10 Best Employee Recognition Software Companies In 2021

An employee recognition software is a program used for managing the aspects related to the employees. And the primary element that it deals with is employee satisfaction.

Using such software holds immense importance today. And the subjects that it deals with are no less important than others, such as meeting deadlines and accomplishing goals. So, the companies that have future plans in their sights understand its importance.

There is various software to help us with employee recognition and rewards. And we have compiled a list of such software for you to appreciate your employees effectively and efficiently. So, go through our list below:

1. Bravo – Employee Recognition Software

Bravo is an Employee Recognition Software. Its features pertain to this fact: the majority of the employees today belong to the generation of Millennials or Gen Z. Also, these two generations of employees seek continuous recognition and expect suitable rewards for their efforts.

The functionality of Bravo adheres to the needs of the Gen Z and Millennial employees. And it brings the best out of them with the following features:

  • Peer feedback allows employees to recognize and reward others, regardless of the work hierarchy. Thus, it strengthens the relationships within the workforce.
  • Integrate with whatever platform you like.
  • The ‘activity dashboard’ allows you to keep an eye on your teams’ performance. Also, it helps to know the trends that will enhance your workplace engagement and productivity.
  • With a ‘customized reward system,’ you can make recognition and rewards more personalized.

2. Snappy

Snappy Employee Recognition Software

This employee recognition software lets you give your employees gifts as an acknowledgment for their hard work and efforts.

It works as a platform for giving gifts virtually. And it so has the following relevant features:

  • The real-time ‘thank you notes for immediate recognition.
  • Annual rewards are recurred due to the automation feature.
  • The campaign-based gifting feature helps you to earn return investments on various reward types.

3. Bonusly

It is an online platform for giving rewards and making recognitions of your dedicated employees. And it has the following features:

  • Recognition becomes perceivable and thus attractive because of its social features.
  • Employees’ strengths and weaknesses are defined by the analytics feature.
  • Automated birthday and anniversary (work, marriage, etc.) celebrations.
  • Employees can choose rewards for themselves.
  • Any employee can give recognition to anyone.

4. Nectar

Nectar Employee Recognition Software

This employee recognition software has the following features:

  • You can connect Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other similar software for increasing employee engagement and productivity. So, to make recognition easier than before.
  • It can integrate with your SSO provider and HCM/HRIS.
  • You can give a reward: custom swag forefront. However, it is on-demand and is shipped directly to the recipient without you incurring any extra cost.
  • You can include wellness initiatives/ challenges in your company’s culture. Also, participation in them leads employees to earn rewards.

5. Blueboard

Blueboard is another employee recognition software with the following features:

  • There is a dedicated team with a beneficial service for helping employees in choosing meaningful rewards.
  • An experienced ‘client success team’ that helps organizations in developing effective recognition programs.
  • The ‘story capture’ feature develops excitement among employees and resultantly increases their engagement.
  • The wellness incentives add to the health benefits of the employees.

6. Assembly


A peer-to-peer resignation software with the following features:

  • With various badge options, different skills of employees are highlighted.
  • Public feeds about birthdays and anniversaries of the employees that make them feel worthy.

7. Kazoo


It is a comprehensive employee recognition software with the following features:

  • An employee recognition feed (real-time) that keeps giving employees motivation for achieving challenging tasks.
  • The ‘global rewards’ feature provides employees with different cultural backgrounds relevant rewards.
  • With the trackable goals feature, your teams stay on the right track to achieving goals.
  • With the insights’ features, managers can perform better decisions.

8. Fond


Fond, as an employee recognition software, makes it easier to perform employee recognition across the organization. It comes with these following features:

  • The ‘custom recognition’ feature empowers in making recognition of the aspects that matter more.
  • Various features to recognize and reward the trans-national employees. And it includes: living cost adjustments, language translations, and other international rewards.
  • Managers can have behavioral insights of employees and budgetary insights of the company. And it is made possible by the ‘detailed analytics’ feature. Thus, a company can support its employees better.

9. Kudos


Kudos, besides being an employee recognition software, makes a company culture of developing meaningful employee relationships. And it comes with the following features:

  • It empowers you to perform employee appreciation, both publicly and privately. So, you could recognize your employees the way they are comfortable.
  • With the ‘Video options’ feature, employee recognition becomes more efficient.
  • ‘Kudos TV’ allows you to live stream or record a recognition event.

10. Credly


As the name suggests, this employee recognition software has a credentialing feature. And so, you can celebrate the skills and talents that are displayed by your employees.

Using it, a company can develop its own credentials (skill sets). And the employees are then given rewards on the basis of it.

It has the following features:

  • The ‘promotion tools’ feature allows the employees to exhibit their credentials to other platforms as well.
  • Employees can also add testimonials to the credentials that they earn. So, it makes them more credible and authentic.
  • The analytics feature highlights the employees’ areas of interest along with their achievements.


Each employee recognition software mentioned in this article is good in its own way. And their core feature remains the same: to help perform employee recognition.

Selecting such software shall not be influenced by the secondary features but by how robustly it serves the primary purpose of its use.

In comparison to other software, Bravo is arguably better since its features pertain to the needs of the current generation of employees.

You can find out more about Bravo at

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