Leveraging Technology in Hospitality Industry to Drive Employee Engagement Metrics

Offering outstanding customer services to guests is the motto of the hospitality industry. It is why the hospitality staff are the sole brand ambassadors of a hospitality business. 

A single blunder by the staff can make a satisfied customer turn into an angry and unsatisfied one. Therefore, keeping a customer pleased is wholly based on the behavior of the employees. 

So, having highly motivated and engaged workers help present consumers with the best possible experience. 

highly motivated and engaged workers

Here are a few stats in regard to the impact of employee engagement in the hospitality business:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has harmed employees’ engagement at deluxe hotels. The primary reason behind it is feelings of job insecurity. 
  • Hotel staff who don’t have a high level of workplace commitment are more likely to leave.
  • Work insecurity due to the pandemic circumstance constitutes a significant factor in declining workplace engagement. 

Why is Employee Engagement Important in the Hospitality Sector?

biggest challenges faced in hospitality industry

When a hospitality staff is engaged, it is more likely to be more enthusiastic, productive, and focused. Consequently, it brings a whole bunch of benefits to your hotels.

Following are some reasons why employee engagement is important in the hospitality sector:  

Improves Guest Relations

Excellent services are synonymous with the quality of the services. 

The CEO of Forbes Travel Guide, Fillip Boyen, says that nearly 75% of the standards he uses to review luxury hotels worldwide are based on service quality. 

Engaged hotel staff has a stake in the way our hotel is perceived. So naturally, they’re going to give the best service they can. This, in turn, makes for happier guests, increasing the likelihood of positive feedback, repeat business, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Improves Guest Relations

Employee Turnover Reduces

Staff turnover rate is the affliction of hotels. In the US, the hospitality industry’s turnover is by far the highest of any industry. Moreover, constantly replacing employees is costly and affects your business of expertise.

Tackling employee engagement can help.

To keep its employees retained, Hilton Hotels addresses everything from paternal leave benefits to giving staff makeover rooms. They estimated their steps taken produced a 6% drop in turnover.

Employee Turnover Reduces

Enhanced Productivity

For hotels, productivity can be measured in many ways: the number of rooms cleaned, average spending per guest, etc. 

Whatever the metric, your hotel staff is the key to success. There’s a clear relationship between productivity and engagement. 

Boosts Business Revenue

The three above-mentioned benefits we’ve touched on in the article directly relate to the fourth — more money coming in. Employee engagement and business profitability go hand-in-hand.

But any studies to back that up?

Gallup found that organizations enjoy 26% higher revenue per employee when staff is highly engaged. 

At the same time, Towers Perrin concluded that an engaged workforce correlates to 6% higher net profit margins.

Boosts Business Revenue

Employee Engagement Strategies that Work in Hospitality Industry

Ok, you’re looking to make some changes for your staff. Here are seven areas to concentrate on:

Employee Engagement Strategies

Use of Technology to Reinforce Employee Engagement 

Employee Engagement and rewards solutions like BRAVO empower your staff to do what they do best. 

It’s one app that covers unique features like exchanging reward points, redeeming rewards, engaging in celebrations, and more. 

How BRAVO can help with growing employee engagement in your hospitality business:

  • Proper Recognition of excellent work from management or peers encourages every staff member to go above and beyond. Moreover, it helps employees feel they are valuable and necessary to the business sector. 
  • Allows employees to enjoy thousands of rewards as a return for their hard work and extraordinary efforts. You can delight your staff with numerous rewards like discount coupons, local restaurant vouchers, paid time off, a newsletter featuring custom reward kits, and lots more.
  • Make BRAVO your central staff engagement hub, where everyone can participate in celebrating their peers’ achievements and success. Besides, it keeps everyone updated with their peers’ goals, achievements, and occasions like work anniversaries, birthdays, new joiners, etc. 

The story does not end here. BRAVO has some magnificent features for Hotel Management, which enables them to manage staff and evaluate their performance in a few clicks. 

How BRAVO can help Hotel Management:

  • It provides the administration with access to a centralized employee performance report. You analyze these reports and foster your employee engagement strategies accordingly.
  • Another helpful feature of BRAVO is the Feedback and Survey that helps management to gather instant feedback from their staff and implement new changes. Moreover, employees themselves can also request feedback from their peers and managers to evaluate their performance. 
  • Customize your reward shop according to your business budget and employee choices. And integrate our employee recognition software with all your favorite third-party platforms. 

Thinking an employee engagement and reward software may be suitable for your hotel group? Get in touch to book your free BRAVO demo

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