7 Ways to Completely Ruin Your Employee Motivation

A company that considers employee motivation crucial values it as a success factor, because it makes employees more productive and engaging.

No doubt that motivated employees can move mountains for their employer company. However, it is only possible when they have motivation towards their respective roles and work.

Employee motivation pays off in the long run for a company.

If your workforce has motivation, it is likely to engage more towards the job. Consequently, productivity increases, and subsequently, the company thrives. And this is what makes a motivated workforce a great asset.

An engaged workforce tends to be low in absenteeism. And so, a business with engaged employees witnesses a 41% lower employee absenteeism. In addition to this, it also limits the turnover ratio to 24%. Engaged employees are also likely to increase customer feedback by 10% and sales by 20%.

Since employee motivation drives employee engagement, all these results are a credit to employee motivation.

The value of employee motivation for a company is evident. Nevertheless, at times, companies ruin employee motivation, however unknowingly.

Without realizing it, a company using some of its practices kills motivation among its workforce. And while some can identify what is costing them employee de-motivation, some remain unaware of it.

This article brings you seven practices that might be a part of your workplace culture and ruining your employee motivation. Give them a read:

1) Toxic Workplace

Toxic Workplace Employee Motivation

The definition of a toxic workplace is broad. However, it has a few characteristics such as lower well-being, emotional draining, work-family conflicts, etc.

It puts the mental well-being of the employees at stake. Along with that, a toxic workplace can easily take away motivation from your employees.

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2) No Professional Growth

No Professional Growth Employee Motivation

Motivated or not, every employee wants to have professional growth in their career. And while its absence makes the workplace dull, it also takes away motivation from your employees.

It is thus necessary to ensure that your workplace culture enables the employees to grow professionally in their careers.

With that, the employees have the motivation to achieve the goals, knowing that their efforts will make them grow professionally. And, subsequently, it also helps an organization to achieve its professional growth.

3) Undefined Vision

A vision is what a company wants to achieve and what its objectives are. And if an organization does not define it clearly, the employees are unlikely to have motivation.

With an undefined direction and unclear vision, employees are not able to put in their efforts. And it can even kill motivation among the efficient employees.

4) Time Wastes

Time is precious. So, if you waste the time of your employees on less significant matters, you are incurring a double loss.

Wasting the work hours of your employees not only ruins their motivation but also costs you a fortune in the longer run.

When employees lose their motivation, their engagement, and thus productivity, is also lost. And this, in turn, can even make a Fortune 500 Company lag behind.

5) Unclear Communication

Unclear Communication

Just as an undefined vision can cost de-motivation, communication that is unclear costs the same.

The reason is understandable.

Unclear communication leads employees to hold doubts in every effort that they put forth. It is because there is no clear communication on the task(s).

As a result, employees lose motivation to work hard since there is an ambiguity surrounding their every valuable effort.

6) Workplace Hierarchies

Workplace Hierarchies

You know that your employees have motivation towards their roles when they share their views and present ideas.

But many times, companies snub the same employees. And the reason being their positions in the workplace hierarchy.

The results are unsurprising and damaging at the same time.

It makes employees alienate in their own company, and that leads them to lose motivation. And subsequently, it is a company’s huge loss.

7) Unappreciative Workplace

Human nature is complex to understand, but few of its attributes are apparent.

One of the attributes of human nature is that humans like appreciation. And it gives humans pleasant satisfaction when you appreciate them for good work.

The study of the human mind, Psychology, also suggests the same. It says that humans are likely to repeat an action for which they receive a reward.

Many companies do not have a culture of appreciating and rewarding hard-working employees. And while companies may consider it a fancy and added expense, its long-term benefit weighs much more than its short-term expense.

While rewarding may cost a little, appreciation does not. And so, you can leverage BRAVO! in this regard.

In its simplest form, BRAVO! is an employee recognition and appreciation platform. It makes employee appreciation easier, so your workforce can take your company forward in the future.

Key points

  • For any organization, motivated employees could be a great asset.
  • An organization that understands the necessity of motivation for its employees values it as one of the success factors.
  • The statistics from various resources indicate the utmost importance of employee motivation.
  • Many organizations, with their workplace practices, ruin employee motivation, though without being knowing.
  • This article shares seven workplace practices that are ruining the employee motivation of your company.
  • It includes toxic workplace, no professional growth, unclear communication, time wastes, an unappreciative workplace, workplace hierarchies, undefined goals.
  • Want to induce motivation in your employees? Visit: Book a Demo.

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