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Improving your employees’ engagement levels can be a daunting task! This is why we have created a handy cheat sheet, where you can find a clear summary of what you can do to improve the engagement in your company! This cheat sheet can be useful to any manager, CEO, as well as HR staff, who want to make their teams even more successful. Feel free to print it out and follow the tips daily and you will see results sooner than you expect.

1.Encourage your employees to speak openly

Many employees avoid speaking their minds during the workday, which can lead to a lot of frustration. Therefore, encourage them to speak openly and honestly. Thus, you will also collect invaluable insights about what is bothering them or reducing their productivity. In addition, you might find out some creative ideas on how to solve those issues, which might be difficult to grasp as a manager.

The way to do this is by making it clear to your employees that they won’t be punished or judged for their opinions, but rather appreciated for their honesty. You can also consider making their feedback anonymous.

2. Employee rewards

Providing employee rewards is probably one of the best ways to increase their engagement. One way to do this is to give points after a job well done, which they can later on exchange for a reward of their choosing. However, don’t make it so that only managers can assign points. Give the opportunity for employees to give points to their colleagues or managers. Use this reward system to show appreciation to your employees.

In regards to the rewards, one idea is to simply offer more vacation days or maybe tickets to a concert by their favourite artist. Another suggestion is a gift card to their favourite restaurant. Don’t forget to write them a handwritten thank you card to show that you truly appreciate their work and they have earned this reward.

3. Improve collaboration and teamwork

It might sound like a cliché, but teamwork and collaboration can be crucial to a company. These are the most important factors you need in order to come up with great ideas, to decrease wasted time and to increase employee engagement. Consider using a collaboration tool to encourage your employees to share with each other and to actively discuss ideas and ask questions.

4. Have clear objectives and responsibilities

One of the biggest setbacks for high employee engagement is the lack of understanding about what are the objectives and responsibilities of each individual employee. Thus, misunderstandings can be easily avoided and employee engagement can be increased! Because, after all, how can your employees feel engaged if they don’t understand what their responsibilities are or what they are trying to achieve?

Therefore, whenever you start a new project or a task, make sure that you give all involved all possible information and you answer any questions they might have. Even though this might lead to a longer discussion at the start of the project, this will likely save you a lot of troubles in the future.

5. Show flexibility

As a manager, you need to treat your employees as professionals and give them room to operate as they see fit. Don’t micromanage every little action they undertake, but instead show flexibility and trust. In this way, you will demonstrate that you believe in your employees, which will ultimately increase your employees’ engagement levels.

6. Create a positive office environment

Nobody wants employees who dread Monday, because it means they will have to go to the office again. Having stress at work is one thing, but hating your office environment is the ultimate way to decrease your engagement! Therefore, make sure that your office environment is positive and supportive and reflective of your brand. Small things, such as art pieces, decoration, office design, music, even an office pet can make your office more inviting and fun. Your employees should feel welcome in your office as if it is their second home.

In conclusion, use this Ultime Cheat Sheet on Employee Engagement wisely! Managing a lot of employees can be difficult, so make sure that you tick the points mentioned in our list on a daily basis.

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