Top 10 most important drivers of great work

Great work helps companies achieve their goals. It also helps measure how invested and motivated employees are in their work.

Employees that are more engaged at work are happier, more productive, and more likely to be retained by the company. 

Nevertheless, great work isn’t simple to achieve. In fact, it is a combination of different factors, which implies that it is a rather complex phenomenon.

So, we’re going to go deeper to identify the 10 most important drivers. It will also help increase employee satisfaction in increasingly remote and hybrid workplaces. 

These factors are mentioned and can be read as below:

Drivers for a great work

1. A clear purpose and direction

Employees with a clear sense of direction are more likely to produce better results.

It is essential that employees understand their organization’s vision, mission, and road map. Employees require a clear understanding of the goals and values of their company. 

They should also know their precise tasks and functions inside the company. That way, everyone will be more eager to work together for a common goal if there is clarity.

2. Empowering to share perspectives

It is important to understand the opinions of your employees. Therefore, free speech among employees must be promoted. 

Also, leaders must establish appropriate lines of communication across the entire workforce. After all, it’s important for your employees to communicate.

Some of the ways you can leverage to receive employees’ opinions include questionnaires, focus groups, surveys, 360-degree leadership appraisals, town hall meetings, and comment boxes.

Importance of Establishing Trust in a Relationship

3. Sufficient working resources

It is important to ensure that your workplace has all the necessary resources required to enable employees to perform their jobs effectively.

Nevertheless, you might not always be aware of the specific items your staff needs to do their work. 

One of the ways to guarantee that the right tools, materials, equipment, and other resources are constantly accessible is to establish a line of communication between the employees and management. 

When workers have everything they need to finish the task at hand, both production and revenues are likely to increase.

4. Employee wellness

Employee wellness is one of the drivers of great work.

Many types of research prove that when a firm shows that it genuinely cares about the well-being and professional growth of its employees, employee engagement enhances. 

So, if a company wants to maintain a fully engaged workforce, it must establish a balance between the professional and private lives of its employees.

5. Employee recognition

Employee recognition no doubt leads employees to do wonders for their company.

Everyone wants to be acknowledged for their accomplishments (it is possibly the most basic human urge). 

Employee appreciation supports the continuation of the desired behavior by reinforcing individual and team accomplishments. 

Thus, the possibilities are endless when rewards are matched with employees’ needs.

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6. Making the workplace fun

When work is fun, loving your job and the company becomes natural.

So, when employees claim to love their employment, they truly mean that their work engages them and gives them purpose. 

Furthermore, fun at work boosts employee morale and creativity while lowering absenteeism (because people don’t like to miss out on the fun).

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7. Employee career development

When employees are given opportunities to enhance their skills that subsequently develop their careers, they are likely to go above and beyond for the company.

The learning, training, and career development strategies employed by your company should perform as intended.

You can also find out from your staff what needs to be done in this regard.

Your employees should directly benefit from every learning opportunity so they can go forward in their careers. However, for this to be achieved, you should communicate with your employees directly.

8. Allowing working with creativity and passion

Enabling your employees to work with passion and creativity is always one of the important drivers of great work.

Essentially, employees seek out employers that know how to take the best of their capabilities, support their passions, and provide them with the motivation and energy that the company and employees themself need to succeed.

9. Trusting the employees

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Employees must be entrusted to perform their duties (based on established policies), which can prove beneficial for their company.

A workplace where there is mutual trust and respect helps a company stand out from its competitors and keep going in its hard times.

Of course, it is obvious that a team has genuine trust in one another when they work well together, are productive, and are in harmony.

10. Meaningful work

When employees learn that their work provides some value to the company, they are more likely to work with better engagement and motivation levels.

This also helps employees to overcome challenges when they are moving toward a goal and achieving progress at work. 

Much of the research consistently shows that it is the development and not the money that motivates employees the most.


Achieving great work is not straightforward but complex as it combines various factors at the same time. But learning the above-mentioned drivers can help you achieve great things at your workplace.

Last but not least, you can always make use of employee rewards and recognition software that helps make employees happier and thus engaged, which leads them to work better and harder for the company. Book a free demo of Bravo to learn how it can be achieved!

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