7 Benefits Of Employee Rewards And Recognition Program

What Is An Employee Rewards And Recognition Program?

An employee rewards and recognition program makes people feel productive about their work and themselves. It also motivates staff to keep up the good job. The frequency of these awards may vary from one organization to another.

Moreover, employees are an important part of any organization, and it is not an easy task to keep them motivated if they are to perform to their maximum capacity. An employee rewards and recognition program is a reliable strategy to drive job satisfaction and employee engagement, which leads to higher productivity.

Appreciation is a vital human need that we cannot ignore, as employees will respond in a positive way to any kind of appreciation that comes their way.

Acknowledgment of their work by others means t heir determination rises and, therefore, their productivity increases as well.

More so, for creating a competitive work environment, recognition and praise are going to be the foremost elements.

As long as you appreciate employees for their contribution and effort, they will continue to have a sense of achievement and keep working hard in every task they undertake.

According to a study by Globoforce and SHRM, 90% of employees believe their recognition program has a positive influence on their engagement and motivation levels.

Why Is An Employee Rewards and Recognition Program Important?

Employee Rewards and Recognition Program Important

Most entrepreneurs have specific aims and targets to reduce their costs while enhancing the quality, and at times quantity of work done by their employees.

In competitive business culture, serious considerations need to be taken when it comes to getting more out of your workforce.

Retaining and attracting top performers and improving employee productivity can be achieved in various ways, ranging from work perks to greater flexibility.

According to a recent study, 52% of employees believe that recognizing employees can increase engagement.

7 Most Prominent Benefits Of An Employee Rewards And Recognition Program

1. Company environment

Company environment

Timely and regular recognition has a deep impact on the culture of the company.

Company culture is the blend of its goals, vision, and ideologies for attaining the greater good.

An appreciation-based work culture develops trust and respect among the members of the organization. Employees get an opportunity to learn and praise the strengths and distinctive qualities of their peers.

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2. Healthy competition

An employee rewards and recognition program builds healthy competition among employees.

Enforcing a culture of recognition in a meaningful and organized manner ensures the employees that their hard work and efforts will not be ignored.

Employees try to bring their dedication to work, and it is always beneficial for the company.

It helps the company achieve its targets faster and helps in the personal and professional development of employees.

3. Better Manager-Employee Relationships

Better Manager-Employee Relationships

People leave jobs when they don’t share a comfortable relationship with their managers.

A big part of employee experience depends on the relationship that employees share with the managers.

Nevertheless, an employee rewards and recognition program gives managers a way to connect with the employees and convey their concerns and grievances. It helps both parties to get rid of the gap between them.

4. Enhances Team Spirit

Team recognition and rewards can play an important role in encouraging team building and increasing morale.

When recognition, including peer-to-peer recognition, becomes a common practice in the company, it builds fellowship and enhances team spirit.

5. Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment

An interesting benefit of recognition is that recognition generates empowerment among the workforce.

Recognizing employees influences them to take freedom and ownership in their work. They feel proud of what they do and their contribution to the company’s success.

By praising and recognizing employees on a regular basis, you encourage their efforts and enable them to develop confidence and dedication.

6. Employee Retention

Managing high employee turnover is the biggest challenge of an organization’s human resource departments worldwide.

An employee’s choice to quit a firm is influenced by a number of variables. However, employee satisfaction is a critical one.

Employee satisfaction mainly depends on the treatment of the staff within the organization.

When you prioritize recognizing your employees timely, they get invested in the job and the company emotionally. They naturally wish to stay for long.

7. Employer Branding

Employer Branding

Attractive employer branding engages the right applicant and develops positivity along with employee engagement.

An employee rewards and recognition program helps in building a powerful brand image. It promotes good relationships and helps develop an enthusiastic atmosphere at work. Moreover, it promotes employee advocacy in the long run.

When employees feel appreciated in the workplace, they become active advocates and supporters of the company and products.


An employee rewards and recognition program encourages profits, productivity and generates new ideas. When your employees look forward to coming to work, they work harder and invest more time to help your company reach its aims and targets.

Companies that give importance to employee recognition programs tend to have higher engagement levels and better financial results than those that do not. Reportedly, 63% of recognized employees are highly unlikely to leave their jobs.

They can also assist in determining how an outsider views your company. When people notice that your company achieves profitable results because it treats its employees well, this can help you attract more clients. Ultimately, this will earn you respect in the community.

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