Reward and Recognition Software to Use in 2023

Reward and recognition software, as its name suggests, is used to perform employee recognition and to give employee rewards. No doubt that such software goes a long way in the corporate world today!

We look at some of the top employee recognition software to consider in 2023.

Top Employee Recognition Software



BRAVO is definitely one of the top reward and recognition software for the reason that it provides help with both employee engagement and recognition both at the same time (and that too at an extremely low price!)

It’s an excellent tool for increasing remote teams’ productivity and performance by helping with constructive recognition, which makes it the best option for companies.

It is unparalleled in its ability to improve employee engagement and foster a passionate team. Additionally, its organizational structure is built on managing teams, particularly remote ones, in order to maximize their availability, potential, and expertise.

A simple example of how it works: As part of employee recognition, BRAVO encourages sharing of noteworthy results and accomplishments. Then, in accordance with the very acknowledgment, the employees receive awards. Employee motivation for upcoming tasks is subsequently increased and maintained as a result.

Notable features:

  • Using Bravo’s ‘monthly allowance’ feature, a company can recognize its dedicated staff members at the beginning of each month for their outstanding performance the previous month.
  • Employee referrals are another feature offered by Bravo. It enables an organization to reward staff members each time they help it in finding exceptional individuals.
  • You can also give your staff members gifts in recognition of special occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and work anniversaries. Additionally, this BRAVO recognition takes place automatically.
  • Bravo allows a company to combine its rewards and recognition platform with communication channels like Slack, Microsoft teams, etc., to increase their engagement (enhancing recognition leads to increased engagement!)
  • You can recognize the efforts of both your international employees and those with diverse cultural backgrounds with its ‘International rewards’ feature. More than 25 countries, including India, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom, make use of this feature from BRAVO.

One of its (many) happy users reviewed it as follows:

“BRAVO has been the best choice for our company in creating the fun and excitement that we were missing desperately. The recognition and reward system is awesome and gives a smooth flow to our goal achievements and following our company values. BRAVO is a recommended tool for every HR and Team.”

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2) Nectar


Nectar enables businesses to recognize outstanding performance at any time.

Every team member, including managers and employees, is able to convey meaningful appreciation that is based on core values thanks to its 360 recognition and incentives platform for businesses. 

So, whether your team is centralized or spread, this reward and recognition software simplifies your incentives and keeps a connected culture.

Notable features:

  • Connect your other applications, Microsoft Teams, and Slack to boost engagement and make awarding people easier than ever! It also incorporates your HRIS/HCM and SSO provider.
  • As a rewarding choice, establish a custom swag storefront. Swag is ‘on-demand’ and delivered immediately to the customer after ordering with no administrative costs.
  • Currently offering millions of incentives with speedy shipping thanks to a partnership with Amazon Business.

One of its users reviewed it as follows:

“This program is so much fun for the team. I searched for an affordable way to build team morale through awards and peer/manager recognition, with rewards the team would want. It’s fun to watch the team interact with each other and give kudos to their teammates. It’s really made a huge impact on the relationship building with our employees.”

3) Kudos


Kudos’ primary goals are to improve corporate culture and foster deep connections. 

A one-stop shop for appreciation, communication, feedback, and general companionship is offered by this company culture software. 

Kudos is a tool used by staff members to bond, recognize extraordinary accomplishments, or just express gratitude.

Notable features:

  • Options for both private and public feedback encourage engagement and authenticity
  • Recognition is even more important with video choices.
  • You can live stream and show recognition events using the Kudos TV function.

One of its users reviewed it as follows:

“Kudos is an amazing tool that brings coworkers together. By giving someone Kudos I acknowledge the impact they made, whether it be to a customer, another coworker, or myself. Kudos facilitates having a great working environment by giving people an easy way to show appreciation between coworkers, Getting rewards for the Kudos I have earned is delightful, and only further entices me to earn more Kudos, and thus be a better coworker.”

4) Motivosity


Motivosity tries to increase the net advantage of recognition by connecting it to certain objectives and output. The goal-centric strategy of this employee recognition software may help increase efficiency, commitment, and retention in teams of all sizes.

Notable features:

  • Individual cultural coach
  • Training teams remotely
  • Customized dashboards for success monitoring
  • Requests for feedback encourage staff to offer opinions on important issues.

One of its users reviewed it as follows:

“Motivosity allows the people in my department to give and receive thanks/recognition for individual and group contributions. It’s a versatile tool. I like how my organization has been able to tweak the user interface so that we can offer kudos according to our six company values (Service, Professionalism, Leadership, Innovation, Community, and Excellence). I like the Badges capability, although we don’t use it as much as we could. The Interests and Personality widgets add even more usefulness. I also appreciate the option to send the recognition in a public or private message.”

5) Mo


Mo has developed an online platform that encourages team habits, celebrates accomplishments, and shows appreciation for coworkers in order to foster a recognition-rich culture. 

Using this employee recognition software, you may create the award program that is most suitable for your company, courtesy of its wealth of adjustable features.

Mo encourages staff to appreciate one another via social posts referred to as ‘moments’ rather than directly linking appreciation to extrinsic benefits, points, or vouchers. 

Using Mo with or without its rewards feature allows culture leaders to boost recognition moments with unique gifts, experiences, and chances for peer-to-peer involvement.

Notable features:

  • A new feature called “Boosts” encourages teams to discuss and recognize chances that are in line with their goals. Over time, these new habits can change the game. Use a template from their library of Boosts, such as “Weekly victories” or “Team appreciation,” or make your own.
  • On Mo, everyone has a dynamic personal profile where they may express their interests, hobbies, and preferred types of jobs. Add your favorite Moments to your own highlight reel by pinning them.
  • To enhance workplace culture, make corporate choices, and collaborate more effectively, Mo urges HR and culture professionals to directly solicit suggestions from employees.

One of its users reviewed it as follows:

“It has become the pivotal tool in driving and developing the culture we’re trying to build. It has allowed me to deliver so much more than I could before and offer a much greater employee experience because of its functionality. It was able to absorb all previous schemes we had in place whilst offering a wealth of new ones at the same time and it’s made my life so much easier.”

6) Bucketlist


Bucketlist is a rewards program for companies trying to build their corporate culture around incentives that staff members would relate to.

This employee recognition software is dedicated to providing a variety of incentives to make employees feel wonderful about their contribution to the company, rather than just one sort of reward through gifts, redeemable rewards, or experiences.

Notable features:

  • It’s simple to include special alternatives for employees when rewards are customizable. With suggestions like “take a Friday off” and “Lunch on the Company,” create and distribute these rewards to employees.
  • Additionally, they use a productivity tool that encourages employees through both group and individual rewards.
  • Setting team goals are simple, and when teams work together to achieve them, it can help raise workplace morale.

One of its users reviewed it as follows:

“Its amazing for getting to know the people within our organization and providing us with opportunities to reward them with what matter to them. We’ve been able to support our team members with stuff thats meaningful to them. Everything from travel, singing lessons, whale watching, volunteering and many things in-between. I find it much more fulfilling that giving someone a coffee card or something like that (although we still do those).”

7) Credly


Utilizing the digital credentialing platform Credly, businesses may recognize staff members for their proven abilities and capabilities. 

With it, teams can develop their own digital credentials and begin praising individuals who obtain them.

Notable features:

  • Employees can showcase their credentials on different platforms thanks to promotion tools.
  • Users can add endorsements to their credentials using the metadata options.
  • Analytics identify both the interests and accomplishments of employees.

One of its users reviewed it as follows:

“IBM will always attract the world’s best and brightest. With our digital credentials program, we want to shift mindsets in our industry and make tech more diverse and inclusive. We want to bring in people with non-traditional backgrounds, attract people re-entering the workforce or relaunching their careers. We want to create more jobs for people where tech jobs are scarce to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.”

8) Guusto


Through cutting-edge service awards and real-time recognition programs, Guusto assists leaders in recognizing outstanding work and creating fantastic cultures. 

From a useful command center, businesses can allocate money, distribute gift vouchers, and oversee all gifting programs. Additionally, Guusto collaborates with the “One Drop Foundation” to provide one day’s worth of access to clean water for every donation made!

Notable features:

  • Receivers are given the opportunity to share gifts by sending incentives with the pay-forward tool.
  • Companies can recover costs for unredeemed gifts during claim periods.
  • The recipients select a gift from more than 60,000 merchant locations that they actually value.

One of its users reviewed it as follows:

“How easy it is to use ! 🙂 Simple and user friendly and you can make kind gestures towards colleagues to thank their tireless efforts. Even better is the fact that you can choose what type of gift card you’d like from a few dozen partners in different areas. Payment options are pretty easy to choose from and the merchants are pretty abundant.”

9) HeyTaco


HeyTaco comes with a Slack integration and emphasizes verbal praise and helpful actions. 

As a universal sign of thanks and recognition, the taco’s icon is made available to your entire staff by the service.

To recognize someone wonderful, staff members are free to distribute as many tacos as necessary. Another way that a remote or hybrid workforce benefits from employee recognition is through emojis and little gifts.

Notable features:

  • Taco’s “budget” provides everyone with enough compliments to give.
  • Special accomplishments are highlighted via the gift unlock function.
  • Users can trade tacos for personalized activities and snacks using the team reward tool.

One of its users reviewed it as follows:

“HeyTaco allows me to give my coworkers a small token (well, up to five small tokens) of gratitude in coordination with the event in which they earned it. This is immediate feedback. No more waiting for peer reviews (that may not even occur), or losing track of reasons to thank them.”

10) Tellinga


Each story-centered greeting card that Tellinga creates is as distinctive as each of your employees. 

If you want to give staff thoughtful gifts that they will treasure, this remote work software is ideal. Moreover, your story and images will be combined with reward and recognition software to create beautiful illustrations.

Notable features:

  • There are options for story length that fit your material.
  • Each story is hand-illustrated by staff artists.
  • There is no shortage of ideas in the library of already published stories.

One of its users reviewed it as follows:

“I am so impressed with the quality of work these artists put out. They really took the time to read what I wanted, and then transformed it into something amazing! This is definitely a great idea for a gift, and I can’t wait to see more of my own story through their detailed artwork!”

11) WeGift


WeGift, a platform for virtual gift-giving that lets recipients choose from a huge inventory of incentives, enables employers to give employees the benefits they truly want. Furthermore, peer-to-peer gifting, bulk gift sending, virtual gifts, and a lot more are all supported by the platform.

Notable features:

  • Real-time thank-you letters reveal the success of rewards.
  • Recurring annual incentives are easy with automation.
  • Campaign-based gifting makes it easier to monitor ROI for various reward categories.

One of its users reviewed it as follows:

“I have used WeGift on several occasions through employee offers. It is a simple process and has great value. It is easy to buy gift cards and exchange them for goods or give them as a present. It is delivered by email. I have also had to contact the customer services department for an error on my part. They resolved the issue quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.”

The Takeaway

Every reward and recognition software we’ve covered in this post offers its users advantages in different ways. Each of these software programs also has the same ultimate objective, which is to motivate teams for more employee engagement.

An employee engagement software must be able to combine employee engagement with employee appreciation in order to be considered the finest. Importantly, it should be cost-effective since, most often than not, organizations allocate limited resources in this regard regardless of their sphere.

In view of the fact that all reward and recognition software serve the same purpose, but the best is the one that incurs as little expense as possible, you should absolutely opt for BRAVO!

You can schedule a totally free demo to learn more about BRAVO!

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