10 Effective Employee Incentive Ideas That Taste Good

Non-monetary and monetary prizes for employees are called incentives, and they are given for meeting specified targets. A company’s success relies on keeping its employees engaged and motivated, and both of these qualities are enhanced by the use of employee incentive ideas.

Losing important work will always be the most expensive thing you can do.

Moreover, hiring and training replacements can be costly and time-consuming. Keeping personnel on board is critical to a company’s success.

Furthermore, you’re also in a demanding work environment where the next generation tends to prioritize benefits and bonuses over income.

Effective Employee Incentive Ideas

How do you motivate and keep people without going bankrupt?

With this in mind, here are my top 10 efficient employee incentive ideas that taste good.

1. Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities

With a faltering economy, employers must do all they can to assist their top employees.

You can keep employees from leaving the company by paying for any additional education or training that they take.

In professions like social work, it is often assumed that person will receive training or further education.

Although it’s difficult to expect your team to have the ability to always purchase training.

Instead of thinking of your employee as a burden, think of them as an investment in your company.

As a result, you must support their career development.

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2. Fitness Program

Fitness Program in Employee Incentive Ideas

Even though gym memberships can be costly, some candidates are unable to afford them.

However, if you could arrange a corporate membership with a nearby gym for the personnel to utilize, it might be a highly valued employee incentive ideas.

If your company’s budget won’t cover the cost of corporate membership, you may offer the gym with a reduced rate and the local bike shop a discount.

Response Corporation also provides incentives to its workforce in the form of a payback, which is returned based on compensation. For example, we pay a £10 contribution for any expenses below £20,000 a year. Then we offer the following bracket for £25, then the next for £50, and so on.

Many staff members purchase gym memberships for less than £20 each. So, they save over 50% on the price.

Those that make more money prefer to opt for the more expensive membership plans or don’t spend all of the allotted money.

While it may have an initial cost, it will save us in the long term as our personnel is healthier and less likely to miss work.

3. Point System

Point System in Employee Incentive Ideas

As an SME, this may be more expensive, but it’s more suitable for larger firms.

Programs that Point offers are successful when employees are incentivized for specific actions or milestones.

It takes time, but they can accumulate many points to spend on various products.

It’s entirely up to you!

4. Incentives for Teams and Individuals

Incentives for Teams and Individuals

Incentives don’t need to be solely individual-based.

You will help strengthen team relationships by encouraging team members to work together toward a common goal.

For instance, if the team meets a particular target, it could mean that everyone is allowed to leave early on a Friday.

For example, you might also decide to set more frequent goals like team outings.

5. Wall of Fame

Many firms believe that staff of the month awards are only a way to curry favor with workers.

An employee’s accomplishment should be acknowledged by putting them on the wall of fame, and this has a positive effect on morale.

The little things do make a big difference, and they’re free!

6. To congratulate the staff for excellent work, say “thank you.”


You can express your gratitude through an assortment of methods, including a greeting card, a hand-written message, a bouquet, or a gift card to your favorite restaurant.

Make sure to notify the employee’s family of how much they are appreciated, and the good things they’ve done that you admire.

7. Provide them the right equipment

Provide them the right equipment in Employee Incentive Ideas

Treat your staff to a new workstation or desk chair. Check to see whether their computer or monitor is dragging or not behind everyone else’s.

The more comfortable and easier their job is, the better their quality of life.

Ask them whether they think they need an upgrade.

OR if they’ve heard of any equipment or technology that would help them in their work.

8. Show appreciation for your high performers publicly

Publicly recognizing your staff is an awesome employee incentive ideas to thank them. By thanking them, you let others know just how thankful you are.

9. For humor and memory, make a cumulative award

For humor and memory

Give employees a new award to pass to the next recipient. You can insist that they add something to the prize.

An award can be honored in multiple ways, from a practical trophy to a fun knick-knack to a scrapbook.

To give an example, you could place the employee of the week award on their desk. Also, have them contribute to it when it’s their turn to transfer it to the next recipient.

After filling the award, place it in a trophy case or somewhere else for display, and then go back to the beginning.

10. Ask employees to let others know about themselves

Ask employees to let others know about themselves

We all need to express ourselves to others. We love to talk about our interests or what we’re currently doing.

Encourage employees to present something of importance to them during meetings regularly (e.g., monthly).

Both employees and teams can benefit from this method. It makes it a superb employee incentive ideas to get to know each other better.


It’s possible to either use monetary incentive schemes or more do-it-yourself solutions.

To be successful, you must first determine which types of incentives will work best for your organization and your employees.

Though I’ve already said this, incentives for employees can help businesses keep the best employees and drive away those that would go to competitors.

I hope that these thoughts are beneficial to you.

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