How Employee Recognition Platform Motivates Your Workplace_

It is one of the top agendas of a business to maximize the productivity and engagement of its workforce. However, it is only possible when the employees have sufficient motivation.

A workplace culture of employee motivation can make employees more productive, engaging, and dedicated.

Motivation comes from appreciation, and thus appreciating the employees instills motivation in them.

In a survey, 87% of the employees said to have more involvement in their company if there is recognition of their efforts. However, 23% of the same employees claim that their company does not perform employee recognition more often.

The impact of employee recognition on the performance of your workforce is very favorable. A study also confirms the same: only a symbolic employee recognition yields much better results from the employees.

The study also confirms the importance of employee recognition for employee motivation and vice versa. It, therefore, reveals that the employees who receive recognition in any form feel more value in their respective organizations.

The symbolic recognition can include the thank you cards. It may also include acts of public appreciation such as recognition made using a public platform.

Today, the new generation is increasingly becoming part of the organizations. And so, it necessitates using an employee recognition platform because it helps to perform employee recognition better.

This article discusses how using an employee recognition platform can motivate a workforce.

Why perform employee recognition?

Why is reward such a vital part of today's incentive

Do you know the primary reason for the employees quitting a company? It is the lack of employee recognition.

The foremost thing that makes employees leave/quit is no or less recognition. Relevantly, and unsurprisingly, organizations that perform employee appreciation have 31% lesser turnover.

Employee recognition also reduces frustration levels. A global survey reveals that an organization with an appreciation culture experiences 28% lower frustration.

Another reason why employee recognition is essential is that the employees explicitly state to receive it. And so, 52% of employees state that they want to receive recognition from their managers. Also, every 4 out of 10 employees affirm the need for recognition, however, from the coworkers.

Without employee recognition, retaining your best employees becomes difficult. And the same is true when it comes to attracting skilled employees for your company.

Recognition remains the top driver for candidates seeking a job. Thus, a company with a recognition culture can attract better employees to work for itself.

While all this proves the essence of employee recognition, it also takes us to use an employee recognition platform.

Why require an employee recognition platform?

Modern Employee Rewards are Easily Deliverable

Our earlier discussion makes it clear that a mere verbal appreciation can make the employees happy. Nevertheless, in the organization’s today, the workforce is rapidly consisting of the younger generation, the Gen Z and Millennials.

According to the stats, 75% of the global workforce, by the year 2025, will consist of millennials. And millennial employees are more likely to switch jobs than any other generation.

Unsurprisingly, the newer generation of employees expects more than a good salary from the employees. There are extraordinary expectations of this generation from the employers; recognition is top on the list.

It is sensible to go a step ahead in employee recognition, which takes us to an employee recognition platform. And such platforms come with all the features that help you perform better and innovative recognition.

Pertinently, BRAVO! was essentially made to meet the needs of the newer generation of employees. And since new generations of employees need constant appreciation for their work.

Its work model suits the workplace-psych of millennial employees. You can also motivate your employees by using its tailor-made features.

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How does an employee recognition platform motivate a workplace?

Modern Employee Rewards are Transparent

The answer to how an employee recognition platform motivates a workplace is that it makes use of human psychology.

It is a natural human behavior to reiterate the behavior for which they receive a reward. And the reward and punishment concept from the study of the human mind and behavior, Psychology, asserts the same.

Employee recognition platform(s) built on the positive reinforcement theory from psychology. According to this, humans are likely to repeat the behavior with pleasant and desirable results.

Platforms for employee recognition feature in rewarding the employees. Using such platforms, one can reward the employees as an appreciation for their work.

Rewarding the employees using a platform is not based on monetary values only. Instead, to reward the employees, it makes use of non-monetary approaches as well. Using BRAVO, for instance, you can appreciate your employees by performing an on-spot and peer-to-peer recognition.

It is how an employee recognition platform instills motivation in your workforce: by using inexpensive and unconventional rewards systems.


We can conclude one thing: employee recognition and motivation is inevitable for organizational success.

Employee motivation makes the employees productive and loyal. And it is why organizations are looking for ways to make employee motivation a part of their workplace culture.

Employee recognition and employee motivation depend on each other. Thus, a change, for better or worse, in one, affects the other.

A large number of young employees are becoming part of the organizations. And this new generation of employees actively seeks recognition, which makes recognition platforms necessary to use.

Employee recognition platform(s) works on the human behavior of reward and punishment. While it is not concerned with the punishment part, it maximizes the reward system for motivating the employees.

These platforms thrive at the same.

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