BRAVO - Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is a vital element for the good of any organization. It motivates and engages the employees that give a boost to their confidence and productivity. That is why employee recognition software is of great importance.

Employee recognition software helps to promote the company culture by rewarding employees for excellent customer service, content production, and sales results.

These behavior-based systems enable administrators or management to establish award standards or qualifications and track employee development to decide the winners.

Some methods include peer recognition and reward mechanisms. Employee recognition software is distinct from but compatible with employee engagement software.

However, if you are responsible for the employee recognition budget, you are just at the right place. 

Here are the top 12 software for this purpose.


BRAVO - Employee Recognition

BRAVO is a complete reward, recognition, awareness, commitment, surveys, and rating platform for customers. This tool can play a part in building a productive workplace environment that engages, appreciates, and conserves the workers.

Moreover, With BRAVO, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1- Engaging Experience

The highly dynamic interface of BRAVO allows team members to engage readily and at the same time feel valued for their efforts.

2- Monthly Allowance

Each employee receives a certain allowance every month in acknowledgment of their efforts to give modest rewards to their team members.

3-Referral Bonuses

Employees not only have the right to receive their due praise but also earn additional points as bonuses when inviting their team colleagues to the site.


Fond - Employee Recognition

Fond is a global SaaS platform that makes employee incentives and recognition easy to utilize.

 Employees and managers may use Fond to recognize one another, receive awards, gain access to exclusive corporate discounts, and track achievement, allowing HR teams to focus less on program management and more on driving results. The Fond’s headquarters are located in San Francisco.

3- Bonusly

Bonusly - Employee Recognition

Bonusly is an easy and engaging method to engage all your employees and enhance retention and productivity at all business levels.

Bonusly is the highest-ranked, most revised solution on the market for employee recognition and awards.

It was founded in 2012 and backed with a $9 million Series A round midway through 2020.

Moreover, Peer-to-peer recognition tied to your corporate principles, chat tool integrations that make participation simple, and an international reward catalog with a gift card, payout, and donation are just a few of the features Bonusly provides. 

4- Motivosity

Motivosity - Employee Recognition

Motivosity is a startup that aims to make people at work happier. Motivosity is a cutting-edge program for employee engagement and recognition. With a user engagement rate of 76 percent, this platform achieves incredible results by making all of your team members’ hard work visible.

 The top three drivers of employee motivation and engagement include being recognized and appreciated for what you do, feeling linked to your manager, and having a strong sense of community in the workplace.

Moreover, this technology allows peers and managers to recognize the other, connects all employees, facilitates constant communication between managers and employees, and gives actionable insights to firm leadership.

5-   Blueboard

Blueboard - Employee Recognition

Blueboard is the most comprehensive all-in-one experience and recognition tool for companies that acknowledge employees on a scale. 

Blueboard makes it simple to offer employees unique and personalized in-home or out-of-the-world experiences. It gives its employees anniversary prizes, referrals, spot recognition, sales incentives, the President’s Club, and more.

Furthermore, Blueboard’s employee rewards program is combined with a Blueboard Concierge that personally manages all logistics and minutiae so that they may fully enjoy their stay.

6- Xoxoday Emplus

Empuls- Employee Recognition

We are aware that HR has a lot to deal with. Managing all of their tasks while also encouraging employee engagement is a difficult job. Fortunately, Xoxoday Empuls’ complete employee engagement solution, which creates a positive workplace culture, assists organizations in rising to the challenge.

Moreover, employee intranet and communication, social rewards and recognition programs, employee lifecycle surveys, and employee health are all available through Empuls.

Additionally, this platform aids businesses in reducing employee absenteeism and attrition, as well as increasing productivity, manager effectiveness, and team motivation.

7- Kazoo

Kazoo - Employee Recognition

Regardless of where your employees work or what device they use, the Kazoo Employee Experience Platform delivers everything you need to establish a high-performing, connected culture together in one place. 

With it your employees become more engaged, your managers become better leaders.

Moreover, your productivity and business performance rise when you combine Goals & OKRs, Recognition, Feedback, Conversations, and Incentives into a single, easy-to-use platform. 

More so, Kazoo Is a platform where priority is set, achievements are recognized and everyone gets their say.


Halo - Employee Recognition

HALO is the world’s leading provider of recognition and reward programs, as well as branded retail and uniform programs.

 They work with their clients to assist them in linking their employees and consumers to their company’s culture and break down barriers to improve engagement, satisfaction, and brand association.

Additionally, they also offer the most comprehensive range of capabilities in the business, from technology solutions and creative services to global sourcing and logistics, with over 1800 workers in 42 global offices.

 Over 100 Fortune 500 organizations are among their clients, as are hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses looking to make a difference with their people, culture, and brands.

9- Snappy

Snappy - Employee Recognition

With Snappy, a virtual gift-giving platform that allows recipients to choose from a large inventory of incentives, you can give your staff the employee rewards they desire. 

More so, Peer-to-peer gifting, bulk gift sends, virtual presents, and much more are all possible with the platform.

Additionally, It provides businesses with their own customizable rewards system, ensuring that employees receive products they enjoy.

10- Buckelist

Bucketlist - Employee Recognition

Employees and management may easily recognize and thank one another for milestones and achievements using this platform. 

Bucketlist allows businesses to pay employees in whatever way they choose, unlike any other employee recognition program, resulting in a 97 percent product satisfaction rating.

Furthermore, employees and supervisors may quickly identify and reward their coworkers for living up to key values or delivering exceptional results with Bucketlist.

11- Terryberry

Terryberry - Employee Recognition

Terryberry’s employee appreciation programs assist firms in instilling a sense of purpose and possibility in their employees.

 Terryberry’s 360 Recognition Platform serves as a single point of contact for all of your company’s employee recognition needs. 

Additionally, Terryberry works with companies of different sizes all around the world.

12- Tellinga

Tellinga - Employee Recognition

Tellinga creates greeting cards based on stories, each one as unique as your staff. 

If you’re seeking meaningful gifts that your employees will treasure, this platform is ideal. Your tale and images will be transformed into graphical masterpieces by Tellinga.


To manage employee recognition budgets, organizations need such employee recognition software that can prioritize employee recognition and rewards.

We feature 12 of such software here. Each of those offers employee recognition in its own way, but if you ask us, the best of the lot is Bravo. 

Bravo was designed for this purpose and it is ideal for employee recognition and rewards.

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