How Can Your Employees Earn Bravo Points

Bravo points constitute an important part of the working model of Bravo. These points enable an organization to perform an immediate and effective employee recognition. Also, these are the points using which the employees can earn different rewards.

The eventual results brought by the points, as rewarded by Bravo, bring ideal results for an organization.

In order to earn Bravo points, employees need to get recognition and appreciation. However, for that, the employees need to meet or exceed the company expectations by their performance.

Essentially, every time you recognize employees using Bravo, it earns them points. OR simply stating, recognition on Bravo is, in fact, sharing Bravo Points.

Since points from Bravo make an essential part of Bravo’s work model, it is important to understand how they are part of its work model. With its understanding, it would be clear how employees are able to earn Bravo points.

How Can Your Employees Earn Bravo Points?


Well, recognition on Bravo works in the form of a reward cycle. And this cycle begins with good employment results and ends with high employee motivation.

To understand how and where Bravo Points are earned in this reward cycle, continue reading below.

Recognition For Good Results

This is the first step to making your employees earn Bravo points.

To earn points from Bravo, your employees need to give results or performance worthy of recognition. After your employees are recognized for their hard work, they earn points.

Thus, to enable you to provide points to your employees, Bravo gives you the ability to perform employee recognition.

It means that every time your employees earn recognition, they also earn Bravo points with it.

 Along with that, you can also share the results of your employees with the organization, which helps increase the worth of the recognized employees. It, so, results in a better and effective recognition.

Nonetheless, one may wonder why performing recognition in front of the entire workforce when the employees can be given points without a public appreciation.

By publicly acknowledging the work of an employee helps to elevate not only their self-worth but can also make them notable amongst their peers and managers.

With it, all their hard work becomes worth it, and it encourages them to keep performing well so as to increase their dignity within and in front of others.

Lastly, in this step, you can either perform employee recognition on the Bravo-integrated apps or the platform of Bravo.

However, you can also make use of any integrated app along with Bravo, at the same, in this regard.

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Rewards Against Recognition

Rewards Against Recognition Bravo Points

After your employees earn Bravo point for their recognition, they are then given rewards against the point that they earn.

So, with the employees earning points for their recognition from Bravo, these point are availed for earning rewards.

It is important to mention here that for each reward, a particular number of points are specified. It means that different rewards have different Bravo point specified against them.

Besides having an extensive list of rewards, Bravo also comes with a feature of ‘international rewards. Such rewards help greatly in rewarding the employees that belong to diverse cultures.

It also makes it easier to reward overseas employees.

The international rewards feature can be brought to use by Bravo users in more than 25 countries. The list of these countries comprises the entire globe, from the UK in the west to India in Asia.

Moreover, this feature also enables these countries to provide rewards to the culturally-diverse employees in their respective local currency.

Motivation Induced From Rewards

Motivation Induced From Rewards

With the employees earning rewards against their Bravo points, it naturally encourages them to stay on the course of action.

It means that with the employees rewarded, they become motivated to keep putting in their efforts.

With the deserving employees rewarded, their peers also get the motivation to start working hard towards their respective jobs.

Nevertheless, a few years earlier, organizations were not accepting of the role that rewards can play in making the employees motivated.

Thanks to the field of Psychology, precisely the work on reward and behavior concepts, organizations are now accepting the significant role that rewards can play in motivating a workforce.

Considering the significance of rewards, Bravo enables you to reward the actions and behaviors that you want your employees to be repeating again.

However, it is made possible only after the employees earn bravo points, for which they need to give an exemplary performance in order to get recognition for it.

All this work procedure drives motivation in the employees. And when employees receive a reward for a particular action, they are motivated to repeat the action again.

Nevertheless, with no reward against an action, there is subsequently no motivation, which makes it less likely to be repeated.

Nevertheless, the recognition and rewards pay off in this step by providing enthusiasm to employees so they can keep giving satisfactory performances.

Lastly, you can also make your employees motivated in keeping up the good work, using both monetary and non-monetary ways.

Bravo Points

Results Achieved Via Motivation Bravo Points

This step is the last one that is entailed in the working Bravo for your employees to earn Bravo point. Also, it is the step where all the work (making the employees motivated by performing recognition and giving rewards) pays off.

Bravo makes the employees motivated by providing them point earned by their good piece of work. As a result, the performance and productivity levels of the employees are elevated at manifold levels.

Most importantly, to make your employees earn the Bravo point again, a company shares these desired results. And with these results shared, employee recognition gets performed.

When the employees are publicly appreciated and thanked along with their performances, it takes us to the very first step of employee recognition. And following it, the working cycle of Bravo is started again (recognition, rewards, motivation, results). And this keeps the cycle of employees earning Bravo point going.

Winding up

To earn Bravo points is simple: employees can earn point from Bravo by working hard for their company and putting efforts towards achieving its goals. It means that every time the employees perform well, they receive recognition, which makes them earn these points.

Furthermore, these point are part of how Bravo works. Thus, earning these points is a part of its work cycle.

The simple working of Bravo points makes it easier and clear for a workforce to earn them. Along with that, it also benefits the company greatly by making employees improve in regard to their performance and productivity levels.

In case you are still unclear about how Bravo point can be earned, you can book a demo here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bravo points?

Bravo point play a pivotal role in completing Bravo’s work and are earned by the employees every time they get recognition for their exemplary work.

How many types of rewards are there?

There are mainly two types of rewards: monetary and non-monetary. And Bravo makes use of both these rewards types.

What are examples of rewards?

Public shoutouts, salary hikes, promotions, sponsored vacations are some examples of rewards.

What is a good employee reward?

A good employee reward is one that makes recognition meaningful, efficient, and beneficial.

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