Maximize Your Employee Performance Using Bravo Points

The Bravo points, entailed in the work model of Bravo, help in maximizing your employee performance.

It helps recognize the employees timely and efficiently at a broader level, which makes the employee recognition pay off in the longer run. As a result of its recognition, a company can then reward its employees against the Bravo points that they earn.

The recognition followed by the rewards helps in keeping the employees working towards achieving success for the company.

The outcome of Bravo points’ working brings the desired results for a company. These results are then shared to perform employee recognition and keep the work model of the Bravo points going.

The working of Bravo that maximizes your employee performance using the Bravo points is discussed in detail below:

How do Bravo points maximize your employee performance?


Bravo gives you the ability to recognize the performance and results of hardworking employees in the form of Bravo points. That is, every time your employees are recognized, they earn points from Bravo (the Bravo points).

Additionally, you can share the results of your employees with the entire workforce, which makes your recognition better.

It is important to state the reason for recognizing the employees before the entire workforce: when the employees are recognized publicly, it encourages them to keep working hard. As a result, your employees stay motivated for their following tasks as well.

Lastly and importantly, you can recognize your employees on any of the apps that have integration with Bravo. However, you can also perform recognition on Bravo alone.

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Essential features of Employee Recognition Programs

Bravo allows you to reward your employees that you recognize in the earlier step.

As the employees earn Bravo points when recognized, these points are then used for rewarding the employees, which means that the points that the employees earn can be availed for getting different rewards.

Importantly, for every reward, there is a specified number of points. That is, to earn a particular reward, employees are required to earn the number of points specified against the very reward. Thus, Bravo points may vary for one reward than the other.

In addition to rewarding the employees using a vast catalog of rewards, Bravo facilitates its users with an international rewards’ respiratory. These international rewards provide a great deal of help when it comes to rewarding recognized employees with diverse cultural backgrounds.

The international rewards feature of Bravo helps users of more than 25 countries. The list of these countries includes the UK, US, Spain, India, etc. This feature also allows the users in these countries to reward their employees using the local currency.


Bravo Points

The advances in the field of Psychology have resulted in its sub-branch of Organizational Psychology. And the research carried by this sub-branch has asserted the importance of motivation in the employees for maximizing their performance.

Additionally and relatively, the reward and behavior concepts from this field of science have finally led the organizations to understand the significance of motivated employees in achieving success.

It has become clear to many organizations today that to make their employees repeat the desired behaviors; they should be rewarded.

Precisely that, every time an employee exhibits a desired behavior or gives an exemplary performance, they should get a reward for it, as it will make them repeat the very behavior and action.

Owing to all this, when employees are provided rewards against the Bravo points that they earn, it incites motivation in them. With the employees receiving rewards for an action, they are more likely to repeat it. On the other hand, an action that is not rewarded has a lesser prospect of being repeated.

In other words, the time for a company to maximize employee performance using Bravo points arrives in this step.

Last but not least, you can either make use of non-monetary or monetary motivation to make your employees stay on the right track.


What Are Some Examples Of Bravo Points

This is the last step that is included in the working of Bravo. And it is the step where a company can finally bear the fruits of the work model of Bravo, as made possible by the Bravo points.

As the employees are motivated by recognition and rewards, an organization sees the outcomes of its efforts put forward for improving the performance of its workforce.

Nevertheless, to complete this work cycle, a company needs to share these exceptional results as given by its employees.

Thus, when the results are shared, employee recognition is performed. And this takes us to the first step, where the working of Bravo comes into action again. And this keeps the cycle going.


It will not be an overstatement to say that Bravo points do more than just elevate the performance level of the employees. Since its work helps to give job satisfaction, it plays a role that goes beyond maximizing employee performance.

In addition, it also makes employee recognition timely and efficient, which subsequently results in ineffective recognition. Thus, its end result is a sum of different beneficial outcomes. And an increase in employee performance is a part of its final result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bravo points?

Bravo points are included in the work model of Bravo and are given to the employees every time they are recognized for their hard work and efforts.

What are Bravo rewards?

These are the rewards that the employees earn for the number of Bravo points that they earn.

What do you reward employees for?

Employees are rewarded for their performances that help the company in achieving its company goals. However, employees can also be rewarded for the efforts they have been making.

How is performance rewarded?

Generally, it is better to recognize and reward an employee’s performance before their peers and managers, so their hard work can become fruitful.

What type of rewards should employers provide employees?

Employers should provide employees with both monetary and non-monetary rewards.

Do rewards increase motivation?

Rewards indeed increase motivation. And it is asserted by the positive reinforcement theory from the field of Psychology as well.

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