Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is the acknowledgment of an employee’s work productivity and engagement for the company.

Employee recognition is important for companies to maintain the dedication and hard work of the employees. 

Given that, employee recognition has understandably become a part of the organizational culture. And, therefore, many companies also actively look for trending employee recognition trends. 

Below are the up-and-coming trends in employee recognition. You may select the one that suits your organization as your employee recognition program.

1. Sponsoring their Work

Sponsoring Work

One of the promising trends about employee recognition is to give employees a byline on one of their finest works.

It can mean the world to them.

Moreover, if the work provides more understanding of the respective industry, it is sponsored on various platforms. To sponsor the employee’s work on Forbes or Linkedin is one such pertaining example.

2. Providing Services of a Financial Advisor

Financial Advisory

Getting help with financial planning is not easy. Neither is getting the services of a financial advisor.

In essence, financial planning services can be costly. And it goes beyond the affordability of people.

Given this, many companies have started to offer services to their employees relating to financial planning. And so it is one of the up-and-coming trends in regards to employee recognition.

3. Skill-Sharing between Employees

Employee Recognition

Companies, as part of their employee recognition program, are starting to promote skill-sharing between the employees.

In this regard, employees share the skills of their respective domains with each other.

4. Sponsored Remote Working

Employee Recognition

Organizations today have their doubts removed about this one thing: remote work.

Continuous working from the office can become exhaustive. Working from home can bring the same boredom. However, companies are now starting to sponsor the remote working of their dedicated employees for a day or two. 

The sponsored remote work could be from the employee’s favorite restaurant or a cafe. It can also be one of the places that provide wifi and lounge areas. 

5. Work From the Other Office

Employee Recognition

Have your hardworking employees work from one of the other offices. It is becoming popular as an employee recognition trend.

It helps to make the workplace relationship stronger between two offices. 

Moreover, it can also help in making the other branch/office more productive and engaging.

6. Supporting Mental and Emotional Health

Employee Recognition

Sometimes, the efforts put in by the employees come at the cost of a lot of stress.

Because of this, companies have started to keep a check on the mental well-being of their employees. It is to acknowledge the employees’ hard work.

In this regard, employees receive company-sponsored mental and emotional therapies and checkups.

7. Tickets to a Game or Concert

Movie Tickets

It is one of the most talked-about trends of employee recognition.

To purchase tickets for your employees to the game of their favorite sports is perfect. 

To purchase tickets to the concert of their favorite artist is even better.

8. Offering Gym Subscriptions


Many companies are starting to offer company-sponsored gym subscriptions, as part of employee recognition. To care about the overall well-being of the employees.

Moreover, in one of the Ted talks, Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki revealed fascinating benefits to the brain after exercise.

Therefore improving the overall health and fitness of the employees also makes them smarter and a more valuable asset.

9. Making Feel Special

Making Feel Special

Hardworking employees are hard to find. So making such productive and engaging employees feel special is necessary.

A company cannot do so every day. Well, someday it can.

Many organizations are starting to incorporate this trend as their employee recognition program.

A company can make valuable employees feel special by making them skip the queues. 

Reserving a parking space with their name can also mean the world to them.

10. Offering Yoga Classes


It is yet another trending employee recognition program: offering yoga classes.

Yoga can refresh the body and the mind. Especially after a long and tiring day at the office.

Not only that it makes employees healthier, but it can also help them to work better the next day.

11. Offering Recognition beyond Hierarchies


The last, however not the least, trending employee recognition program is to provide recognition beyond the organizational hierarchies.

In general, it is the managers or supervisors who provide recognition to the work of the people working under them.

However now this workplace dynamic seems to be changing.

Bravo, an employee recognition platform, has changed this workplace culture by introducing peer-to-peer recognition. 

This trend entails that employees at all levels can appreciate and recognize the work of others. 

That is: not only managers, but people working on the lower hierarchies can also credit those working at the higher hierarchies.

It also entails crediting the work of the CEO. And thus it seems to be changing the workplace dynamics for good.

The Bottom Line

Employee recognition is of utmost importance for any organization. 

It helps to maintain the level of dedication of the employees towards the company.

It is for that reason that it has increasingly become a part of the organizational culture. And why many companies look for its latest and coming trends.

A company may adopt one of the trends that suit it better.

Meta: Employee recognition is important for employee productivity and engagement, so companies actively look for trending employee recognition trends. 

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