When you want to recognize your employees, there are many obstacles that you come across. One of them is to believe in hypothetical things that don’t even exist. False assumptions would lead to the wrong decisions.

Here we have gathered certain myths that usually believed by the employer and their HR panels;

Think they will take advantage

When employers go and reward their employees, some of them think that giving them a raise in compensation would show them employer’s softer side. They think their employees will start taking advantage of them.

Well, this is a very wrong perception. When you recognize your employees and pays them what they deserve, they even work harder. Commitment and dedication towards their work get enhanced. They feel recognized and it drives the sense of positivity amongst them.

Employees are always after money

On the contrary, many of the employers think that with money you can buy anything. if you are giving the best compensation and bonuses to your employees then they won’t go anywhere.

However, this is not true. Not every employee is after money. For some of the employees appreciation, recognition and praising are far more important than just monetary count.

Recognition is a waste of time and money

Sometime when the company is going through tough times, it thinks that recognition and money is a waste of time.

In fact, this is such a false perception that if you recognize your employees then it will do you no good. Recognition is something that pays you off back. It is a long term investment that you do in your employees. It will help you to keep your employees loyal. Along with that turnover ratio will decrease and productivity increases.

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