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Is Monday bringing you down? Then watch these 10 hilarious videos about employee engagement to lighten up your day:

1. Teamwork & Engagement by Jon Petz

Funny motivational speaker and keynote speaker Jon Petz shares the results of working together to create amazing results. 

2. How to Get People to Work Harder – The Office US

No list of hilarious videos about employee engagement would be full without a video from The Office! Check out this clip where, as the boss, Andy comes up with a points system in order to get the office to work harder, including letting them pick out a tattoo for him!

3. Office Space – Motivation Problems

Office Space is another movie gem filled with hilarious situations we have all witnessed way too often!

4. Every Meeting Ever

How do you keep your employees engaged when every meeting goes like this? 

5. Staff motivation

Do you want to keep your employees motivated? Then hire Terry Tate, the office linebacker!

6. Horrible bosses

Who hasn’t seen the movie “Horrible bosses”? It is a hilarious example of how not to engage, motivate and retain your employees!

7. Employee retention

This video combines humour with actual useful advice on how to reduce employee turnover. 

8. The Office UK – Motivation

The Office UK managed to make us all laugh at this ironic take on how to motivate and engage your employees!

9. Teamwork with a cause

This funny video is an excerpt from the motion picture “Here Comes The Boom”. If this video doesn’t inspire you to help your team; nothing will.

10. E is for Engagement – an Animated White Paper

Check out this fun, animated white paper to see how you should be engaging your employees in your business.

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