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Employee engagement describes the levels of productivity of your employees. So, when your employees are engaged, they work harder and better for the company, thus bringing the desired results.

Every organization does its best to keep the level of engagement of its employees close to the desired level, if not to the desired level.

But, if a company is unwilling to put in any effort and expects employees to be engaged on their own, then it should be mindful that it can’t be achieved without working on the aspects such as employee recognition, employee rewards, job satisfaction, etc.

How do rewards motivate better employee engagement?

How do rewards motivate better employee engagement

One of the important concepts in employee engagement is employee motivation.

Naturally, without your employees motivated, it is unrealistic to expect higher engagement and subsequently better performance and results from them.

One important thing to remember is that motivation, just as engagement, does not come on its own. It requires some work to be done prior.

What drives your employees to work harder and better? What incites motivation in them? The answer is easy to guess: rewards and recognition.

When employees are rewarded for their share of contributions towards the success of the company, it keeps them going. It makes them continue the piece of work that earned them recognition.

What do we get wrong about employee rewards:

Rewards that employees receive after a worthwhile performance are as essential as the praise that employees receive after a good piece of work. But employee rewards are often highly misunderstood in one regard.

Almost everyone thinks (or has thought in the past) that rewards are limited to hard cash only and are only effective when they give a monetary value.

We can’t deny the fact that money is the primary motivation behind all our work and efforts. But this should not allow us to overlook the importance of other factors of employee motivation, which is especially true in the case of the newer generation of employees.

Non-monetary rewards can be as effective as their monetary counterparts, if not more.

Nevertheless, whatever the type of rewards you choose for your employees, recognizing and rewarding them motivates them. Consequently, their engagement and, subsequently, their productivity increases, leading a company to get the desired results.

Okay, we now understand that employee engagement is good, and it might be too much to absorb! So watch the following videos that are not only hilarious and easy on your mind but are also helpful in keeping employee engagement to sufficient levels.

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10 Hilarious Videos on Employee Engagement

There is no best way to learn about Employee engagement than the following humorous videos:

1. Teamwork & Engagement by Jon Petz

Funny motivational speaker and keynote speaker Jon Petz shares the amazing results of employee engagement and also of working together.

2. How to Get People to Work Harder – The Office US

No list of hilarious videos about employee engagement would be full without a video from The Office! 

Check out this clip where, as the boss, Andy comes up with a points system in order to get his team to work harder (including letting them pick out a tattoo for him!).

3. Office Space – Motivation Problems

Office Space is another movie gem filled with hilarious situations we have all witnessed way too often!

4. Every Meeting Ever

How do you keep your employees engaged when every meeting goes like this? The answer lies in the video itself!

5. Staff motivation

Do you want to keep your employees motivated? Then hire Terry Tate, the office linebacker!

Watch on YouTube

6. Horrible bosses

Who hasn’t seen the movie “Horrible bosses”? It is a hilarious example of how NOT to engage, motivate and retain your employees!

7. Employee retention

While this video contains humor, it also includes useful advice on reducing employee turnover. 

8. The Office UK – Motivation

The Office UK managed to make us all laugh at this ironic take on how to motivate and engage your employees!

9. Teamwork with a cause

This funny video is an excerpt from the motion picture “Here Comes The Boom”. If this video doesn’t inspire you to help your team in being more engaging, nothing will.

10. E is for Engagement – an Animated White Paper

Check out this fun, animated white paper to see how you should be engaging your employees in your business.

Last few words

Employee recognition and rewards are essential for your employee engagement.

But acknowledging and later rewarding employees can be trickier too. So, you can use a relevant platform/ tool for this purpose, such as BRAVO!, which makes it easier for you to reward and recognize the employees.

BRAVO! comes with such built-in functionality and helpful features that make performing employee recognition and, so, increasing the engagement of your employees easier.

You can get a practical demonstration of how BRAVO! can elevate your employees’ engagement levels by booking a free demo.

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