7 employee rewards and recognition program examples

The employee rewards and recognition program examples help you to acknowledge the efforts of employees better. And on these efforts, put-in by the employees, that a company can achieve success.

Companies reward the employees to let them know that their dedication and hard work does not go in vain. And to appreciate their contributions is crucial for not only the success but also the survival of any company.

Employee rewards are necessary for any organization to keep up with the competitive business world. Thus, without rewards and recognition, for a company, achieving success becomes difficult. In addition to this, a threat to its survival becomes writing on the wall too.

Giving the employees a due credit for their contributions is, thus, of utmost importance. It puts them and keeps them going on the high-performance and high engagement track, benefiting the company manifold.

Employee rewards and recognition help in making your workforce productive and engaged to the desired level. And this benefits a company in the long run.

Are you looking for employee rewards and recognition program examples? Then you should give this blog a read as it discusses the same.

This article discusses seven examples of employee rewards and recognition. And these examples are the result of the extensive research carried by our team. Therefore, the following is what we came up with; read them below:

1. Local coffee-shop membership

Local coffee-shop membership Employee Rewards And Recognition Program

Most of us have a coffee routine in the morning to give our brains an instant start. However, those that have a 9 to 5 job may require it more than the others do.

One of the employee rewards and recognition program examples is to buy dedicated employees a monthly membership of the nearby coffee shop.

It makes the employees more active and efficient in the workplace. And resultantly, their performance and productivity increase. Besides, it also makes them happier.

2. Buying them plants

Buying them plants Employee Rewards And Recognition Program

Your work environment is likely to become better with the plants at your workplace. And this, as a result, makes the employees better in their performance and productivity.

The presence of plants for workplace efficiency is not based on the assumption only.

Dutch and English researchers have confirmed that plants help to make employees more productive. And the same has been approved by the US News in one of its articles.

The research has revealed that the presence of greenery in a workplace can increase employee engagement. More specifically, greenery helps to make employees physically, emotionally, and cognitively engaged in their jobs.

That is why gifting the employees plants has become one of the recent employee rewards and recognition program examples. But, one should be wary of the allergy that a recipient-employee may have.

3. Giving them cookies

Giving them cookies

If there is one thing that unites the human race, then it is the cookies. And its love to us humans is an undeniable fact.

There are two reasons if someone doesn’t like cookies: they either never tasted them, or something is seriously wrong with their taste buds.

Giving away cookies is one of the sweetest employee rewards and recognition examples. And it is only recently that companies have adopted it; better late than never.

4. Donating/supporting a cause/charity


Some employees are a part of a cause or charitable organization. And supporting the cause or the non-profit organization is one of the employee rewards and recognition program examples.

A company may also support the very cause or organization by promoting it on public platforms.

5. Buying Spotify-premium subscription

Buying Spotify-premium subscription

Buying your high-performing employees a Spotify-premium subscription is also one of the employee rewards and recognition examples. And it is one of the innovative ways to recognize employee dedication.

Besides, with a good majority of millennials and generation Z employees in the US – a subscription like this can induce great excitement and cheer in your teams.

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6. Asking for a preferred artwork

Asking for a preferred artwork Employee Rewards And Recognition Program

Many companies have started to invite employees with exemplary performances to choose artwork for their workplace premises. And it is one of the new employee rewards and recognition program examples.

In this subject, employees are asked their preference over different art pieces in recognition of their achievement. Also, they are asked to select the wall space of their choice within the office premises.

The piece of art chosen by the worthy employee is then pasted on the wall space of their choice.

Notably, the employees must ensure that the wall space and the art piece they’re choosing meet each other’s dimensions.

Dr. Karen Higginbottom, from Forbes, has this to say in this matter:

As per the Research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology, employees who can decide their workspace design and layouts are not only happier and healthier—they’re also up to 32% more productive.”

–Karen Higginbottom, Forbes

7. Personalized emojis

Choosing the Proper Motivators will Help You Improve Employee Satisfaction

Talk about emojis; their use in our communications no longer remains newer. However, using personalized emojis is not common. And on a company’s communication platform, their use is rare.

Note down the use of employee-customized emojis as one of the rewards and recognition program examples.

In that regard, a company makes use of personalized employee emojis to acknowledge their achievements and contributions. And it is, indeed, one of the best ways a company can reward and recognize its employees.


The employee rewards and recognition program examples in this article will help you keep the excellent work from your employees going.

It ensures that your company becomes, or remains, successful. Moreover, it also ensures that it does not suffer from the existential crisis due to the lack of employee appreciation. And that it stays on the right track and moves forward.

Such programs, no doubt, help to put, and carry, a company towards success.

Giving cookies or plants to buying subscriptions of Spotify premium or membership of a local coffee shop are some of the examples.

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