Bravo Rewards And Recognition_ Everything You Need To Know!

Bravo rewards and recognition provide help in employee recognition. Its use for any organization can be advantageous since recognizing and rewarding the employees has become quite a necessity.

When employees are acknowledged and honored for their good and hard work, which leads to achievement, it keeps them performing with the same passion in the future as well. While a lack of appreciation not only proves to be demotivating for the employee but may also prove detrimental to the very company.

This article is the ultimate guide about Bravo rewards and Bravo recognition, and it tells you everything you need to know in this regard.

What are Bravo rewards?

What are Bravo rewards

As the name suggests, rewards that are given to the employees using the platform of Bravo are the Bravo rewards. Furthermore, such rewards are given to perform employee appreciation and are part of the Bravo rewards and recognition.

One of the features that make such rewards more efficient and helpful is that you can only provide them to the employees who are prior recognized for their good work. Precisely that, following the Bravo recognition, the Bravo rewards are given, which makes it easier to perform recognition and provide rewards since a line is drawn between the deserving and undeserving employees.

Besides making employee recognition valuable and easier, Bravo comes with a vast amount of rewards, which further improves employee acknowledgment. This makes the rewards more exciting because the employees look forward to receiving new rewards each time.

When an excitement factor becomes added to employee rewarding, it becomes more effective. On the other hand, when a company has limited rewards to offer to its employees, it tends to take away the thrill as, after a period of time, the employees become familiar with the complete list of reward catalogs that the company has to offer.

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What is Bravo Recognition?

BRAVO! Recognition

With the Bravo recognition, a company can acknowledge and celebrate the continuous efforts and the subsequent contributions of its employees. Additionally, employee recognition using Bravo can be public as well. And this makes the employee appreciation more fruitful as the employees are credited at a vastly public level.

You can simply understand Bravo recognition as just another recognition to appreciate an employee for their good work, but with the features that come with Bravo, which is an employee reward and recognition platform. Therefore, when a company celebrates the achievement of an employee using Bravo, we like to call such recognition ‘Bravo recognition.’

Since with Bravo, employees can be acknowledged before the entire organization, and their achievements can be shared with the rest of the workforce, it helps make the appreciation rather effective.

When a worthwhile performance is shared with others, it helps elevate the esteem of every employee in front of their colleagues. It makes the employees do better and receive further appreciation publicly so that their competency can be shared with others as well. As a result, the employee works to keep proving its worth to others, which of course, benefits the company.

An organization recognizing its employees using Bravo is able to maximize the presence of its workforce. Consequently, it enables it to achieve its both long and short-term goals. Thus, recognizing employees using Bravo is helpful since it enables a workforce to work to their full potential, which ultimately brings the desired results for any company.

Lastly, performing employee recognition is not limited to the platform of Bravo only. You can leverage any bravo-integrated platform to perform employee recognition. Thus, such is the help that Bravo recognition provides to its users.

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Why are Bravo rewards and recognition important?

Bravo rewards and recognition important

Rewards and recognition play an important role in making the employees work to their potential for the company. Your employee is likely to keep working hard if the efforts for their first achievement are made worthwhile with a timely due credit. Importantly, it makes an employee consistently put-in efforts towards achieving the goals of the company.

Bravo rewards and recognition play an important role in employee motivation. Since it allows you to appreciate the employees in front of others, it gives a realization of the capabilities of an employee to others. Thus, with the worth of an employee being shared at a public level within the organization, the appreciated employee strives to keep earning such recognition in front of their peers.

Another reason that makes Bravo rewards and recognition helpful is that they can be used in a monetary or a non-monetary way. Thus, you can either incite motivation in your employees using monetary rewards or non-monetary rewards.

Developing a dedicated force using economic benefits is standard, but leveraging such ways that it does not incur a company any expense is unusual. However, the Bravo rewards and recognition is one such exception that not only allows you to reward and recognize using the financial resources but the non-financial ones as well.

Workflow of Bravo rewards and recognition



The working of Bravo rewards and recognition starts with recognizing the performance and hard work of the worthwhile employees. A significant aspect of this step is that every time your employee is recognized, they earn the bravo points.

In addition to this, the performance of the employees can also be shared publicly within the company, making the employee appreciation effective and employees determined.

The reason why acknowledging the employees for their efforts is important is because being appreciated in front of the entire workforce for a task makes an employee work equally hard for the following projects. This keeps the employee on the course of action, which brings manifold benefits to the organization.

Last but not least, with Bravo rewards and recognition, you can perform employee recognition using third-party platforms as well. However, you would first require to integrate the very platform with that of Bravo.


In this step of Bravo rewards and recognition, the employees who have been recognized in the earlier step are given rewards against the bravo points that they have earned. Thus, this is the step where an employee is able to redeem their points.

Each bravo reward has a defined number of points against it. In simple words, to earn (or receive) a specific reward, a specific number of bravo points are required. So, one reward may have different points specified against it than the other.

While Bravo comes with a number of different rewards that enable you to effectively acknowledge the employees, it also comes with an ‘international rewards’ feature. Using this feature, it becomes easier for a company to reward and recognize the employees that are working overseas for it. Besides, it also empowers a company to appreciate its culturally diverse employees.

With a company being able to give due credit to the hard work of its employees equally and recognizing some employees as per their cultural backgrounds, it develops a robust workforce. And such a workforce does wonders for its organization.

The international rewards feature is available for the users of Bravo in more than 25 countries. These countries are from both the developed and the developing world. These include but are not limited to India, the UK, Spain, the US, Bulgaria, UAE, etc. Moreover, users from a member country can also make use of the local currency for rewarding the employees.

This step from the working of Bravo rewards and recognition is indeed helpful.


The next and the third step in the workflow or Bravo rewards and recognition is making the employees motivated.

The work in the field of Psychology has led to some fascinating discoveries. Research from this field of science has provided substantial help to the business world. The sub-branch of this field, Organizational psychology, has especially been quite helpful in improving the workplace productivity and performance of an organization’s employees.

Another important contribution of this field of science is that it has enabled the organizations to learn the utmost necessity and importance of rewarding the employees. Employers are now starting to understand that employee motivation and their desired actions/ behaviors are connected with rewards and recognition.

Rewarding and rewarding the employees is the foundation for achieving organizational success. So, the Bravo rewards and recognition allow a company to reward its employees immediately after their good work, which increases the likelihood of the rewarded behavior being repeated in the future.

This step lets employees earn the Bravo points for their worthwhile performance or for achieving a task. Also, motivation is driven by employees when their contribution gets its due praise in time. Thus, again, this makes them repeat the very action that led them to earn recognition.

With the employees not getting praise for their efforts and hard work, they are unlikely to work with motivation. Simply put, a desired action or behavior is not repeated unless not motivated for doing so, which this step helps achieve. However, importantly, the very first achievement from an employee also does not come easy, which takes us to the first step of this workflow, the employee recognition.

While the first step helps an employee in their first achievement, this step paves the way for future performances and, thus, contributions from an employee toward the company. Lastly, this step enables you to motivate your employees in their every task through monetary and non-monetary motivation.

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This is the last step contained in the workflow of Bravo rewards and recognition. At this stage, all the efforts that a company has been making through Bravo rewards and employee recognition produce results.

With the employees inspired to keep up their good work by means of recognition and rewards respectively, the results are finally achieved in the form of maximum employee engagement, productivity, performance, etc.

In order to complete the work cycle, the results, which can be anything that takes a company near to achieving its goals, are to be shared with the entire organization. Doing so takes us to the very first stage, that is, recognition. From there on, the workflow is followed again, thus completing and repeating the work cycle.

Examples of Bravo rewards and recognition

As the working of Bravo rewards and recognition has been explained earlier, we now look at some of the real-life examples of bravo rewards following the bravo recognition.

Monthly Stipends


One of the bravo rewards that make employee recognition meaningful and effective is the monthly stipends that are given to dedicated and hardworking employees. Using this feature, you can acknowledge the contribution of your worthy employee.

By providing a fixed amount of money in addition to the salary, an employee can be helped financially and can also be made relatively financially secure. It may also help an employee to overcome any of their financial constraints.

As a result, the company earns not only the respect but also the loyalty of its employees; respect because of the empathy shown by the employer and loyalty since the employees are being helped. So, a dedicated employee is also made to become a loyal one. And it goes without saying the wonders a loyal employee can do for their company.

We can, thus, conclude that not only Bravo rewards and recognition are helpful for performing constructive employee recognition, but it also empowers a company to develop a dedicated workforce.

Employee referral bonuses

In addition to performing employee recognition using Bravo recognition, a company can also make use of Bravo rewards when an employee refers someone to the company. Essentially, every time an employee helps hire a suitable candidate for an available position, they earn a bonus, precisely the employee referral bonus.

Providing the employees with referral bonuses comes with multiple benefits for a company. One of the advantages that a company has in this regard is that with such a program in place, it can have a large list of candidates to fill a position.

When an existing employee refers to the prospective employee, the latter gets to know the company culture by the former. In this way, your potential new hire will always have a picture of what it is like to work at your organization, which comes in handy in their onboarding process, especially for the remote employee onboarding.

Another advantage that an employee referral program can bring is the feeling of empowerment and inclusiveness it gives to the employees. Since the employees help fill a job role, it includes them in the organizational affairs of the company, thus making them feel more belong and included. Besides, it gives a sense of empowerment when referring someone to work in the company.

Inclusiveness and empowerment go a long way in keeping the employees retained and making them give their best for the company. So, with Bravo rewards and recognition, not only can you get referred and recruit skilled candidates, but your existing employees can also be made more dedicated to the company.

Bravo rewards for special events

special rewards

The use of bravo rewards and recognition has a great help when it comes to appreciating the hardworking employees and those who help recruit worthy candidates for a job role. However, you can also leverage Bravo for celebrating the special events of your employees.

The special events that bravo rewards help you celebrate can be both private and professional. The events that may be special to an employee personally can include the employee’s birthdays, marriage anniversaries, etc. The professional event that can be special to an employee can be a work anniversary.

Besides celebrating the special days of employees on both professional and private fronts, employees can also be rewarded on the special public events such as Christmas, New Year, etc.

An important feature that makes employee recognition using the Bravo recognition and employee rewards using the bravo rewards special is that it is automated. Thus, using Bravo, a company is not required to remember all such events to reward and recognize employees as Bravo rewards and recognition takes care of itself automatically.

With Bravo, not only can you successfully reward and acknowledge your employees, but you can also be carefree when it comes to performing recognition on the right date and time.


Bravo is a multifeatured employee recognition platform. Bravo rewards and recognition is a great utility from Bravo to perform employee acknowledgment and subsequently reward employees for their notable contributions and achievement.

While it provides a great value when it comes to making employees more productive and, thus, perform better, it also helps develop a rather dedicated and loyal workforce. It does so by allowing a company credit for its hardworking, culturally diverse employees and those working abroad.

Thus, bravo rewards and recognition not only help perform employee recognition but a rather better and efficient one. You can learn more about Bravo rewards and recognition by signing up here and through a demo here.

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