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Employee engagement is one of the easiest ways to increase motivation and productivity while reducing absenteeism and employee turnover. 

What is employee engagement and why is it important?

Employee engagement includes many factors – from being intellectually engaged with your job to feeling positively about your work and being socially engaged with your colleagues. In a nutshell, it is all about making sure that your staff is feeling satisfied with their job and feels appreciated and respected at work.

One of the biggest trends we have seen so far in 2019 is that employee engagement is becoming more and more important. Various programs aimed at increasing employee motivation are introduced by different companies daily. 

In addition, feedback is becoming omnipresent. This includes not only feedback from your teammates or your manager but also customer feedback. Often reward systems are tied to customer feedback so that employees can see the direct impact they make to the final customer. This gives them a feeling of purpose and meaning, which they might otherwise lack in their work.

How to use customer feedback to drive employee motivation?

1. Create products your customers actually want

By asking your customers for feedback, you can truly gain a lot of insights into what kind of products and services they actually want. You can better understand how they are using your current products and what issues they are experiencing. By analyzing your customer feedback, you can see where the demand lies. Thus, by gaining a deeper understanding of your customers, you can motivate your employees to deliver exactly what your customers want.

2. Base rewards on customer feedback

In addition, base rewards not only on tasks being achieved but also on the positive feedback received by customers. In this way, your employees will see the direct impact they have on the final customer. Furthermore, you can also show appreciation for the individual employee as well as the team when the team effort solves the customer’s problem. Giving rewards to your employees will encourage more dedication and will reinforce positive behaviour.

Finally, by investing in a rewards program, you will not only increase your employee motivation but also increase their engagement levels, job satisfaction and productivity. Employee rewards are a wonderful way to show your staff that you care about them and you value their efforts. And if you are still on the lookout for an exceptional employee rewards tool, check out BRAVO!: https://getbravo.io/pricing/

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