Top 10 Rewards for Employees to Motivate Them

Rewards for employees to motivate them don’t have to be time-consuming or tedious. It’s a lot of fun for both of you if you do it right.

Giving them a high five, writing them a note, or calling them into the office to congratulate them will all suffice. It’s possible to do something a little different for New Year’s, though.

A good New Year’s reward scheme can go a long way toward improving the work environment for everyone.

Once you’ve learned that rewarding your staff isn’t just a good idea for your business, you’ll know how to go about it.

Saving money, appreciating your employees, and accomplishing all of your goals are all possible.

In short, rewarding your top performers is simple. Because of this, they will be more enthusiastic about the year ahead, and you will have more committed and engaged coworkers.

Spending money means you’ll get more money back, much like investing.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 rewards for employees to motivate them.

1. Highlight Top Performers in Company’s Blog or Newsletter

In addition to giving top employees the accolades, they deserve, promoting them in your company blog or newsletter broadcasts what your firm values in top employees.

It is fantastic for both attracting new staff and retaining existing ones. Furthermore, it is an awesome reward for employees to motivate them.

2. Team Meal on the House

Food is a universally loved pastime. However, the taste is individual to every one of us.

Your winner will feel empowered while also delivering a terrific incentive for the entire office if you allow them to order their favorite meals and then share them with the staff.

Try an office barbecue or even hiring a private chef to cook for you if you’re tired of the same old catered or pizza party.

3. Tickets for a Festival or a Sporting Event

Tickets for a Festival or a Sporting Event

Most people have a favorite band or sports team, and it’s nearly hard to find someone who doesn’t.

In addition, these occasions are ideal for posting on social media, providing your prize winner a chance to flaunt their winnings.

Find out ahead of time what kinds of events are taking place in your area, and then arrange this reward for employees to motivate them with a wonderful pair of tickets.

4. Working from Home

Mentally preparing for the workday can be accomplished throughout your commute. However, the commute for the majority of employees by bus or car is anything but inspiring.

Studies by Daniel Kahneman and Alan Krueger found that even among our least preferred activities, like housework, commuting came in dead last.

Consider allowing your prize winner to work from home for a day so they may avoid the dreaded commute.

5. Ride Credit for Uber

Ride Credit for Uber

There’s a good chance your employees use ride-sharing services because you live in a city where it’s available.

They may even utilize it to get to work every day. Give them a one-month credit for the service they use the most.

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6. Office Movie Night

When a group of people shares a common emotion, like laughter or fear, they form a psychological relationship.

How about spending an afternoon at work watching a movie with your coworkers to build morale?

Additionally, allow your prize winner to select the movie.

7. Highlight Individual Successes

Highlight Individual Successes

Is a member of your team expecting a child, getting married, or training for a marathon? Don’t forget to give them credit for these accomplishments. All you need is recognition, whether it’s verbal or written. It will definitely prove a top reward for employees to motivate.

8. Appreciate Job Promotions

Hold a business meeting or send a company email to all employees to announce any promotions or significant achievements that have occurred in the last month. Your staff will be ecstatic after hearing the applause, whether it’s digital or actual.

9. Money


Everyone enjoys having access to large amounts of money. However, it isn’t always a powerful motivational tool. Certainly not for sustained motivation.

There is, however, one exception. That’s on top of everything else.

Recognizing your efforts with a bonus you’ve earned is far more satisfying than receiving cash as a gift. Most people would agree that this is a good idea since they believe they are deserving of it.

10. A Break

One of the finest rewards for employees to motivate is to give them a few extra days off over the holiday season.

Most people would appreciate the opportunity to spend time with relatives or travel to their hometown without having to take time away from their annual leave.

It’s considerate to allow certain employees the same reprieve as the boss, who is likely to be taking some time off.

Wrap Up

Keeping your staff engaged, happy, loyal, and motivated is easy when you have a rewards system in place. And, as previously mentioned, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort all at once. The key to success is maintaining a high level of consistency.

You’ll have a more educated and emotionally invested workforce if you incorporate rewards for employees to motivate in your company culture.

Moreover, you can make the whole reward and recognition process hassle-free and a lot easier using BRAVO!. BRAVO! is a reward and recognition platform that is multi-functional and equipped with all new features and services.

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