness in the office can increase employee morale

Often workspaces offer a lot of unhealthy snacks and drinks. However, if you separate yourself from the crowd by encouraging wellness in your office, you can truly increase your employee morale. For example, you can invite a chef once a week to come cook a healthy lunch for the whole office.

9. Offering fun classes as a reward can spice up your workday

Sometimes employees don’t care for physical rewards, but rather want experiences. Therefore, make some of your rewards experiences such as classes – for example, salsa or Zumba classes during the lunch break can spice up your workday!

10. Giving your employees the opportunity to give back makes their work meaningful

Finally, give your employees the opportunity to give back and pay forward. You can organize a volunteering day, where your employees chose a cause and spend the whole day either at a shelter or contributing in some other way.

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