Why is Bravo the best Employee Recognition Platform

Bravo is such an employee recognition platform that makes recognizing employees easy and efficient. Using its platform, you can perform real-time employee recognition, which helps to make the recognition more effective.

Bravo also helps make your employees more productive by assisting them to become more focused. It does so by allowing them to publicize their tasks, which gives them the required motivation for their completion.

Last but not least, it empowers your employees in sharing their thoughts and opinions about different issues through its feature of Bravo voice.

We discuss the three main features of Bravo that make it the best employee recognition platform for a company. You can read them in the following:

What makes Bravo the best Employee Recognition Platform?

Bravo! Voice

Bravo! Voice Employee Recognition Platform

Bravo voice is an excellent utility from Bravo, which helps an organization connect with its employees better. It makes a company learn the views that its employees hold towards it.

Voice also enables the employees to share their concerns regarding any workplace affair with their company. Thus, the employees are empowered to raise their voices concerning organizational matters. Therefore the name ‘Bravo! Voice’.

This feature can be utilized with convenience by making use of customized surveys. So, a company can realize the prospect of the employees at an individual/personal level. For instance, you can create a survey for each employee with individual details to make your feedback effective.

Not only does this feature facilitate providing your employees a voice, but it also encourages them to do so. It incentives the employees who step forward in providing their feedback. Resultantly, a company can know the existing perceptions of its maximum number of employees.

This feature has the following  prominent uses:

Employee empowerment

The employee recognition platform of Bravo empowers the employees, thanks to its Bravo voice feature. As the employees become part of the various organizational issues, it gives them a feeling of value and worthiness.

Besides making the employees empowered, the further use of this feature is that it helps to give employees a feeling of belonging, which makes the employees more loyal and dedicated.

Develops a listening culture

A company with a listening culture ensures transparency. As a result, a sense of equality develops amongst the employees. Therefore, fostering a listening culture at the workplace is essential.

Nevertheless, most companies assume a listening culture as a one-way street, where essentially the employees listen. However, a listening culture in its true sense is mutual, where everyone involved is heard equally.

As an employee recognition platform, Bravo helps develop a listening culture through its voice feature, which brings manifold benefits for any company.

Bravo! Focus

Bravo! Focus

This feature of Bravo provides excellent help in increasing productivity and thus the employees’ performance levels. It helps improve the performance of employees by making them more focused on their jobs, hence the name.

A significant aspect of this feature is that employees can share their assignments with others, which drives motivation. And with the employees motivated, they are more likely to accomplish the tasks, including the challenging ones.

This feature has the following avail for the users:

Drives motivation

As discussed earlier, Bravo Focus allows your employees to share their work assignments with the rest of the workforce.

With the tasks publicly announced, many things come at stake, such as the employee reputation, competence, etc. As a result, the employees work beyond their limits, which helps accomplish the work and brings out the greater potential of the employees.

Job satisfaction

When the employees achieve their tasks before the entire workforce, they can prove their competency at a broad level. And this gives them greater job satisfaction, which, in turn, also helps the company in the form of employee retention.

Bravo! Peer Feedback

Bravo! Peer Feedback

The peer feedback is Bravo’s excellent feature, making it one of the best employee recognition platforms. And for clarity, peer feedback involves receiving feedback from the employees regardless of their work hierarchies.

This feature from Bravo, besides peer feedback, helps a company to incorporate a peer culture into its workplace culture.

It comes with the following uses for the users of Bravo:

Peer (equal) relations

Bravo helps its users promote equal relations between their workforce through its peer feedback feature. 

Peer relationship between the employees of a company helps bring talented individuals from the middle or organizational hierarchy. And this brings the desired results for an organization.

In addition, peer relations help make the employees empowered, which is one of the essentials for a loyal and dedicated workforce.

Transparent culture

Since Bravo Peer feedback empowers employees at lower or middle positions to provide input regarding their higher-ranked counterparts, it helps to ensure transparency.

With a transparent culture, no one within the workforce remains the ‘sacred cow,’ which eventually proves beneficial for a company.

Frequently asked questions

How do you get Bravo points?

Your employees earn Bravo points every time they are recognized for their good work. And based on the specific number of points, your employees can then be rewarded.

What kind of awards can be given to employees?

You can give different awards to your employees using Bravo that can differ from one organizational need to another. Moreover, using Bravo, you can provide customized rewards, which will make your recognition more efficient.

What is the best way to recognize employees?

The best way to recognize your employees includes public shoutouts, professional development opportunities, peer lunch/dinner, and similar. And Bravo makes all this possible for you through its employee recognition platform.

How do you show staff appreciation during covid?

You can show your staff appreciation during covid by providing them points using the employee recognition platform of Bravo. Later, using these points, you can reward employees for recognizing their worthwhile work.


The capability to perform real-time recognition, along with features such as voice, focus, and peer feedback, makes Bravo one of the best employee recognition platforms.

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