The All-in-One Employee Recognition Platform

An employee recognition platform, in its simplest form, lets you appreciate your employees for their share of contributions to the success of the company. All the related software primarily serves the same purpose, which is to acknowledge an employee and reward them later.

The software that this article discusses is Bravo, which, of course, is an employee reward and recognition platform. It is a comprehensive tool that enables you to have easy and effortless employee appreciation. Not only that, but you can also leverage it as an employee engagement software as it helps and deals with the engagement and productivity of your employees as well.

What features of Bravo make it an all-in-one software and make it stand out from a related software? This employee recognition system lets your employees become empowered, inclusive in the organizational matters, and, last but not least, empowered.

To make your recognition more effective, it makes use of its features: Bravo Voice, Bravo Peer Feedback, and Bravo Focus. These features help a company bring ideal results for any company. Moreover, Bravo, as an employee recognition platform, makes it possible to acknowledge employees non-monetarily.

Nevertheless, the level to which the performance of employees is improved is no less than through the monetary means, if not better. Lastly, the non-monetary help of Bravo also drives motivation in your employees.

The features and the functioning of Bravo are detailed as under:

Features of employee recognition platform Bravo

Bravo Voice!

Bravo! Voice

A great feature, Bravo voice, enables you to connect with the employees better. It creates a personalized level connection between an organization and its workforce, which helps learn the unexpressed thoughts and perceptions of employees towards the organization.

Not only does this feature help a company establish better connections with its employees, but it also empowers the employees to become part of all the present and current developments within the organization. Thus, it lets your employees have a voice in regard to organizational matters, and therefore the name ‘Bravo voice.’

A prominent aspect of this feature is that it lets you create customized surveys, which makes it possible for you to connect with each employee individually. This furthers the effectiveness of the relationship between both employees and the employer.

As organizational decisions have different impacts across the organization, a customized survey provides a great help in learning where every employee stands after it. Consequently, it becomes easier to compensate an employee or alter the decision in case of an overall adverse impact.

As an employee recognition platform, Bravo encourages the maximum number of employees to make use of its feature Bravo voice by rewarding them in the form of Bravo points. So, it makes more and more employees actually share their perceptions using this feature. However, the reason for incentivizing the employees every time they raise their voices is to benefit the company in the long run.

The significant benefits of this feature are explained as under:

Empowered employees

One of the benefits of this feature is that it helps develop an empowered workforce. A workplace where there is employee empowerment makes the employees own the failure in addition to owning the success. Also, empowered employees are more likely to stay engaged and dedicated to the company.

Thus, Bravo, as an employee recognition platform, through this feature, in addition to empowering the employees, develops a rather dedicated workforce.

Helps incorporate a listening culture

Opposed to the common notion that a listening culture entitles employees to listen, a listening culture in its true sense enables the employees to be listened to as well. Therefore, while it necessitates the employees (at lower/middle levels) to get accustomed to listening, it also necessitates those at the higher positions to listen to the other employees, too, irrespective of their work hierarchies.

In a nutshell, your listening culture should be based on the employees listening and being listened to regarding differing matters without the organizational hierarchies being a concern.

It is one of the success factors for a company to develop a culture where everyone is heard equally, and their thoughts are equally weighted as to their higher-ranked peers. And it leads to a more productive overall workforce.

Such a culture in place also helps give an impression that for the company, each of its employees is equal, which is beneficial for employee turnover and retention. Thus, it brings manifold advantages for the users of this employee recognition platform.

Bravo Focus!

Focus - Employee Recognition Platform

Bravo Focus provides a great value concerning employee productivity. It makes the employees elevate their performance levels by making them focus on their project(s). By being focused on a task, an employee is better able to complete it, which improves their productivity.

But how does this feature really add to the productivity of your employees?

Bravo Focus allows an employee to share what they’re trying to achieve with the entire workforce, which drives motivation in accomplishing the shared task.

Understandably, the lack of accomplishment of the very task may lead to the competency of the employee being questioned. Consequently, the employee becomes determined and moves past their limit, which results in the accomplishment of the task, all of which leads to improved productivity and, so, the performance of employees.

This feature benefits a company in the following ways:

Gives employees confidence

When your employees learn to achieve the rather difficult tasks through determination, it gives them confidence in their capabilities and skills. It, as a result, raises their standard of work, which proves to be helpful for the employee and their company both.

Working under stress

Since a lot goes at stake by declaring publicly what an employee is trying to achieve, this puts stress on them to achieve what they shared with everyone.

Working under pressure makes your employees learn how to perform better under pressure. All this helps the company develop a workforce that is not only talented but skilled to work under constraints. Additionally, it helps the employees professionally to a significant extent.

Job satisfaction

Completing a project timely with all the right essences gives great pleasure but having an assignment done that you let others know about gives immense happiness. Naturally, it leads to greater job satisfaction as well, which goes a long way in the employee retention and turnover of a company.

Bravo! Peer Feedback!

Peer Feedback

The Bravo peer feedback from the employee recognition platform of Bravo is a handy feature. As the name suggests, it allows employees to share feedback with each other, which suggests that organizational hierarchies are not a concern in this regard.

The feature of this employee recognition software helps develop a culture of peer feedback by empowering everyone to share their opinion regarding the performance of others.

The Bravo Peer Feedback brings benefits to an organization in the following ways:

Peer/equal workplace relations

With every employee empowered to provide feedback to the other employee, it develops equal relationships in the workplace. Of course, the organizational hierarchies are for a reason in place. However, the peer feedback feature does not affect such hierarchies. It only helps an organization to provide a sense of equality across all its employees by enabling equal and fair evaluations.

This feature of employee engagement software also leads to improved performance of the employees. With everyone rated fairly for the work they do, it makes the employees in all positions perform well. Moreover, as the subordinates provide feedback about their supervisors/ managers, it allows the company to clearly perceive the performance of the higher-ranked employees as well.

It also helps avoid developing such a culture where an employee ranked senior gets away with their lack of performance and delivery by placing the onus on their second in command.

With across the board better employee engagement, this employee engagement software empowers a company to thrive.

Improves team performance

The performance levels of your team are bound to improve with the Bravo feedback feature. Since every team member can provide feedback about the other team member(s), it brings into light the contributions of everyone. With this knowledge, each member performs, which results in improved overall team performance.

Makes employees feel valued

The employee recognition platform of Bravo makes your employees feel valued and worthwhile, which goes a long way in making them give their best for the company. Additionally, when a company makes its workforce feel worthy, it is more likely to become productive. On the other hand, a workforce that is underappreciated and is not often valued may not be sufficiently productive.

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How does Bravo work as an Employee Recognition Platform?


As an employee recognition software, Bravo’s functionality begins with recognizing the employees for their performance and achievement. To perform employee recognition, Bravo lets you share the notable results of an employee with the entire workforce.

The primary reason why Bravo enables publicly sharing the results is that it helps make your recognition efficient and, thus, productive. Moreover, a public appreciation is more likely to keep employees working hard since it proves the competency and capability of an employee in the eyes of their peers. Thus, it keeps your workforce on the right track.

Lastly and importantly, Bravo comes with the facility to perform employee recognition using any of the apps that are integrated with its platform.


Do Rewards Help In Enhancing Employee Recognition Platform

The next step in the functioning of this employee engagement software is rewarding the employees that have been recognized in the first step. Thus, while the first step is for employee recognition, this one’s for the employee rewards.

Rewarding the employees goes a long way in keeping employees engaged. Furthermore, rewards play an unprecedented role in making the employees of today work with passion and motivation.

This employee recognition software understands the importance of employee rewards. Thus, it offers an array of rewards using which you can effectively acknowledge and reward your employees. Also, the catalog of rewards that Bravo offers is diverse in its nature. So, you can make use of it to reward your overseas employees as well as the ones that come from different cultural backgrounds.

This facility to provide a distinct list of rewards from Bravo is the ‘International reward’ feature, and it can be leveraged by users in over 25 countries, including Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, Poland, Mexico, Ireland, and others. It indeed makes Bravo an all-in-one employee recognition platform.


The presence of a large workforce is of no avail if it has no motivation to work. Let alone making your employees work to their full potential, a lack of motivation makes employees work half-heartedly and, thus, with the least interest. Also, employees working with little or no passion may also procrastinate their work.

By means of recognizing and rewarding employees in the first two phases of its work, Bravo provides help in driving motivation in employees.

The establishment of organizational psychology has made organizations understand the importance of rewards and motivation in achieving goals and, subsequently, success.

The role of ‘positive reinforcement theory’ is relevant in regard to making employees repeat their actions and behaviors. This theory states that an action is more likely to be repeated if it is rewarded. A simple example of this is rewarding a child for good behavior, which will make the desired action repeated to earn the reward.

Thanks to the theory of positive reinforcement, companies today are starting to understand that rewarding and recognizing employees is worth the effort.

Since performing employee recognition and providing them with rewards not only makes them stay on the course of action but also helps in the employee motivation, this step from the functionality of Bravo can bring ideal results for any company.

Non-monetary motivation

As an employee recognition platform, Bravo lets you incite motivation in your employees without any monetary expense. Therefore, in order to drive motivation in the employees, it enables recognizing the employees by sharing their notable work publicly on its platform.

Bravo lets you acknowledge the persistence and dedication publicly, making all the previously put-in efforts of an employee worth it. Not only this, but with this, employees are made to continue working hard for their company.

With such a recognition that does not involve any financial expense, a company can perform it more often, which leads to an ideal situation for any company. Understandably, an appreciation that does not incur any expense proves to be productive even with a low success percentage.

The non-monetary motivation is an excellent utility of this employee engagement software as it comes with literally no expense and yet the help that it provides in making employees motivated is second to none.

Lastly, the fact that the non-monetary motivation does not involve a financial reward should not undervalue its effectiveness. While it does not include the lucrative financial perks, it, however, helps prove how competent an employee is. And this, in return, helps bring out the best in an employee.

Monetary motivation

While the help of employees with respect to non-financial employee motivation is excellent, its role in making the employees more engaging and loyal using the financial resources is also second to none.

The financial resources using which this employee engagement software enables you to have a motivated workforce include cash-based rewards, company-sponsored vacays, personalized gifts, recognition lunch/dinner with the manager, and more.

Using the platform of Bravo, your employees earn rewards against the points, the Bravo points precisely, that they earn as recognition. These points, nevertheless, are different for each reward and each performance. Meaning that one employee achievement may have more importance than the other, and thus it will carry more points than the one that is relevantly less important.

Since the significance of work determines its Bravo points, the performance of an employee largely affects their Bravo points. Moreover, one reward may have different points than the other. For example, a peer lunch reward may have different Bravo points than a reward that entitles an employee to a company-sponsored vacation.


Motivation will bring the desired results

After a company has leveraged all its resources to make its rewards and recognition constructive, the employee recognition platform of Bravo makes a company get the results in this step. Furthermore, the results that you reap in this step are equally ideal through both means, that is, financial and non-financial.

Since constructive employee acknowledgment plays an extremely important role in keeping the employees going on the desired course of action, the results that a company secures through the last step of this employee recognition platform are close to ideal, if not ideal.

In conclusion, the functioning of the employee recognition platform of Bravo begins with recognizing the employees while concluding with providing a company with the results. But, importantly, this cycle keeps going until you keep using Bravo as an employee recognition platform!

Last few words

Bravo is a great option for appreciating your employees effectively and making them continue their hard work towards their organization. While it comes with such features that indeed make it a universal employee recognition platform, its help in regards to making employees more involved in the organization as well as making them more motivated and empowered also deserves an equal mention.

You can look into Bravo, its functionality, and features with more insights by booking a demo.

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