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Wonder how to recognize somebody employed in the employee recognition industry? There are 10 tell-tale signs and we have listed them all below:

1. You use verbal praise

Verbal praise is your bread and butter! You congratulate colleagues on a job well done and you motivate your teammates to go the extra mile. You are the office cheerleader and everybody loves you for it!

2. You know how to give feedback

You have the ability to critically evaluate a situation and give useful constructive feedback – a quality valued by those around you.

3. You seek feedback

As often as you give feedback, you seek it as well! This includes not only your customers but colleagues, managers, team leads, anybody who would talk to you! You are actively asking them for their opinions on various topics and you take advantage of it to improve.

4. You feel passionate about your job

You love what you do and you are passionate about your job. In fact, your passion infects those around you and your positive attitude brings joy to your colleagues.

5. You learn from those around you

Another sign that you work with employee recognition is that you love learning new things and skills from those around you.

6. You take advantage of growth opportunities and trainings

As an expert in employee recognition, you know how important trainigs are, so you do your best to go to as many as possible and to develop new skills. You often take advantage of growth opportunities to advance your career and to grow as a person!

7. You encourage open communication

Open communication is one of your priorities. You make it easy for those around you to talk to you on any topic, as well as to share their problems with you.

8. You are respected by your colleagues

Your proficiency at what you do has earned you the respect of your colleagues. You often have people coming to your desk asking you for advice and your opinion on various topics.

9. You listen

You are famous among your colleagues as a good listener and you get people coming up to you to share their issues and to feel heard.

10. You enjoy employee appreciation events

Finally, employee appreciation events are your thing! You are always the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. You enjoy organizing them as much as visiting them. Because hey, you got to have fun at work!

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