7 Small But Powerful Ways To Recognize Employees

There are many ways to recognize employees. When it comes to retaining exceptional team members, employee recognition can play a critical role.

According to Josh Bersin, founder and principal at Bersin by Deloitte, organizations with a “recognition-rich culture” have a 31% lower rate of voluntary turnover.

People feel recognized in a recognition-rich culture, which leads to the increased dedication, improved teamwork, happier employees, and happier customers.

mall businesses may believe they cannot afford good employee appreciation, yet it is possible to make your workforce feel appreciated without being cost much

 People aren’t only motivated by money. Small Expressions of gratitude can be just as effective as a bonus.

 Following are the seven small but powerful ways to recognize employees that go above and beyond.

1-Make Peer Recognition Programs a Reality


Peer recognition programs make it simple for employees to recognize one another.

Not only does this foster teamwork, but it also brings to light stories from the front lines that management might otherwise be unaware of.

A peer recognition program’s core structure is to give employees a way to publicly thank another employee for their hard work.

You can have the following ways for peer recognition:

  • Use beautiful certificates or fun-shaped sticky notes to create a page on your corporate intranet or a ‘wall of fame’ in the office break room.Moreover,you can use a conference room as well where people may submit weekly “shoutouts.” For the intranet website, provide some amusing animated gifs or emojis.
  • Upper management can take it a step further by publicly praising or mentioning those employees identified by their peers during a company-wide meeting or in the company newsletter.

2- Use social media platforms to recognize employees


In the digital world, using social media to reward employees has immense potential.

On LinkedIn or Facebook, you can designate an employee of the week. Make a tweet to show how a member of your team went above and beyond for a customer.

Moreover, write a LinkedIn endorsement for a job well done to help candidates find you. Special animated gifs or emojis can be used to provide additional visual flair.

On top of that, employees feel good while receiving these kinds of prizes, which helps them boost their productivity.

When your customers follow you on social media, it adds to their confidence. Your followers will be able to observe how dedicated and talented your team is.

3- Utilize Team-Building Activities to Reward Your Employees


If a department or team has gone above and beyond to accomplish a project or serve a customer, a team-building activity or outing may be the ideal method to acknowledge the group’s efforts.

For example, you can organize various fun activities like sports, indoor games, mango parties, and various other mood-lifting activities.

In addition to that, you can take your employees on annual tours as these trips can bring them together and cultivate a bond that makes them stronger. It will help them better achieve their targets at the workplace.

4- Allow Your Employees to Be Heard


Allowing employees to create and present ideas to upper management is another way to make them feel valued and appreciated.

It may require creating criteria and a vetting process, but the effort will be well worth it. Not only can this type of program make employees feel valued as individuals, but it may also lead to the discovery of cost-cutting, sales-generating, customer-satisfaction ideas.

Allowing your staff to take ownership of their work is another method to show your recognition.

Additionally, allow your staff to contribute ideas, implement solutions, and, most importantly, make decisions. You’ll be demonstrating your trust and appreciation for their efforts in this manner.

5- Provide Enjoyable Initiatives or Possibilities for Professional or Personal Development


There will always be certain projects that everyone wants to work on, but not everyone will be able to complete them.

If you’re having trouble determining who should get these fun projects, consider giving them out as a token of appreciation.

Consider financing a continuing education class or sending the productive employees to a local conference if they want to learn new professional abilities or pursue a hobby (augmented reality, woodworking, foreign language, etc.).

6- Gift Cards Can Be Used as Incentives in Your Employee Recognition Programme


Employees are also motivated and appreciated when they receive gift cards.

These can be tied to specific indicators (the number of customer tickets resolved in a month, for example)  It can also be used to honor exceptional performance (an employee driving across town to hand-deliver a report).

7- Give Shout-Outs


It’s one thing to know you did a fantastic job; it’s another to hear it from your supervisor or the company’s president.

 Acknowledging and recognizing the contributions of your employees is a terrific method to motivate and inspire others while also thanking members of your team for a job well done.

Moreover, a fantastic way to acknowledge employees is through email blasts, announcements at company meetings, and other company-wide letters.


Employee recognition has a great value in the development of any organization.

There are many ways to recognize employees like peer-to-peer recognition, social media recognition of employees, team activities, fun projects, and giving them shoutouts.

Every way has its own importance in boosting the productivity of employees and eventually adds to the organization’s success

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