Every successful project or achievement that workers do deserve appropriate employee recognition awards.

As a company, you should give out creative names to recognize those who have gone above and beyond their call of duty.

In this blog, I will discuss the importance of creative names for employee recognition awards. Moreover, I will also highlight ten creative names in this regard.

Okay, let’s begin.

Importance of Creative Names for Employee Recognition Awards

10 Creative Names for Employee Recognition Awards

  1. The Employee of the Month
  2. Best Team Player
  3. The Brainiac
  4. The Social Contributor Award
  5. The Iron Pillar
  6. The Collared Diamond
  7. Best Attendance Award
  8. The Champion of Engagement
  9. Most Improved Performer
  10. Best Customer Centricity

Importance of Creative Names for Employee Recognition Awards


A high-wage plan may draw in top-notch talent if you offer it. If you have employees like that working for you, you may start to feel everything is going according to plan.

Initially, this is accurate; everyone is working hard, on time, punctual, and disciplined, except for the last element of motivation.

Additionally, the same attributes that employees had in the past and their current level of drivers tend to diminish over time. It is due to disengagement at work, and there is no other reason.

Unengaged employees cost U.S. businesses around $450 billion to $550 billion per year in lost productivity, as per a recent Gallup study.

Furthermore, workforce disengagement is directly related to employer disengagement and workplace policies.

It is paramount to make sure that your employees are invested and driven, no matter what your policies are.

Employee engagement involves multiple elements and practices.

Another is, creating new employee recognition awards and titles for all of your staff as soon as they reach a milestone or accomplish a challenge.

10 Creative Names for Employee Recognition Awards

1. The Employee of the Month


This award honors workers who excelled in their workplace in a particular month. Awards like these are most common in the workplace.

Encouraging people through monthly recognition boosts productivity.

Furthermore, it assists employers in cultivating their valuable talents and supports their skill growth.

2. Best Team Player


The designation of this position is reserved for individuals who demonstrate exceptional integrity and goodwill towards their coworkers.

Many challenges may face the teams. You should put “Keeping the Team Afloat Is Well-Noted” in the title to let your employees know how you see their contributions.

Furthermore, following this example will motivate all others to do the same, increasing cooperation inside the company.

3. The Brainiac


The Brainiac title is given to employees who bring the most creative and unique approaches to address difficulties and problems.

These personnel function as the organization’s in-house think tank, and they should be lauded for their abilities.

4. The Social Contributor Award


It is critical to also reward your employees for their extra-work contributions.

Recognizing off-work achievements offer employees the confidence to continue maintaining consistent work because they feel good about their contributions.

Furthermore, awarding prizes like these emphasizes the organization’s commitment to social issues.

5. The Iron Pillar


An employee who has been present and consistent since they joined the organization might receive this honor.

This award falls under the category of tenure awards for employee recognition awards.

6. The Collared Diamond


Coal becomes a valuable diamond under the watchful eye of time and pressure.

As is the case with your staff, so is it with your clients. An employee’s time and job stress ultimately make them the most experienced.

Diamonds in the corporate world are no less than these highly qualified professionals. The collared diamond title receives popular induction in the creative names list for employee awards recognition.

7. Best Attendance Award


Punctuality is a vital trait, but people aren’t born with it. You can cultivate it through the drive.

Workforce productivity also depends on the organization’s punctuality which, in turn, passes on to the employees.

You might want to consider giving this creative name to those employees who are punctual and timely.

8. The Champion of Engagement


Employers must be able to attract and retain engaged personnel.

Employees that are engaged at their jobs are eligible for this employee recognition awards title.

These are the workers who are recognized at their places of employment frequently.

Furthermore, the Engagement Champion designation serves as a role model for others.

9. Most Improved Performer


Long-term improvement is a lifetime pursuit. You should see to it that you have environments that nurture employees as well.

People at work enhance their abilities and learn from their mistakes because of this.

For employees who demonstrate remarkable growth at their positions, the title of the Most Improved Performer is awarded.

Because of this title, everyone else in the workplace has an increased incentive to grow above their existing position. To help ensure a healthy workforce, setting the road is necessary

10. Best Customer Centricity


Workers represent the first point of contact with clients in many industries.

These staffs are accountable for developing clients, keeping the ones already their content, and holding on to those that join.

Identifying that personnel who deliver quality customer service is known as customer-centricity.

In addition, this title demonstrates to others the valuable role such individuals play in the company’s long-term growth.


Some of the award titles that your workers may like are available in the above list.

However, it is possible to discover your employee recognition awards ideas for your workplace by looking at your particular situation.

While employee award titles are of significant importance, they enhance the value of an employee’s efforts and help their employer.

Such creative names serve as validation for the employees, assuring them that they can let their coworkers know about their successes.

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