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Think about how much time we each spend at work! Let’s be honest: it is a long time to spend if you are not engaged with your job. Employee engagement doesn’t have to be a hard thing to achieve. Continue reading to find out why it is not as difficult as you think:

1. What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement includes many factors – from being intellectually engaged with your job to feeling positively about your work and being socially engaged with your colleagues. In a nutshell, it is all about making sure that your staff is feeling satisfied with their job and feels appreciated and respected at work.

However, in reality, only 58% of employees feel engaged at work, while a fifth of employees would not recommend their company as a working place (ORC International, 2016). In fact, this disengagement leads to more absenteeism and mistakes at work. This results in more expenses for the employer, lower morale and lower team spirit.

2. Reasons for employee disengagement

The causes for disengagement can vary from employee to employee. Nevertheless, it mainly has to do with misalignment between the company’s mission and the employee’s values. It can also occur when an employee feels undervalued and feels like their work doesn’t matter. Any employee, no matter their seniority level, needs to feel like they are contributing and their voice is heard. 

3. How to increase your employee engagement?

A great way to increase your employee engagement is to find out what motivates your employees! In many cases implementing a rewards program can be a great tool to increase your employee engagement at a low cost. A rewards system would be the most effective if the rewards points collected by employees are connected to feedback received from customers. In this way, your customers will see how their actions have a direct impact on the final customer.

Furthermore, by implementing a rewards system you can involve your employees in a conversation about what sort of rewards they would like to receive. You can even give your employees the opportunity to reward other team members with points when they help them finish a task. However, at the end of the day, it is all about showing your appreciation of their efforts in a tangible manner. In addition, you will also encourage new ideas and innovation. After all, an engaged team is a successful team!

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