Here Are The Key Employee Recognition Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

The employee recognition trends for the year 2022 should be looked forward to if you want your employees to be happier and, subsequently, more productive and engaged.

By being familiar with such trends, you can maximize them to earn recognition (if you’re an employee) or to perform an effective recognition (if your role demands you to).

The bygone recognition trends, such as the employee of the month, have become long outdated and have, therefore, become ineffective.

This article thus brings you the key employee recognition trends to watch out for in 2022. So, give it a read below.

What are the potential employee recognition trends in 2022?

The recognition trends that can possibly be followed and practiced by organizations in the future are as follows:

Online recognition platforms

Exclusive Recognition & Rewards Platforms

With the world affected due to the Covid, we witnessed unprecedented changes. One of the never-seen trends in our world was ‘work from home.’

In order to make employees work during the lockdown periods, organizations were forced to have them work from their homes. 

However, while the situation concerning the pandemic has improved to some extent, remote working seems to have become a part of the organizations.

With the organizations, their working, and communications becoming largely digital, the employee recognition trends also seem to have become digitized.

A large number of organizations are using online rewards and recognition platforms. 

Therefore, it seems that one of the key potential employee recognition trends in 2022 (and also beyond) will be the use of online employee recognition platforms, such as Bravo.

Bravo is a multi-functional employee recognition and rewards platform. And with the newer generation of employees continuing to replace the previous ones in the organizations globally, it best meets the needs of such employees.

Employee empowerment

Employee empowerment

One of the consequences of the pandemic that the world is experiencing right now is the ‘Great Resignation.’

It is a term that is being used to describe the record number of resignations coming from employees worldwide. 

It means that an unprecedented number of people have left and are leaving their jobs after an improvement in the pandemic situation globally.

Additionally, it has been predicted that resignations will keep coming in the year 2022 and probably beyond. 

Furthermore, research reveals that as many as 85 million job positions can remain vacant by 2030. As a result, the global economy can suffer a loss of $8.5 trillion.

Being mindful of this, many companies have already started to empower their hardworking employees by delegating authority. This empowerment is in return for the employee’s achievements and contributions.

Today, organizations are recognizing and rewarding their employees by empowering them in different ways to retain them.

The reason for employee empowerment is that with greater authority and decision-making power, employees can own the success and failure of their employer companies. 

Thus, one of the employee recognition trends you can expect in the future is employee empowerment.

Cultural acceptance

Cultural acceptance

As with the case of employee empowerment, accepting the culture of the employees with diverse backgrounds also seems to be the strategy of the organizations to counter employee turnover.

One of the key employee recognition trends that you can expect in 2022, and after, is the customization of work culture and recognition to suit and accept culturally diverse employees.

This strategy is to not only retain the existing employees but also attract and acquire globally skilled people. 

And organizations worldwide are hoping it to be their best answer to the resignation trends.

The use of Bravo in this regard is pertinent. It comes with the ability to enable organizations to use customized rewards features.

More importantly, it comes with international rewards features for its users in over 25 countries. This feature provides great help to reward the employees that belong to diverse cultures.

The international rewards feature helps the developed countries, including the US and UK, and emerging economies such as India and Brazil, perform a culturally diverse recognition.

Peer recognitions

Peer recognitions

One of the likely employee recognition trends in 2022 will be the peer to peer recognition.

This year, we expect employees to be recognized by their counterparts as the new normal in organizations.

Along with that, those at the higher organization hierarchies (leads, managers, executives) are also likely to receive appreciation from those working under them.

This type of recognition (the peer to peer recognition) helps make the middle and lower-ranked employees feel valued. 

Peer recognition also results in better productivity and performance levels in the workforce since everyone is evaluated fairly regardless of their workplace hierarchy.

It is pertinent to mention that our very own Bravo also empowers companies to exercise and implement peer-to-peer recognition in their working culture. 

Moreover, BRAVO allows your employees to perform peer recognition in real-time, furthering its platform’s advantages.

Points earning

We have become accustomed to earning points and the subsequent rewards. 

From the food and clothing brands to our network providers, consumers are required to earn a certain number of points to earn themselves different rewards.

The concept of points earning is one of the employee recognition trends we will likely see this year (and definitely beyond!).

Essentially, for the employees to be recognized and rewarded, they will be required to earn points.

In this regard, Bravo can provide great help.

Its reward and recognition functionality enables providing points to the employees, precisely the Bravo points. These points are given according to the employee’s performance. And for a particular number of rewards, there are particular rewards.

Bravo, therefore, can be hugely beneficial in practicing this future trend of employee recognition.


The newer employee recognition trends this year are likely to replace the old methods of recognition to a large part.

Many companies are alien to these new trends and, therefore, they may find it difficult to incorporate them. However, Bravo, an online reward and recognition platform, can help you practice all these new trends, from peer recognition to cultural acceptance.

You can look more into Bravo by booking a free demo here.

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