How to Give Recognition to Employees

Recognition to employees is well-known for its advantages. When employees feel appreciated, they work harder, are more engaged, and are more willing to go the extra mile for the business.

Despite this, some firms continue to undervalue the importance of recognition to the employee, despite the positive influence it can have on both employee morale and corporate performance.

So, what is it that’s preventing them from taking action? And how can you go about doing it correctly?

We’ll go over how to give recognition to employees so that you and your employees may benefit from it to the fullest.

Make Use of Employees Preferences to Identify and Recognize

Not every form of acclaim is created equal. Giving a pat on the back or sending a standard email to an employee can have the opposite effect of what you intended.

Insincere kinds of praise can confuse or alienate a worker. Recognition must be personalized and meaningful to have a significant impact on engagement.

However, only 56.4% of employees believe that their bosses show appreciation for their efforts.

Genuine acknowledgment can only be achieved by getting to know your staff on a personal level.

Study your employees’ recognition preferences. So, you can personalize your appreciation for each one.

Learn how they want to be recognized. Over time, the generic acknowledgment will come off as hollow and do not influence employee morale.

How to Give Recognition to Employees

Getting to know your staff is only the beginning of your relationship with them. Think about these ideas while you’re awarding praise at work. They’ll assist you in giving feedback that makes employees feel like they have a stake in the company and are proud of their work.

1. Consider the Factors that Influence an Employee’s Motivation

Consider the Factors that Influence an Employee's Motivation

Everyone wants to be recognized in their unique manner.

Some people desire to be acknowledged in front of others, whether it’s in person or through software.

Others, who are more reserved, might rather get a card or a private note as a token of their appreciation.

Take a look at what motivates each unique worker:

  • What kind of employment gives them the most energy?
  • What can you say about them that you’re particularly proud of?
  • Are they gregarious or reserved?
  • What was the impact on the company’s aim or value?

Recognizing employees for their passions will have a significant impact because it will be more genuine.

2. Keep in Mind the Organization’s Priorities

Storytelling Helps People Remember Your Brand Better

Don’t forget about the vision and mission of your business. If someone acts in a way that exemplifies your company’s core values, recognize them and urge others to follow their lead.

Identify the conduct that has the maximum impact on the most essential objectives, and then pay attention to the people who exhibit those behaviors.

It serves as a constant reminder to all employees of the critical benchmarks the organization has set for itself, and it keeps them motivated to achieve them.

3. Storytelling Helps People Remember Your Brand Better

Storytelling Helps People Remember Your Brand Better

The higher your recognition, the more information you can supply. It is pointless to say something like, “Thanks for helping me out yesterday.” They may or may not know what you’re talking about; even if they do, their coworkers have no idea.

Describe in detail how and why the person’s assistance was valuable to you.

Be precise, for example, by saying, “Please accept my sincere thanks for staying up so late to assist me with my expense reports on Monday night. As a result of your help, I was able to meet my incredibly strict deadline.”

Discovering such extra facts while reading a narrative on an engagement platform reinforces the value of the action and motivates other employees to follow suit.

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4. Use Your Recognition Attempts to Express Yourself in a Unique and Personal Way

Use Your Recognition Attempts to Express Yourself in a Unique and Personal Way

When it comes to recognition to employees, what does your business use most frequently?

Is appreciation given equally to all employees, no matter how much they contribute to the team or what their particular preferences are?

Your employees are most likely feeling undervalued if you’re rewarding them in a formulaic, predictable way.

Employee engagement can be boosted by giving recognition to employees, but it must come from an eloquent source.

Employees are wise enough to see right through bland compliments. Use your imagination when it comes to showing your thanks to your employees.

Those who work hard for you will appreciate your genuine recognition of their efforts and be motivated to keep up the great work.

What Not to Do When It Comes to Giving Recognition to Employees

What Not to Do When It Comes to Giving Recognition to Employees
  1. Don’t make a worker wait for recognition by leaving them in the dark.
  2. You’re not performing employee recognition correctly if you simply acknowledge accomplishment and goal achievement.
  3. While acknowledgment from superiors and direct supervisors is critical, don’t discount the value of appreciation from a close coworker.
  4. Employees’ strong efforts and accomplishments are made visible to their colleagues, managers, and senior executives when they get public recognition. Don’t refrain from public recognition.
  5. Because they don’t ask for feedback, many firms don’t know whether or not employee recognition is failing.

Final Thoughts

Unless you interact with employees where they are and use user-friendly technology to make your employee recognition program more effective, accessible, and personable, you’re falling behind the times.

Choose the proper employee recognition program for your culture by checking all the options.

And this is where BRAVO! comes to help with the advanced features that not only automate the whole employee recognition experience but also make it hassle-free.

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