5 Companies Leading the Way in Employees Engagement

If we want to define Employees Engagement simply, it can be called an employee’s commitment to their company.

It can also be defined as the level of involvement that the employees have in achieving their company’s goals.

An engaged workforce actively works to make the business of a company successful. Therefore, companies with an engaged workforce are more likely to succeed. In contrast, those with an unengaged workforce can barely survive in today’s cut-throat competition.

This article mentions and discusses the five companies that are leading the way in employees engagement.

Read them below to improve your own workforce’s engagement:


Google - Employees Engagement

One of the companies leading the way in employees engagement is Google.

It has always been driven to create an ideal workplace culture. And one of the elements of such a workplace is to empower the employees by giving them a voice.

Google prefers having a work culture that is not limited to the workplace hierarchies. And it has one: a culture that goes beyond the traditional work hierarchy.

Such a culture results in an empowered workforce.

The workforce at Google does not shy away from sharing its thoughts, opinions, and ideas. And so, it has one of the most empowered and engaged workforces.

There is another element in Google’s workplace culture: it promotes creativity amongst its employees.

At Google, workers have the liberty to use 20% of their work hours on their personal projects or ventures. As a result, it has been able to come up with services such as Gmail and Maps.

It was only possible when employees were able to work beyond the traditional norms. And no wonder why it is leading ways in employee engagement.

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Virgin Group

Virgin Group

The Virgin Group had made it firm, since its early days, to develop an employee-centered workplace culture. And so, today, it has one of the most engaging employees.

There is a reason why this large group of companies is leading the way in employees engagement. And the reason is its founder: Sir Richard Branson.

Sir Richard Branson focuses on building a positive workplace culture.

One of the write-ups from Forbes reveals that to choose the managers, Sir Richard Branson has defined the following traits as necessary:

  1. “Praise employees instead of criticizing them”
  2. “Genuinely love all people from the cleaning lady to the senior executives”
  3. “Be a great listener who not only hears the recommendations from employees but acts upon them”

No wonder why in 2017, this group was the seventh-best to work for.

Hyatt Group

Hyatt Group - Employees Engagement

The hotel industry shares a bad reputation when it comes to employee retention. Also, the employee engagement generally in the hotel industry is not impressive.

The Hyatt group, however, is an exception.

Not only that it has a high employee retention rate but high employees engagement as well. And the reason is that it focuses on training its employees.

Hyatt’s training program is intended to make the employees productive and engaged.

The program is also motivated by a lower turnover rate. Hyatt, therefore, invests significantly in its training program.

The employees engagement efforts of Hyatt Group are not limited to the employee training program only.

The Hyatt Group leads the way for employee engagement by setting an example of hiring from the existing workforce. Thereby, the workforce feels valued.

The employees can see the prospect of their career growth when they are hired for a different position.

Lastly, the Hayaat Group also keeps the employees engaged by offering various incentives: traveling perks, tuition reimbursement, etc.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

The approach of this company for making the employees engaged is different from those mentioned above. However, it is still one of those companies that are leading the way in employee engagement.

It makes and keeps the employees engaged by defining the impact of their jobs on people. And, thus, Southwest Airlines makes its workforce perceive their roles as more than a regular job.

It does so by making them understand that their job is to make people meet their loved ones. Thereby, an emotional connection is made that helps to keep the employees engaged in their work.

Therefore, Southwest Airlines is one of those companies that are leading the way for employees engagement.

John Lewis

The last on our list of the companies leading the way in employee engagement is John Lewis.

John Lewis has one of the best employee engagement practices.

It makes the workforce engaged and committed to their work by referring to them as ‘partners. Thus, it creates a sense of shared responsibility.

However, this company not only refers to its employees as partners but considers them as one. And it does so by involving them in the organizational decision makings.


Employees engagement is the commitment level of the employees for their job.

Companies without an engaged workforce are unlikely to succeed than those with one. Therefore companies find ways of making and keeping their employees motivated.

This article discussed the five companies that are leading the way in employee engagement: Hyatt Group, Virgin Group, etc.

A company can also improve its employee productivity by using an employee engagement tool. And using Bravo is particularly recommended in this regard.

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